The Truth Behind Trump’s Extreme Vetting: Understanding who the enemy is–some of them were protesting

You can see the idiots responsible for the terrorist acts we’ve seen in America over the last couple of years by the protesters at the airports reacting to President Trump’s ban on immigrants from countries designated for extreme vetting—places like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya—all countries that have elements of Islamic terrorism running loose within them who have declared war on the United States.  President Trump is not obligated under the Constitution in any way to allow a transgender woman from Iran to achieve her dream of living in a free society.  We have a front door immigration process, which can sometimes take many years to achieve—but there is a process.  If they want to come to America, they have to take those steps and they will be welcomed. But if they plan to come to the states illegally, they have no rights, and if they are coming from a country that is at war with America, then they deserve—and should expect—to endure extra scrutiny.  Why is that so hard to understand?

Yet the protests over the weekend at American airports, particularly JFK in New York and Boston Logan led by none other than “Pocahontas” Warren the fingerprints of George Soros were easy to spot.  The global open border people created through the various Soros founded organizations couldn’t help but show their cards out in the open making it easy to see who in our society is who.  They attempted to make it look like the extreme vetting from risky countries was unfair, but in reality it’s a basic security practice.

I remember the lessons well that we should have learned after the Boston Marathon bombings.  The terrorist brothers in that case who conducted the bombings were radicalized overseas and were being tracked, but because of our open border trajectory in America, law enforcement was afraid to act on their suspicions which turned out to be detrimental.  We went through the same internal scrutiny with 9/11, there were risky people in our country learning to fly planes but not to land them from places like Saudi Arabia—and our inaction on security allowed them to commit an act of terror in New York City that killed many thousands of people.  As a byproduct we created the TSA and now every American who flies goes through undignified security measures as a reaction even though most of us are not even remotely thinking of committing any terrorist activity.  But the concern then and now was that we didn’t want people from the countries of the terrorists to feel like we were signaling them out. That certainly hasn’t been fair to the rest of Americans who travel and happen to be white people from Ohio.

We’re not all one world and we aren’t all one people.  We are Americans and if there are people who want to become “Americans” then there are rules to follow, and if they come from dangerous places—they should expect to be more scrutinized.  The seven countries listed in Donald Trump’s executive order were designated on current intelligence risks based on the conditions of the world today.  If countries need to be added, that would be determined by the evolution of terrorist activity around the world.  But we cannot allow terrorists to come to the United States and to run buses into our people on crowded city streets or to attack our infrastructure without taking proactive measures considering what has been going on in Europe which has been loose on vetting—and they’ve paid for it.

Donald Trump is working on a plan to eradicate ISIS from the face of the earth so in the coming months ISIS will be looking to strike back at our homeland, so before action can take place, we must secure our borders in ways that people have not seen in their lifetimes, because for some reason they were taught that such days were behind us.  Well, we are at war and have been for some time.  It’s not something that has happened under Trump.  He was elected to end these problems which were largely caused by people outside of our county.

The biggest threat to America has not been Russia wanting to manipulate our elections—it has been supporters of this borderless world concept using money funneled through our media—movies, music, magazines, television, etc., who have always had in their mind an eradication of American sovereignty.  It’s not a conspiracy theory to say that the Hungarian investor George Soros and many like him have been working as insurgents against the American way of life with a liberal sympathy that has always been clearly European.  They worked against all of us not with troops on the ground like was done in the traditional ways of conflict, instead they pour money into the liberalized Hollywood propaganda machine and many television producers hungry for funding for their projects take the money—so they bend their projects to the liberalism of Soros and his friends to get it.  The result is that MTV is no longer about music—it’s about advancing liberal platform concerns—open borders, transgender acceptance, and hatred of capitalism—the economic means of production in America.  That’s a known fact, nothing conspiratorial about it.

And that’s who was protesting at the airports in reaction to President Trump’s executive orders.  It wasn’t normal people; it was human drones created by the manipulation of foreign governments through liberal billionaire activists who put them there, just like the same was done with the communist women’s march in Washington D.C. last weekend.  Those protesters are the same type of knuckle dragging losers who do the work of the established order that has been committed to open borders around the world for decades, and their campaign is not one of compassion-but one of a military campaign to invoke financial collapse for the benefit of starting everything over under the United Nations equally—at American expense clearly.

In this last American election we turned away from that open border war with Donald Trump, and he is doing the job we sent him to do—which is to send our own version of a billionaire to protect the White House from the likes of George Soros.  The U.S. Constitution is not a treaty with the world and to join that club, there are methods, and many people do it, and they turn out to be some of America’s best and brightest—and they appreciate their citizenship because they had to work so hard to get it.  You can’t cheapen it by just letting people stop by and shack up with people then acquiring all the rights of American citizens without the work.  So the protesters are completely wrong in their assertions.  Additionally, they are aiding the enemy because they are standing in the way of our proper vetting of possible insurgents from war-torn countries who try to hide in the chaos of compassion to bring harm to us while we are pounding ISIS back into Stone Age where they belong.

America does the world a tremendous service just by existing.  When we destroy ISIS there are many people in those countries who will benefit.  And if they want to come to America to pursue the American Dream, then they are free to get in line like everyone else.  At least there is a line to get into.  But the open border people protesting at these airports against Trump are working on behalf of the enemy.  They aren’t acting out of compassion for the individuals stuck behind extreme vetting—they are acting to end American sovereignty by overloading the immigration system with people around the world fleeing war.  Remember—and again this isn’t a conspiracy—its actually notably part of what the Skull and Bones Society learns at Yale—war is what moves the world and the politics that controls it.  These wars around the war aren’t just because of differences of opinion, they are most of the time started to move people from one place to another like chess pieces.  Trump has put a stop to it and those playing against us don’t like it.  But that’s why we put Trump in the White House, and once he defeats ISIS—the people behind the wars will be exposed—and honestly, they are scared.  So they hide behind these mobs and blame everyone on compassion—but none of this is about any of that.  It’s about war, and we are at war in various degrees with the countries listed on Trump’s order.  And we have to act accordingly—which we are doing now.  Better late than never—and elections have consequences. This method is far more peaceful than where we were headed with just a few more months of Obama’s open border policies.  So consider what’s happening now to be the most humane option available.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Trump’s Extreme Vetting: Understanding who the enemy is–some of them were protesting

  1. Amazing how less than 1% protesting can corner the news market. God help us when our 20 trillion comes home to roost. The blame will be squarely on DJT not where it belongs. They want to do some real damage to him, that would be the venue. Just like these violent idiots. If the largesse of government ever came down on them as they obviously have no job, to give to illegal aliens even more than we already do…they’d be singing a whole different tune.
    Serfs, Low handing bloodsuckers, Non tax payers, always are the first to rally for more.
    Leftists will never win. They’re so indoctrinated by schools and at the same time, uneducated about simple things like rule of law, civics, etc, the effect they seek just can’t happen. I will say…when my generation is gone….that’s a whole nuther senario. These tools WILL be running things sooner than later.
    These twits don’t affect me.
    Our debt, that never gets mentioned, keeps me up at night. You can’t do that in your personal life, and you can’t do it to your country.

    Love splashin’ around on your twitter page. That’s some funny, funny stuff!! Some very creative people out there.
    Passed around your Starbucks. I’ve never bought from them even before I was awake. Seems absurd to pay that for a cup of joe.

    Preach on, TKR!!!!! 😉


    1. Starbucks is evil! Seriously, I can live without them for the rest of my life with no problem. Yes, the 20 trillion is serious business! We need major growth mixed with huge spending cuts. We’ll see how things go in 2017

      Always good to hear from you!


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