Donald J. Trump: The Hardest Working Man to Ever Hit Washington D.C.

In case there are people who haven’t figured it out yet, Donald Trump often puts out controversial comments—such as talking about the number of illegal immigrants who voted against him in the popular vote—or discussing that he will send the feds to Chicago if they don’t get their homicide rate down—when he’s really about to do some big thing such as launch construction of the Keystone Pipeline or committing resources to building the border wall between Mexico and the United States, as he did today. He is the absolute opposite of Obama who used to say nice things in public then do bad things behind the scenes with sinister intentions.  Donald Trump says crazy things in public getting everyone to discuss those adolescent topics in a frenzy as he does very carefully planned strategic activity behind the scenes.  What has resulted, and what we can expect going forward, is fury of executive activity that will put to shame any previous president.  What we have now is a president whose primary hobby is working and he’s in a dream land of his own making—he’s retired from private sector life, he has infinite resources to work with virtually, and he literally has a pile of work to do that will never run out. While the press is still stuck on things Trump might have said three days ago or three weeks ago, they miss the details of the latest big action he is now taking daily and not even a multi-station 24 hour a day news cycle can keep up with him.  The Trump administration is running circles around the media and the established politicians and there is absolutely no sign of slowing down.  And Trump is just getting a feel for the job.

I was surprised to learn that I played during 2016 on the Playstation 4 game system 784 hours’ worth of gaming—344 alone on the popular Star Wars game Battlefront. I also read several books in 2016, played with my grandkids a lot—binge watched many Netflix series with my wife—traveled—worked with my many hobbies which included Cowboy Fast Draw.  I didn’t think I played Playstation so much, but as you can see the hours do add up.  The reason all that is remarkable is that I work an average of 12 hours professionally every day, sometimes even on the weekends—and I do quite a lot of work from home.  I’m a very busy person and I squeeze out of every day as much as possible.  I don’t sleep much.  On weekends for instance I get up around 4:30 AM to start my day and I usually don’t go to bed until around 11 PM or even midnight.

I point all that out because honestly I love to work—and I love to play—and my days are full and I get a lot done. With Donald Trump I don’t think he has many hobbies—I don’t think he plays Playstation—or reads many books—but I think he loves to work and is willing to do it 18 to 19 hours a day which adds up to a lot of productive endeavor.  I also think that in the private sector he got bored a lot.  His company started jobs and finished jobs and in between there were things to do, approve and scrutinize plans, zoning problems and other issues.  Occasionally he would be able to attend court and sue somebody or defend a lawsuit against him—but after 30 years of this ebb and flow he was looking for the ultimate challenge since he had mastered all that other stuff—and something where the workload never diminished.  So he ran for president.

Now Donald Trump is in a dream job, he has a good office to work from, resources where the American people have assumed the risk, and he can do what he loves to do most—his ultimate hobby—making deals each hour on the hour if he wants to—and the work never goes away. While some men of 70 might retire to the basement to work on model trains or build ships inside a bottle—Trump just wants to make deals because that is his hobby and it just so happens that being president of the United States requires lots of deal making.  So he’s very happy and truly in his element perhaps for the first time in his life—and he’s done pretty well up to this point.

So here Donald Trump is with a pile of work to do and seven days a week, 24 hours a day to do it, and he’s looking across his desk already in the Oval Office and he sees politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer winded by the increased activity—and he knows how to play this game with all the joy of a young boy. Only this work needs to be done on behalf of the American people.  He is quite literally catching America up on over 200 years of neglect.  So everyone is happy except for the people who got into politics to have an easy job.

I would dare say that most elected representatives on Capitol Hill only do about 5 hours of work per day and the same holds true for their various staffs. Even with the interns who do most of the bill reading, there are lots of opportunities for leisure, so there are many lost production hours each week that go unfulfilled in Washington D.C.  By the time they arrive at their offices—get their coffee—read a few emails—have a few meetings then take an hour or more for lunch, then return to their offices for whatever they have planned in the afternoon—5 PM comes quickly and everyone goes home uneventfully only to return the next day to do it all over again.  They get used to things taking a long time in Washington D.C. because nobody really expects to ever do anything.  But Trump isn’t like that.  He expects to accomplish things and he expects to do new things the next day.

It will be very interesting to watch how long the media and the politicians will try to keep up with Donald J. Trump. This horse race just started and Trump is already pulling way out in front and he continues to throw things back at his boot lickers and social parasites to divert their attention away to easily digestible topics suited for their limited intellect while he works on his infinite pile of blissful work unencumbered by their lack of understanding.  It is neat to watch for a lot of reasons.  It’s nice to see a president who truly loves to work for one—but it’s nice to see that pile that’s been sitting there for decades of things that needed to be done actually getting attention.  There is no way to know what happens next—but at least work is happening—and that’s always a good thing for a productive country full of people in need of that necessity for output.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Donald J. Trump: The Hardest Working Man to Ever Hit Washington D.C.

  1. I have been reading the Art of the Deal. If you want to know Trump and how tough he really is that is the book. I worked in DC for half of my government career (I also ran a private sector business at the same time). It is a place where far too many things are corrupted by self-serving politicians who have been given every opportunity to make things better for Americans but succeed in making things worse. It has gotten to the point where the politicians are willing to throw away everything in some blind and stupid pursuit of a global (socialist) utopia that can only lead to greater stagnation and national destruction – as is the current case in much of Western Europe. By the way, I don’t think anybody could have anticipated just how dynamic Trump really is – he is a truly rare individual and one very desperately needed at this time.


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