We Are Lucky to Have Trump: Draining the swamp one inch at a time

This is what I have been saying would happen, Trump is out working everyone else in politics and within two weeks of the new president living in the White House the politicians around him are gassing out—exhausted. Behind the protests over immigration policies and women’s issues are the progressive left who aren’t used to working—let alone working hard—and to keep up with Trump—they have to put forth an effort they are not comfortable with.  Even Republicans are drag-assing because they don’t want to live like this for the next four years—God forbid eight.  They don’t want to work around the clock the way Trump does—who hasn’t taken any time for himself except for this last Sunday afternoon to watch Finding Dory with his family at the White House.  Everything else has been work, work, and more work—and an intolerance for stupidity, laziness, and elitist leanings from federal government positions.  When Sally Yates used her position as back-up AG and set out to defy Trump’s immigration plan—she and the rest of the progressives in that department actually thought they would get away with it.  So there was tremendous shock when Trump fired her in a moment late Monday evening on the 30th and replaced her with another person—who would also be fired in a moment’s notice if he didn’t do what he was supposed to.  The message had been sent, if people didn’t do things Trump’s way—he’d fire them.  What else did they expect from a man who became a celebrity on television for firing people?  Did they think he wouldn’t do it?  I never thought that.

So now the political left is melting down in a huge way boycotting cabinet appointments, taking to the streets to protest Trump—screaming like a bunch of lunatics at every Hollywood awards ceremony as if people actually cared about the opinions of those idiots in the California valley of the southern part of the state. But behind the fury is a secret menace—they are afraid of work and of the standard that comes with Trump—in the same way that women were terrified of the new standard that Melania brought to the White House.  This work standard from Trump is something that the swamp in Washington D.C. can’t live with—so they are doing everything they can to resist it.  But it won’t work this time.

Trump didn’t miss a beat after all the airport boycotts and the threat by Democratic senators and even the Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham in attacking every one of them in some manner or another leaving the media baffled. This isn’t how presidents were supposed to act.  They were supposed to be easy to run over and be more concerned with raising money to appease their donor base than in doing anything while in office.  Trump as a self-financed man of great experience in the hot kitchens of Hell knows how to dance in the fire and at this particular stage of his life he does so effortlessly.  Who has ever heard of one man taking on so many adversaries at one time, from the screaming protesters outside the White House, to defiant federal employees, to the senate games from both parties—some coming from longtime friends—to an openly hostile media—to world leaders condemning him from every turn—and he dances through the fire like a finely tuned ballerina bulging with testosterone elegant in a way human kind has never considered before.  I love it! This is why I fought HARD to get Trump elected and why I am proud of him now.  He is doing everything I expected and then some and the light at the end of the tunnel of our republic can now be seen for the first time in my lifetime.  Even when Ronald Reagan was president I worried about these types of issues—and with Trump—I don’t worry.  He is more competent than anyone ever to hold the Executive Office.

The Democrats are in real trouble and they are further imploding by the moment. Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley (another loser Democrat) announced Monday that the city would remain a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants.

“We have put the whole world on notice that we intend to live up to the Statue of Liberty ideals,” said Cranley, adding that being a sanctuary city is “a badge of honor.” Little does the liberal mayor know but the “Stature of Liberty” ideas were part of a poetry contest and weren’t part of our “Constitution.” Because of the high taxes of his city and Hamilton County in general all the good people have left the city leaving behind the kind of idiots who voted for Cranley and others like him—which further pushes out people who might otherwise invest in Cincinnati. I should know—it’s my town and I only go to Cincinnati for football games, baseball games and an occasional dinner these days, but that wasn’t always so. I would never spend real money in Cincinnati like buying a condo, or investing in a business within the I-275 loop—because Democrats like Cranley have spent the city into oblivion. And their answer was a streetcar which is under performing and is enormously over budget, just like I said it would be in 2010 and 11.


Cranely and his politics have pushed out good productive people into the suburbs leaving behind liberal trash and losers who sip tea on the hills of Clifton and look down into the city with reverence about the foils of the world. Most of them have cushy jobs at the Universities nearby or at the hospitals and are otherwise out-of-touch of what really goes on a few hundred feet below their homes. I should know, I have known many people who live on that ridge all of them homicidal liberals who couldn’t scrape together two pennies to make two cents unless they had the government pouring money into them like a bottomless pit. The most normal people I knew who lived on that ridge was a professional couple who begged for a three-way sexual encounter like dogs barking for table scraps. They had Penthouse magazines in their bathrooms and considered themselves very sophisticated—which of course they weren’t. They had the best view of the city I think in all of Cincinnati on either side of the river. After a polite decline of their sexual fantasies our friendship declined into nothing—because in reality that’s all they wanted—to satisfy their sexual perversions at the animal level like most liberals do. I have also known many people who lived in Mt. Adams who were even worse—and those are the people who make John Cranley think he’s normal. But outside those two little areas is massive poverty and derelict conditions. And to hide the mess, Cranley want’s immigrants to come in and fill all his vacant buildings with bodies that make his electorate not look so bad—until those immigrants start tapping the system dry like the welfare recipients who keep the Democrats in power in Hamilton County. There is much more to the story of Cranley wanting to be a “sanctuary city” than just politics. He hopes to rally his base to keep the bleeding from killing Cincinnati—but it’s too late. Cranley compared to the past Cincinnati mayors looks conservative. But Cranley is as liberal and dirty as all the losers in Washington D.C. standing against Trump for all the same reasons. Because they are too lazy to deal with their real problems and only know to complain about the world around them because they don’t understand what’s happening. Cranley doesn’t understand that business and residential investment has fled his city to the suburbs—or why, and the liberals in D.C. along with all these airport protesters are of the same understanding. They are lost from some other time in the age of Trump and they really don’t know what to do.

Trump is an extension of a lot of us who are just sick and tired of the way these liberals run their lives and how it spills over into our existence. It is one thing to be a loser, a drug addict, or a diabolical idiot like many liberals are—it’s quite another to ask other people who do manage their lives productively to put up with the losers. Trump is our answer to years and years of this mess, and it’s not the president that has to be defeated if liberals want to remain, it’s people like me. I would think they’d prefer Trump to what I was planning before election day in 2016. Nothing they are doing now rivals where I was going—so they should consider themselves lucky. But putting up with them isn’t an option. We are just fortunate that Trump is willing to do this hard task—and that he seems to like it—because this is the job we sent him to Washington D.C. to do. And liberals better get used to it because this is what it looks like to drain the swamp.   All the little swamp creatures will be angry and displaced. And soon we will build a nice, beautiful condo on their land that is a far better use than they have managed with their swamp. And people will forget about the alligators, snakes and countless insects of liberal persuasion that once was there—because America is going to be great again—and to do that liberals will have to be defeated—utterly—and they are right now with Donald Trump.

Rich Hoffman


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