The West Chester Trustee Meeting of January 24th: Pussies and Snowflakes fall, melt and fade away in just two weeks

As reported, the January 10th Trustee meeting in West Chester where right-to-work proposals were put on the table for discussion turned into a circus as the left leaning socialists in labor unions showed up to protest and Lee Wong made a severe ass of himself with his progressive activism in not closing the meeting because it was out of control.  Two weeks later the world had changed significantly, Donald Trump was inaugurated as president which reset the clock of priorities down the ranks of the Republican Party and many who made assess of themselves during the 10th meeting wanted a chance to show up and articulate themselves better after learning of how foolish they had sounded before.  That set the stage for something which even better illustrated why collective bargaining and unions in general are detrimental to a productive community and a severe hindrance to capitalist enterprise.  Here’s why.

The meeting opened up with the trustees celebrating the police for obvious reasons—but once the meeting went to citizen comments the synopsis of the entire evening was that everyone was a hero—as proposed by the union workers speaking against the right-to-work proposal—and that collective bargaining was the only way to get safety and a good wage in a productive society. It was difficult to watch because the people speaking as well-intentioned as they might have thought they were, just weren’t very smart.  It is sad to see so many grown adults so ignorant on basic economic principles.  Many of them because of their union memberships have had no reason to learn anything over the years.  Their entire life has been essentially hiding in a collective blob where they are assessed by value completely on their radicalized threat of a strike against management which has garnered them enough money to scrape through life from one television program to the next.  It was sad to see so many people who were so treacherously stupid.  But that is their choice—until they ask other people to fund their stupidity.

The word “worker” was used a lot as if collective bargaining was a “worker right” granted from birth. That term as they used it in their union dialogue was defined as such by Karl Marx—it is a phrase advanced by communism, Marxism, and socialism in the same way that Objectivism has been defined by Ayn Ran.  The “worker” as unions use the term, is a tool of extortion that uses “mass collections of people” to invoke fear in “management” to extract rights and wages.  The “worker” under Marxism is nothing more than a terrorist who uses force to extract their negotiated level of fairness.  For instance, the “workers” who represented union interests at the West Chester meeting were not there to tell their story and appeal to the sensibilities of the trustees—they were there to scare the politicians into acting on their behalf by a show of force packing the meeting with as many people in seats as possible.  It was the same George Soros tactic used on the Mall in Washington D.C. with the women’s march that Bruce Jones commented about on his Facebook account which became a point of contention during the same West Chester Trustee meeting. The union members were more polite this time than they had been two weeks prior but their philosophy of collectivism was just as ridiculously apparent.

What the term “worker” means in a capitalist society is measured in value by the equitable amount of work produced. Without work a worker has no value—they are just a person living their individual life.  But when they are designated as a “worker” their value is directly defined by the productive output of their role in that capacity.  A “worker” who sits five hours out of a ten-hour day doing very little is not as valuable as a person who works hard minute by minute over that entire ten-hour period.  So some workers have more value than others—all workers are not equal.  Some are better than others and in the marketplace those who work harder and better than others are rewarded through merit pay.

In the socialist system of the unions there is no reward for being better than another person as a worker so there is no reason to excel at the task which limits the amount of productive output a collection of workers can produce.   Therefor the productive output per capita is much less than the productive output in a merit based system.  When competition is stripped away what is left behind is desire to be better leaving productive output lacking.  From the socialist worker’s point of view this is a good thing because it means a company has to hire more workers to do work—but from the business owners point of view this is detrimental—because it drives up their overhead without giving them productive output to justify the risk they carry employing people. The union people at the West Chester meeting have no idea about these kinds of things because they have been taught incorrectly all their lives to believe something that was essentially a Marxist idea taught in our public education system and they are all too old now to learn something different—so they are at a loss to understand even basic economics—and that was very sad.

Meanwhile another subtle undercurrent that was very Marxist showed itself in all the speeches of the night were everyone told their little stories of how they are living dangerous lives and had things happen them that tested their faith in other people—most notably from Trustee Lee Wong. His essential message capped off the night with a perfect summary articulated by the union workers—that social media was bad because it challenged the status quo of the orthodox learning they had all built their lives around. He essentially got his ass kicked in Chicago as a young man, was institutionalized in the military for 20 years, and now serves as a trustee with a history of unsaid socialism behind him which he thinks is patriotism.  His philosophy of all people are equal and that everyone needs each other was a learned trait that he has never challenged.  For him as a weakened young lad beat up by bullies in Chicago a drill sergeant was his savior—who stripped away his individuality so that he’d be a good soldier who would die for his country the way all soldiers are taught.  But Lee started off with is ego already destroyed so after his service years there wasn’t much left of the childhood version of himself who used the pronoun “I.” Now as a West Chester trustee he’s left with that broken image which like many people, he seals with collectivist philosophies and hides behind words like “equality,” fairness,” and a call to “civility.”

Lee likely thinks he’s a conservative, but compared to what? Many of the union speakers at the West Chester meeting think also of themselves as conservatives but their essential philosophies about politics were formed around European Marxism and modern-day progressive socialism.  Regardless of their personal ideologies over just two weeks the Republican strategy toward the midterms and eventual 2020 election had changed and the new leader of the party, Donald J. Trump is looking to further smash down the Democratic Blue Wall and union members are part of that platform.  A lot changed over two weeks.  Unions are not the focus of Republican politics as more direct economic matters take the stage for now.  So by the end of the meeting there was a lot more hand holding and campfire singing than I’m comfortable with but it’s important to really understand what’s going on.

Trustee Lee Wong brought up during his little speech a recent report from a Cincinnati beauty salon that Nazi propaganda showed up mysteriously on their printer—and nobody knows where the information came from. I questioned the Channel 5 reporter about the validity of the information and he did get an IT guy on camera to justify why they couldn’t figure out what IP address the information came from.  I have serious doubts that the Nazi letter celebrating Trump’s inauguration came from anybody who supported Trump but likely came from some radical who supported the woman’s march in Washington D.C., or one of the union radicals speaking in West Chester.  We’ve seen their playbook and it is like them to plant false evidence to formulate public opinions.  The timing of the letter is very suspect and if they really wanted to, they could find out who sent it.  Likely they already know, but that didn’t stop Lee from expounding on it to serve the purpose of bringing peace to the West Chester Trustee meeting which he helped to stir up just two weeks ago.  People who spoke against right-to-work in West Chester are the types of people who don’t like that social media competes with media outlets which support their Marxist foundations of thought—so they seek every opportunity to eliminate the kind of division and anxiety that created Donald Trump—because it’s the only way they can survive.

But I can say this, social media is here to stay and as I look out across this chess board at the appeals from those who are political left of me—the check-mate is already obvious. And what created that situation isn’t going to change.  So with all the appeals for peace now that the political left is on the outside looking in—the death blow for the Democratic Party and all the GOP RINOs who entertain with great reverence a return to the good old days of back scratching and boot licking (John McCain, John Kasich, and Lee Wong) are over.  And in spite of what any of these people do, my foot won’t come off the neck of Marxism. Because I hate it in all its forms and I’ll use all forms of communication to eradicate it from the earth.  Peace is for the pussies (as they called themselves) of George Soros media connections.   Lee Wong can join them all he wants with his liberal union friends.  But their version of the world is what caused all the trouble we have to fix now—and I am happy to see their march toward extinction—by their own actions.  To make peace with such people is to open your front door and advertise your residence as a brothel—because the people crying for civility now, and lack of divisions, are the very people who caused all the trouble to begin with—and that won’t be forgotten with appeasement now.  And when they come in your door expecting a brothel you know what they really want—and that isn’t good for the conservative movement to let them have it.  It’s called getting F**ked, and we’ve had enough of that.  Time to enjoy the spoils of victory and for them to rethink their entire lives.

Rich Hoffman


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