Rolling Over Trump Protestors: There is no going back–liberals lost and will continue to

To the protestors who are laying down in front of the Trump presidency hoping with all hope that they will somehow be successful in holding on to their progressive political gains won over the years—they are about to be flattened by inertia. I would refer them back to a video I did over seven years ago called A Whip Stunt to Save America.  In that video I made it quite clear that I had been up to that time willing to live in co-existence with them.  But I added that I didn’t think they belonged in America—because obviously, they were inclined toward socialism and in the United States—socialism has always been a big no, no.  So as Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore and the current liberal mayor of New York screamed about holding their gains against the intrusion of a Trump presidency—they fail to realize that they already had lost them years ago.  Trump is the result of that loss as many people like me just got tired of hearing the arguments made by liberals who were trying to change America into something I despise—a more metrosexual utopia of socialist loving lazy idiots who expect the state to do all their thinking for them.  That is not the American way and progressives have insisted to infringe themselves on people like me who were getting sick and tire of it—so things were never going to go well for them.  A breaking point was coming—they just refused to understand it.

Listening to complete socialist radicals—literally—hammer Trump’s cabinet picks over the last couple of days it was clear that America didn’t have room for both points of view. Socialists and capitalists do not belong together—their philosophies are incompatible—and I’m not about to yield to them, and they obviously have no intention to yield to me—based on their track record.  And when given an option I favor for president, look how they’ve behaved.  With them, it is win or destroy—there is no middle ground.  Over the many years in dealing with these socialist types from the Democratic Party they have let us compromise with them, then they’ve given no ground—they’ve only taken it.  So at a certain point, we were going to take everything away from them because what they gained—they never earned.  They stole it.

Nobody cares if 60 or a 1000 Democrats boycott the Trump inauguration. Someone else will sit in those empty seats.  Obviously, as the inauguration ceremonies unveil themselves—the world has moved on and is enjoying Donald Trump.  Only the leftists are the ones crying—and they are what make up the mainstream media—and nobody on my side has one ounce of sympathy for them because when the shoe was on the other foot—they spit in our eye and they went after our jugulars.  As a result they have lost their platform of uniformity.  Nobody wants to listen to them any more from the conservative side and that trajectory will continue to distance itself from the socialist sympathizers who have had a voice in our American government for too long.  These protestors of Trump’s inauguration don’t understand that people on the other side are never going to join them or work with them again.  They have lost their friends from the other side and gradually, the differences will become more and more obvious resulting in a complete destruction of the Democratic Party.

So as Democrats watch people celebrate the Trump presidency over the next few days with great horror reflected in their observations, they should know that it’s not just Donald Trump people are celebrating—it’s the end of the Democratic Party. In 2010 when I did my Whip Stunt video I was already thinking what’s happening now—liberals just don’t belong in America.  Now they are free to jump ship and to become capitalists and if they do—we can all live in peace.  But they don’t have a seat at the table any more in servicing the end of America as they have obviously been doing since Barack Obama was elected.  They tried to drag us kicking and screaming to their side of the political aisle, and now it’s time for revenge—and it is a lot easier to destroy then to build.  So for everything they have built as progressives over the last 100 years, it is expected by me to have all that destroyed over the next few years.  What I expect to see is a return of American toward an open capitalist society that is proud of the money it makes and the morality that comes with it.  And the socialists are not welcome to the table of debate.

I normally don’t celebrate events like this, because they are transitory events that don’t often carry much weight against the scope of history. But for Trump, I am celebrating, and I will be doing it most of the weekend.  Trump being president is a decision against progressivism and it has been part of my thinking for over a decade.  It was around 2012 that I realized that the answer to many of the government problems were to inject businessmen into politics as opposed to more lawyers who become politicians just to pay for their law degrees.  I had around that time been to John Boehner’s office in West Chester asking why the United States was still funding the United Nations—because they obviously didn’t have our interests in mind—and I was asking why congress was letting Obama get away with the many terrible things he was doing—specifically making appointments during Holiday recesses—and abusing executive orders—then getting lame answers from Boehner—I had, had enough.  When John Kasich—the governor of Ohio shook my hand personally and told me that education reform takes time—then turned around just a few months later and voted to expand Medicaid so that he could set up exchanges with Obamacare for federal money—I decided that the whole system needed to change direction—so I put my support behind Donald Trump—as did many millions of others for the same reasons.  And now things will change, and that is something worth celebrating.

So as the coverage of the protests are shown on television, the reality is that they will have no impact on changing anything. If they lay down in front of Trump they will be run over and nobody will cry over their carcass.  They are a hated group of anti-American radicals—and there is no room for their philosophy.  They took several steps against traditional America and now it’s time to pay for it.  And by the look of the crowds at the inauguration for Trump—if 40,000 Democrats boycotted the event—nobody will even notice.   That’s how things stand as Donald Trump settles down in the Blair House for his first night in Washington D.C.

And a note to the Dems.  Don’t threaten violence.  You can’t back up the backlash that will come back at you 20 times worse.  There is nothing scary about a bunch of old hippie girly men and feminazi radicals supported by the snowflake Millennials.  We tried talking to you.  I am personally done with it.  So proceed with caution.

Rich Hoffman


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