Fake News and Fake Polls: Nobody cares about the death of the political left–ding dong, well, you know the rest

Project Veritas thankfully has posted another video revealing what the radical communist-leaning Democrats have plan on inauguration day hoping to ruin President Trump from being sworn in as president of the United States. Well, those radicals were caught showing that the mechanisms of the political left will stop at nothing to hurt Donald Trump and to advance the evils of progressivism leaving all the recent conspiracies against the new president to be more than theory—they are fact.  Liberals do not want peace in America and will bring great harm if allowed to any who stand in their way.  If this recent video is added to the intelligence community leaks that provided Buzzfeed and CNN with smut designed to degrade Donald Trump in the same way that they did at NBC with the Hollywood Access tapes and continue to do on Saturday Night Live—and the constant news about Democrats refusing to acknowledge Trump as their president and are boycotting the inauguration—to the Hollywood crybabies singing songs and other protests against Republicans hoping to use the same old tricks to gain a foothold into ruining the next administration, they failed to notice that something changed.  But—this time it’s different, those of us on the political right are sick of these games and as a result of the last election, we have lots of proof of what we only previously suspected—and the left-wingers are on the way out—largely in thanks to Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

I have stated that President Obama wasn’t my president—and I never thought of him as such—except for the first few months of his administration. Even though I was against him, I did give him a chance—but when he failed after a few years, I got involved and the rest is history.  I will celebrate on Friday audaciously—because I’m very happy about it.  I am proud of the part I have played in the creation of Donald Trump and all that is happening right now.  The left has been exposed and they really don’t know what to do.  That ladies and gentleman is called a “checkmate.”  They have already lost, and they know it—and all these temper tantrums are a result that they know life will change for them and likely by the end of just 4 years of Trump—their plight toward radical socialist aims will be erased from the fabric of America which took over 100 years for progressives to advance.

It’s almost funny how when people like me pointed out years ago, every little disparity of Barack Obama we were called such mean names—even to the extent of dismissing everything as a “conspiracy theory.” But as it turned out we were all right about Obama, the intelligence community, and the rest of the massive corruption seeping out of Capitol Hill.  Yet, now the mainstream media that made fun of us just a few years ago, have hooked themselves to every conspiracy theory that the slightest gutter slut could dream up during a heroin high.  And they don’t even care if there is any truth to any of them—and we know their playbook largely because of Wikileaks and Project Veritas.  They were exposed to such an embarrassing degree that they will never be able to redeem themselves.  It won’t take long for the lefties to run out of gas as the realities of the new economy hammer them like a rusty nail into rotten wood.  What we are hearing from them today is the last howling cry before their death as a party.  They are finished and I say good riddance to them all.  They don’t yet know they are finished, but trust me, they are done.

Yet let’s consider what we have heard from Project Veritas in regard to a losing political party against the next president of the United States. These people are threatening terrorist activity and nobody I know attempted to do anything like that during Barack Obama’s inauguration.  I was in certain circles of people who wondered why nobody had tried to assassinate the occupant of the White House during the Obama years—and I’d correct them and say—“you can’t say that.  They are listening to you and will use it against you in court whether you mean it or not.”  But other than that—conservatives just went to work putting better people in place at the congressional level and in the governor seats.  When Obama did something wrong, people like me would point it out in the theater of ideas, but we never threatened to shut down Washington, incite violence, or do anything malicious.  Never.  So why is this different?  Why is it aright with everyone in the establishment that the political left has openly proclaimed that they are willing to shut down Washington D.C. hoping to stop the Trump Inauguration?

Here’s the thing, and this is to the leftist protestors who are against Trump now and have harassed people like me over the years with the assumption that they were in the majority—politically, and were very happy to tell me that my way of thinking was dead. They really shouldn’t have provoked me, and the many others who have put up candidates like Donald Trump to undo them forever in the battle over American philosophy.  I wasn’t going to just surrender to a bunch of cry baby liberals I was always going to fight them first with a superior philosophic outlook and if it came to violence, then I was prepared to deal with them at the level too.  But surrender was never an option—ever.

So these mindless little threats hold no fear to people like me—and after four years of Trump, there will be many more who think the same way—because everyone likes a winner.  Trump and now the Republican Party are winners and the Democrats are the losers who are screaming foul even as the lights on the field have shut off and the fans have left the stadium.  They no longer have any power of persuasion and that holds true for ABC News, CBS, NBC, CNN The New York Times and everyone else considered to be the mainstream media.  They are being replaced by new means of media by new names who make the news.  Hollywood has additionally destroyed itself with its obvious support of all this liberalism and that will hurt them desperately.  Hollywood won’t be the same place at the end of Trump’s first term.  Mark it on your calendar.

People are tired of terrorists running their government and that is the bottom line. By default all liberals have put themselves in the category of “fake news” because the proof was provided to us by many sources recently—largely the great work by Project Veritas.  And now that liberals have that stigma, they’ll never get rid of it.  Nobody is believing their fake news and nobody is afraid of their threats of violence because honestly, America is ready to kick the shit out of them.  Just see how much these little snowflakes will accomplish in Washington D.C. as the Bikers for Trump group ensure safety beyond the police who will keep the snowflakes from falling in such a way that they have any impact on the inauguration.  Nobody any longer cares about these leftists and their fake news and their fake polls.  They have lost their relevancy and that will be evident on Friday January 20th 2017.

Rich Hoffman


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