Melania Trump: ‘How Great Thou Art’

There has never been a First Lady like Melania Trump—and her presence in the White House over these next few years will alone boost the morale of the American way of life. I have watched a lot of these inaugurations and I have read about many others throughout history and there was never a woman with the grace of Melania Trump to do the job as well as the current First Lady has and will be doing.

I have hated Barack Obama and how he ran the Executive Branch over the last eight years, but I’ll have to say, when Melania brought Michelle Obama a nice present upon their meeting before the inauguration, I actually didn’t hate the Obamas so much. Melania did everything during the inauguration with such grace and class that she even melted away the extreme anger I had for the Obamas with just the simple exchange of a present.

I hate to think that whatever Melania gave Michelle from Tiffany’s in New York might be thrown away and abused with hatred from one administration toward the next because I think Melania’s actions were genuine. I think she really likes Michelle Obama and wanted to give her something to feel better about leaving behind the only thing that gave her value in life—the White House.  Without the executive office, the Obamas are just regular people and that obviously bothers Michelle Obama.  However, Melania seemed to understand even though her life was like stepping out of Heaven itself bearing gifts for a mortal job in the White House to restore the nation back to health with her love.  So even though she couldn’t relate to Michelle’s condition, she was sympathetic to it and she brought a nice gift hoping to ease the pain—and hopefully that was appreciated.  Because when I saw it I thought it was very classy.

Over the following days Donald Trump went right to work like I always thought he would, starting the process of repealing Obamacare, getting rid of TPP, getting the Keystone and Dakota pipelines rolling, meeting with Elon Musk and many other business leaders hoping to infuse optimism back into the investment market. Right after that meeting he had another with union leaders of all people and started a very complicated process of changing demographic voting patterns.  Donald Trump put out a wage freeze for federal employment and started working toward massive budget cuts and he did it with all the gusto that we’ve come to expect out of a guy who had a top rated television show on NBC doing just what he was doing now in the White House.  So why wouldn’t he be successful?

But Melania Trump is something else all together—a class act in every way you can imagine and we’ve only really witnessed her for a few days—most notably on the inauguration. Before that she was a bit of a mystery as she stayed off the campaign trail and out of the lime light to care for her 10-year-old son Barron.  And as I watched Melania and her husband Donald walk in the parade up to the White House very gracefully looking like the most perfect runway model of high fashion even after more than 10 hours in high heel shoes, her son Barron walked awkwardly like a giant from some other land brought down out of the tower of his birth into the world below to save it from itself.  He awkwardly waved to the crowd obviously still getting used to his large framed body for such a young boy—but was running purely on the power of his mother’s love.  Melania would nurture him along like Bambi’s mother from the classic Disney film with a simple smile.  Enemies of President Trump looked for ways to take shots at the mother and child mistaking such moments as weakness.  But the big President Trump so sure of himself didn’t worry about mother and child—but used the occasion to harden the young man into his own kind of inauguration into manhood.  And what better way for a little boy to be introduced to the public but in a presidential parade with his parents urging him alone at his own pace.

Melania was ultimately the architect of the event and both Donald Trump and the rest of the family followed her lead with great class. The more you watch the Trumps the more you realized that Melania as even the third wife of Donald J. Trump was the one who gave the brash New York businessman his grounding into life.  She was likely as responsible for him being President as all the hard work he put into it on his own.  The meaning for much of his efforts was reflected in his wife’s face.  And I don’t think that Donald Trump would disagree with me upon reading any of this.  He might not talk about it in a self-reflective way—because he’s not like that.  But watching them in that Saturday church service right after the inauguration, after all the class from the balls the night before—Melania shed real tears while the chorus played “How Great Thou Art.”  Trump was moved as well in his way but it was Melania who provoked the lead toward a standing ovation.  If you watch those two people carefully Donald Trump listens to that classic song with his arms crossed keeping his emotions in check—the way men typically do.  I do the same.  There’s not room for crying in life if you’re a man—because the little grandchildren and children behind him want to know that Dad can face anything without fear.  That is expected in all people—whether or not they get that as a reality—everyone desires such things.  But then Melania not fettered by social constraints of stoicism wiped away tears gracefully and it was obvious she was deeply touched which indicates the quality of the soul inside her beautiful body.  Melania isn’t just an ex-fashion model—she’s a deep person and in that depth she lives for bigger things.

There are phonies out there, lots of them who are soulless leeches and pretend to go to these kinds of events and feel passion for what they witness. But when you talk to them in person you find out they are like the characters from the Netflix series House of Cards.  The Trumps aren’t like that.  They are real and what they feel is genuine—which is reflected in what they do day in and day out.  Melania for over ten years has lived in that golden palace atop the New York skyline coming down only occasionally for the needed social visit.  But now she’s down for a while to help the nation heal after many years of degradation—and what she brings with her is an untarnished innocence given to her by a man who lovers her, a son who needs her, and family who counted on her to give them a solid groundwork to build a family off of.  Without her, I doubt Donald Trump would be president or any of them would be in the position they were in at that church ceremony.  And she knows the weight she carries, yet she never broke a sweat or showed a crack in her resolve—because she knew it was time now for her to give those gifts to the world in a way that only she could.  What a remarkable woman in the classiest definition possible.  She is just  what America needed—and just in time.

Rich Hoffman


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