America is at War with Terrorism: The countries under executive order are those connected to the hostile organizations–don’t forget that

The key to understanding Trump’s immigration executive order was to listen to Kellyanne Conway’s appearance on Fox New with Chris Wallace.  The last part of the interview she really lit up and the villains of America’s restoration toward sanity were wonderfully illustrated.  The “extreme vetting” at this particular time wasn’t just to fix the loose polices of the past—it is to protect us from military activity that is ongoing at this very moment in those mentioned countries and keeping retaliation from sneaking in as a method of revenge.  It’s a proactive measure on the road to eliminating ISIS.  As to the resistance of mainstream politicians, I’ll have a lot more to say about that later.  They are beginning to gas out in Trump’s wake and starting to drag ass.  But what’s important here is what the immigration order means and to understand its timing.

Rich Hoffman


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