Radical Women Protest Trump in Washington D.C.: The alligators in the swamp cling to life as the water which hides them evaporates

It looks like the Trump inauguration scared all the progressive groups—feminists, socialists, government employees, union workers, what’s left of the Democratic Party, Hollywood actors, losers and in many cases combinations of all those categories.  So there are larger demonstrators in the various cities—particularly Washington D.C., than were originally planned for—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  By the look of many of them, they could use some walking because they need the exercise.  The truth of the matter as I listened to a few of their speeches is that there are some happy men at home—boyfriends and husbands because their women are gone marching and not talking their heads off.  Likely those grateful men will vote for Trump in 2020 because he gave them a Saturday afternoon free of the neurotic, fearful progressives gripping desperately to the failures of the past.  There were some pretty good college basketball games on during this march and the men were able to enjoy those games while their protester women were working off some extra weight on the Washington Mall.  So everyone won.

But the news media wanted to compare the crowd size of Trump’s inauguration numbers to Obama and these progressive women attending essentially a free Madonna concert.  Those women obviously forgot that Madonna offered free blow jobs to their men hoping to get them to vote for Hillary—which didn’t work.  (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW)  But like a bunch of idiots they forgave Madonna and went to listen to her old liberal ass bloviate like a used tampon.  It wasn’t the Washington D.C. culture that showed up to the inauguration—it was out-of-town people who went with great expense to D.C. to see their guy become president.  The nutty government worker from Fairfax fearful that they might lose their job under a Trump administration once the federal budget cuts come were highly motivated to hit the Mall on Saturday as opposed to the rain on Friday—because they are with like-minded people at the Madonna concert.  On Friday it was those scary people from the farmlands of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky that were there—and they certainly didn’t want to be around them.  So they showed up on Saturday.

Another thing that hurt the crowd for Trump were that leftist radicals running around the streets of D.C. near K-Street attacking Trump supporters, burning cars and breaking out windows—and they were allowed to do it.  I know many people who didn’t want to go to Washington D.C., because they were concerned over the potential for violence.  So that combined with the spotty rain reduced the size of the crowds—but that didn’t matter.  Trump had a great inauguration and it was one for the history books.  After all, he came to Washington to “drain the swamp” and these protestors are the murky ones who live off what’s in that dirty water.

The Trump administration will prove to be one of the best for women rights—and his background proves that to be the case.  The protesters around the country hiding behind this Women’s March largely acting out of fear fanned on by the mainstream media and many other progressive outlets hoping to stop what Trump talked about in his Inauguration Address.  After a few years, they will be voting for Donald Trump and not marching around as they are now fearful of tomorrow.  They will at that time learn that they are pawns to a larger game and they’ll be ashamed for the role they played in it.

So men, enjoy the day off from those noisy people who share your beds—hopefully they come back in better shape and quieter. If all goes well, you may get a few days of peace and quiet while they recover.  But for Trump supporters, don’t worry about the numbers.  That’s all the swamp dwellers have and if they all didn’t mostly live nearby in progressive communities—they wouldn’t be attending.  After all, when you start draining that swamp, the alligators won’t be happy.  And by the size of the mouth of a lot of the protesters, the alligators are already out of the water.

Rich Hoffman


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3 thoughts on “Radical Women Protest Trump in Washington D.C.: The alligators in the swamp cling to life as the water which hides them evaporates

  1. I’m enjoying today far more than yesterday and you can bet my God-fearing, gun toting friends are too. These poor people. I know how they feel. Really, I do. Barry had me sideways. But the world’s largest diaper party is not my idea of handling anything. My sides hurt from laughing today!
    This is especially precious….


    Me thinks it’s a chick, but who the fuck knows. Have you looked at these so called women?? Ew.
    Tall greys came to visit and left behind their excrement.


  2. The same “bull dykes” that lead the equal rights demonstrations so many years ago e.g. Gloria Steinem etc. are the leaders of these “women’s rights” mobs of today. Their candidate lost and they will never accept that fact. Most of the entertainment industry have been card carrying members of the the CPUSA for all these many years. They are elitists that want to be in charge. Many of the people attending these demonstrations were carrying the rainbow flag. Finally, we will have some class in our White House. Finally, we have a president that truly loves this country. I just hope he is able to sort out the many Judas’s that may infilltrate his team. The media will never accept a conservative American patriot and neither will their allies in the “entertainment” industry. I, for one, will not pay for cable, movie tickets etc. Patriots need to boycott the leftist entertainment industry. Let the current media expire and a real and truthful news network appear. As you say, many were there to appear in the news and to get a free concert. (By the way, what were those silly pink hats all about? The ones with the two knobs on top.)


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