Standing by the Very Good Man, Bruce Jones: Activist women hide behind their gender for political gain

It was disgusting to watch the activist women of West Chester—the same braless bitches and hippie chick levy supporters with my own patented phrase–asses the size of car tires and diamond rings to match—how they came out against the very good man Bruce Jones, the fiscal officer in West Chester for the Board of Trustees.  They do not represent all women, just as the idiots who marched in Washington D.C. over the weekend, and many other progressive cities around the world under the financial backing of George Soros.  They don’t represent normal American people.  It was despicable to see the way they pounced on Bruce Jones and how the media in lock step with them jumped on the band wagon siding with the Democratic Party of Butler County (all two of them) to attempt to silence the speech of a grown man—and seek openly to destroy him professionally and publicly.

I know how Bruce feels—I’ve had the same idiots come after me for similar reasons.  The progressive Democrats in Butler County can’t win on their merit so they have to try to tear down people they see as a challenge.  Even worse, Trustee Lee Wong fanned the flames demanding that Bruce apologize to these obvious leftist radicals who aligned themselves with the likes of Madonna threatening to blow up the White House with her thoughts, and the complete lunatic Ashley Judd.  And Channel 5, 9 and most of the major newspapers in town piled on with the blood lust of zombie fanatics that would have made the Walking Dead proud.  What was Bruce’s crime against these goofy unchained lunatic women hiding their radicalism behind their gender as a shield protecting them from retaliation?  Well, look below for the Facebook exchanges and read for yourself what got Bruce in so much trouble.bruce-jones-2


When you read what was said to Bruce and how he defended himself the hypocrisy is quite obvious.  Many men are really getting sick of being condemned because they possess testosterone habits and happen to be “white,” and god forbid if they have sizable bank accounts—because in the world of these leftist lunatics such a person is the devil himself.  Bruce was getting sick of being called names just because he exists—the marchers he referred to didn’t just attack Donald Trump—they were attacking masculinity itself.  I know I’m sick of it—I have been for a long time.  And we are told by all these media outlets that we’re just supposed to sit down and shut up while these fat-assed idiots belittle our president whom we worked very hard to get into office to fix all the mistakes they helped create over several decades.  And we are supposed to take it and not fight back in the least.  Yet when we do fight back and treat them equally, the same way we would a man—they play the woman card and hide behind their progressive press like a bunch of cowards—the same way those same women hide behind their children when it’s time for a school levy or a charity event.  I call those types of people latté sipping prostitutes because they sell themselves for a latté in their social circles and have no value for who does what in the real world to start businesses and produce wealth.  They are what is called in the philosophy of Objectivism “second handers” because they leech off the lives of other people for everything in their lives.  And in the case of these particular liberal activists, they hide their neurosis behind the collectivism of womanhood and use progressive politics as a shield against judgment.

This is precisely why I’m not in any kind of elected office, so that I can have the freedom to tell these idiots what a bunch of parasites they are.  If a bunch of women can dress themselves up as vaginas and protest Donald Trump with great fanfare, then they can suffer the ramifications of judgment—because if they really want equality then they can get it right back when they make assess of themselves.  And people like Bruce don’t have to shut their mouths just because the activists are women.  If Bruce thinks the activist are a bunch of insane lunatics—he has a right to say it—because the latté sipping prostitutes certainly don’t hold back their opinions when it comes to men.  And that is something that will change because intolerance works both ways—and radical, leftist, lunatic, latte sipping prostitute, levy supporting women, can’t have it both ways.

Here’s what’s going on, it’s an election year in West Chester and liberal activists are looking for any excuse possible to tear down the strong Republican coalition that exists among the West Chester trustees, Lee Wong excluded.  So progressives assisted by the mainstream media are doing precisely what is happening to Donald Trump nationally, and they are trying anything to be relevant again.  Lee is dreaming of the days when he and Cathy Stoker ran the trustees in West Chester with a liberal fist.  Bruce ran unopposed in the last election and Democrats are hoping to inspire someone to challenge him in the next election.  But what Bruce will learn is what I did years ago when I went through the same thing for much the same reason–that men and women both will thank him at gas pumps, restaurants and stores for holding his ground against these progressive assaults.  Because that’s all that is going on–and you can tell who the enemy is by who came out against him.  He didn’t do anything wrong.  But a lot of people did wrong to him.

Just for the class to understand this is a woman:

These are radical leftist women using their gender as a weapon:

Women need to be celebrated.  Crazy lunatics need to be criticized heavily.

Rich Hoffman


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