What Women Really Protested on January 21st: Understanding the River Liffy

As I watched carefully Ashley Judd’s maniacal meltdown at the Washington Mall on January 21, 2017, and listened to Madonna discuss to the world that she had been thinking about blowing up the White House, then watched all the footage coming in from the half million participants not only in Washington D.C. but also in L.A., Denver, New York, London and Paris—as well as many other progressive cities I thought of the River Liffy in Dublin Ireland.  One of my favorite authors, James Joyce dealt with what ails those protesters of Donald Trump very well in the classic novel, Finnegan’s Wake.  In the country the River Liffy is small, clean and inviting—like the youth of a woman.  By the time that river gets to the city of Dublin however it is wide, and dirty as everyone upstream had let their garbage be captured by the water’s flow. The next destination is the open sea where the water’s contents spill into the immense collectivism of the ocean only to be evaporated back to heaven to someday rain down back across Ireland to begin the process again.  That Ashley Judd is not the same woman who appeared nude in several movies, namely Bug, Norma Jean & Marilyn, and Normal Life.  That Madonna was not the same singing sensation who had masturbated on stage during her concerts, flashed her breasts to the crowd and earned her money as an 80s sex symbol.  Those were the acts of much younger River Liffy’s well upstream before they were dirtied up by their rough lives lived only to be middle-aged rejects which nobody was any longer interested in.  The world and the men in it was ready for that dirty water to be recycled back into the ocean as their eyes wander upstream to the clear water of a young River Liffy not yet contaminated by the touches of mankind—and all the world dreams of being the first to drink from her waters.

There was sheer panic the day after Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States and the world watched in horror not just what the new president said and did—but how well his wife Melania conducted herself and the other Trump women, the wives of Don Jr. Eric, and of course the two Donald Trump daughters Ivanka and Tiffany.  These young women are not Paris Hilton train wrecks who threw themselves at every party available and for which many men have naked cell phone pictures of which they pass around like baseball cards when they were kids.  These were good young ladies and very beautiful.  And they are smart, conduct themselves like a river that was able to avoid the big cities and all their garbage.  If you really peeled back the protests around the world toward Donald Trump the most anger was toward a name never even spoken—to the new First Lady Melania Trump.  Why did she have to be so beautiful, so flawless, and so fortunate?  Why did she have to be so perfect?  Melania walked all day up and down steps during the inauguration in high heels and she never looked like she was in pain.  When she walked the parade route she was in the same shoes she had worn all day and she never looked like a fatigued person in any way.  She walked like she had learned to do on a catwalk in Paris when she had been a young fashion model.  She moved her hips evenly, her right hand crossed just enough across her body then back again like the arm of a grandfather clock finely tuned—evenly and with great grace.  While women everywhere should have been proud to see such a wonderful woman enter the White House progressives who have ruined their bodies over the years with hard living and let the garbage of collectivism dirty up their lives howled in rage at their lack of ability to live up to the lofty image Melania set during the inauguration ceremonies in Washington D.C. on January 20th.

A new standard was being set from the American White House and women as far away as Sydney and London were voicing their opinions.  This wasn’t what they were told was going to happen as they got older and learned that the world likes to drink from the waters of rivers—upstream.  Melania Trump in her life had found a way to avoid the garbage people normally throw into a river as it flows through their towns and cities dumping all their waste into its water’s.  Progressive women thought they were going to be safe as they sometimes dirtied their own waters recklessly as young women jumping into every town and let every young lad piss into her as they saw fit as they laughed like idiots along the way thinking themselves rebels—because the progressive world promised them some kind of filtration plant once they hit the city—a lowered bar of expectation—that people would still want to swim in their waters as they neared the sea—or their last stop in life through Dublin.  (Metaphorically speaking of course)  But that’s not what happened—Melania Trump is now the new first lady not just in America but for the world and the bar went up leaving these people who have managed their lives poorly to be alone with their bad decisions.

Behind the progressive desire to reduce the grip toxic masculinity has on the world—which is now taught on college campuses these days—is their hatred of this cycle of rivers and women in the world.  Women don’t want to live in fear as they get older and their men no longer want to have sex with them—and year by year they find themselves more and more alone as their husbands look to the younger waters of the River Liffy—where the mistakes of their married lives are not yet being carried downstream—where a man can look into those clear waters and see the bottom—through a reflection of themselves.  Since Melania Trump married Donald she did not run around the New York social scene looking to interact with every dirty mind she could—she was content to sit atop Trump Tower with her son Barron and live quietly with her husband—and they lived clean lives without alcohol, smoking, or hard living—and it shows on her face.  She’s done that for over ten years from her mid thirties to now her mid forties and the effects have been stunning, and the world noticed.

Progressive—communist activists like Michael Moore were quick to pat themselves on the back and say—see—we have more people who want to stand against Donald Trump than were willing to stand with him on Inauguration Day.  The world made itself heard and they would not stand for Donald Trump.  He was on notice.  Progressives even fantasized that what they had witnessed during the worldwide “women’s march” was more powerful than the Tea Party which launched the Donald Trump presidency in the first place.  They thought—“wonderful, now we know we can take back the White House in 2020.”  But all of those people were wrong.  Because by then the world will be a very different place—and it won’t be the antics of Donald Trump as much as it will be the women he surrounds himself with.  You see, President Trump is likely the most openly appreciative Republican to ever hold office of women.  He loves to see women do well.  And doing well doesn’t mean you have to be a fashion model.  It is possible to look in the mirror and see an elephant’s ass, and still be successful if you have a personality which compliments your essence. However, men do look at a woman and can see what radiates from the soul through physical features.  If a woman is ugly inside, all the makeup in the world can’t save her and progressives have attempted to attack these very human foundations of personal assessment by becoming hippie braless bitches who wear their dirty water like a badge of honor then yell at the world not to judge them.  Well—it doesn’t work.

Melania Trump is proof that older women don’t have to look like the dirty water of the River Liffy as it passes through Dublin.  They don’t have to be gorgeous on the outside so much as they need to have it going on the inside.  But the Trump women in general have all the cylinders clicking in unison and millions of young girls will look to this Trump White House for the kind of inspiration that progressives have been trying to destroy for years—the judgment of those Rivers Liffy who have seen it all and done it all, and are rejected as dirty water at the end of their lives.   To the typical progressive they never take responsibility for their own actions—so they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.  But the fault is their own—and now there is a high bar they have to measure themselves against—and they don’t like it.

They can be mad at Donald Trump but honestly this is part of Making American Great Again.  Our women are our foundations—they are our girlfriends, our wives—our mothers and before we can be a healthy nation once again—our women have to get their act together and stop acting like Ashley Judd and Madonna during their youth—making themselves dirty, and scummy later in life.  Progressive activists of the women type have to learn that they can’t hide their bad behavior behind the collectivism of a social movement then turn their weapons of a big mouth toward the inclinations of manhood for justice.  They just need to take care of themselves in mind and body and nurture the world to its gradual health—instead of bitching like a bunch of losers who are just too lazy to try to be as good as the wonderful women who are now part of the White House culture.

Rich Hoffman


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4 thoughts on “What Women Really Protested on January 21st: Understanding the River Liffy

  1. Well written and well documented. I wonder if Ashley Judd will ever be able to work again. She proved to the world that there isn’t anything sweet or kind about her. She knows what she had to do to become famous and now she resents how she lowered her standards and self esteem. Most people know just how you get parts in Hollywood. It is so sad that our young women have been looking up to this trash. Her mother and her sister have had mental problems too. Can the left only find crazies to speak up for their cause of “fundamentally changing America?”


    1. When I was younger I did some modeling and acting–at least I was given opportunities. The problem was I loved myself too much to pretend to be other people. I went along with it assuming that I could do the jobs the way John Wayne did or Clint Eastwood–who played parts who were essentially themselves. But that’s not how it was and I didn’t do that kind of thing long.

      For actors who become someone else, there has to be a little insanity about them in order to do the job. Nobody should ever listen to an actor for anything–because they are paid to say whatever the people who pay them want them to. They are the most vacant people in regard to authenticity. They are just prostitutes of a different kind. They are paid to pretend to be something someone else needs. And their role in politics is even worse.


      1. I’m so glad that you saw the light before they changed you. When I see the photos in magazines such as “People” it is amazing that these people can even remember their lines. A perfect example of this was the meltdown of Mariah Carey on New Years Eve. Many of the Hollywood stars do have psychotic meltdowns. Marilyn Monroe is a perfect example of a star that was willing to be passed around. It happens to the men too. They marry and divorce without regard to the future of their children. What a horrible example for the young to admire – and they do emulate the “stars.”


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