Breaking the Neck of Liberal Peacocks: Saving the world from the Democratic Party and the insanity of their philosophy

One of the primary reasons I write on this blog is to help people frame the dilemma that befalls us as a human civilization—primarily this form of lunacy called “liberal politics” which is a condition of failed philosophy perpetrated by second-handers over many centuries in an effort to feel equal to those who have natural inclinations toward production—producing good children, good marriages, good businesses, (otherwise—good healthy lives.) Liberals are broken people who can barely manage getting out of bed in the morning let alone running anybody else’s life, yet as politicians that is precisely their proposal.  So they engage in all kinds of noisy tactics to fluff out their feathers and appear to be many things they are not.  As liberals recently came out in the masses to protests President Trump on his immigration policies—and other things—many conservatives who are quite intelligent asked me—“do you think they have a point”—or “do you think this will change the way Trump does things?”  My answer to all of them, which I’ll write down here for you dear reader to read, is that liberals are like colorful peacocks—much like the old NBC logo—they fan out their feathers to look large and complicated with their color texturing—but actually they are just scrawny birds with thin necks that are remarkably easy to break.  They hiss and make scary noises which looks and sounds foreboding until you discover that everything about them is a ruse—and that they are very easy to destroy.  So no—what they are doing will have no impact on Donald Trump because he understands what those liberal peacocks really are—just skinny birds easy to turn into dinner.   But often I need to write these situations out so normal people can see beyond the feathers to the skinny and lightweight structure which typically makes up the philosophic liberal and the disease of their existence.

There is word that Barack Obama is considering ways to speak out against Donald Trump as a former president and current head of the broken Democratic Party as a way to rally his troops of peacocks so to preserve their progressive gains made over the decades by being the squeakiest wheel in the room fluffing their feathers at every cause and scaring conservatives by hissing at them over every movement. Conservatives have politely yielded to these liberals out of respect and by taking them at their word because typically, conservatives are driven toward goodness and honesty so have no reason not to believe a peacock is anything short of a menace—because the liberal projects itself as such.  But Trump is another matter for these liberals and they really don’t know how to approach him—because Trump is willing to do something most conservatives aren’t—and that is to push aside the feathers and break the neck of the bird quickly—at the slightest provocation—and that has exposed the liberal left of their most serious weapon.

I thought heavily on these matters as I watched the protests against Donald Trump over the last couple of weeks as the Cincinnati media unleashed hell on a personal friend of mine, Bruce Jones who happens to be the fiscal officer of West Chester, Ohio. The tactics were exactly the same and were being done for the same reasons.  Trump was used to it, Bruce wasn’t and I understand personally how much of an impact liberals can have when they start calling you names that are clearly not reflective of the way conservatives typically live life.  So I write here to provide a sanity guidepost against the obvious tactics of the liberal peacocks out there who attempt to do so much damage just so they can maintain a seat at the tables of political power.  But those days are coming to a close for them and its time that as conservatives we stop putting up with them and just get through those fluffing feathers to break their metaphorical necks and be done with them—because there is no co-existence with their failed philosophies.  It is their task to adapt to the world as it is—not to bend it to their limited skill sets and world outlook.  We must do what we do—especially when the liberal left has openly attacked Donald Trump and good people like Bruce Jones essentially for the strategy of shutting them up and forcing them into a retreat.

The dilemma that Barack Obama and his followers of lost Democrats is that they fear by addressing Trump that directly that they will “normalize him” which sounds very similar to a tactic I saw used against me about five years ago when I was in the middle of the Lakota levy fights with the radical teacher’s union who used all these tactics on me hoping to change my behavior. It might be recalled that I was on the radio all the time, on television and in the newspapers every other week.  After all I was just getting this blog site started so I needed the press to build an audience—so I did all the media that came up as an opportunity.  And it worked very well frustrating the liberal peacocks of our community.  Yet, much like Trump does now, and I am proud of this looking back because I was the first to do it that I know of, I fought them.  And soon I didn’t need the media at all—because I made my own media and it had all the impact I could have ever desired.  I became my own Citizen Kane in the media making and breaking political topics with the natural gift I have of boundless words and infinite vocabulary.  And that’s when the political left had to say “uncle” and start working properly in our community.  The name calling didn’t help them then and it certainly won’t help them against Trump on a much larger stage.  The political left is done for.

You might remember the often quoted Scott Sloan interview that I did on WLW around the time that the women of West Chester came after me the way they have been Bruce Jones of late—and the story wasn’t a local one—it made the news of the entire media market of Cincinnati—so it was an attempt to “de-normalize” me in the eyes of the public using the media as a weapon—much like they are trying to do with Trump now—only Trump knows more about the media than the media knows about itself so it will never work. Anyway, Sloan asked me on the air if I thought I was hurting my cause by fighting fire with fire which brought me down off some conservative level and into the mud with my political enemies.  As he spoke I thought about who was asking the question.  Scott Sloan is a marijuana supporter who occasionally enjoys that product of stupidity.  He’s also a pussy-whipped conquered man who feels he must appease female sensibilities within the context of his marriage in exchange for sex—which a lot of men fall into that trap, the “yes dear syndrome.” That in itself isn’t bad—but it does reveal a lot about the person who falls into such traps—because that’s not what women want as much as they publicly proclaim otherwise.  So here was a person giving me advice on how to position my argument when I don’t have any such failures in my life.  Of course, I politely let him talk—because it was his radio show, and I typically don’t beat people into the ground just for having different opinions than I do.  But behind what he was saying was that old progressive stance of conservatives yielding to liberals on every occasion because somehow it was beneath conservatives to engage in mudslinging.  Yet liberals had no such restriction.  To my rational, which is even more persistent today than it was way back then—if a peacock comes over and bites you—you break its neck and eat it.  It’s that simple.  That was what I was doing to the Lakota levy supporters and what I’ve preached for decades—including on that WLW show with Scott Sloan.

Several years later Scott Sloan had on Donald Trump just before the election and the WLW host was certainly not a supporter—he obviously leaned toward Hillary Clinton. People like that radio host who are essentially beaten people by their wives, and who do not have the inner resolve to live a life free of drugs and opinions of conviction found Donald Trump repulsive—so the radio host took little shots at the future president in much the way he did against me.  And it is those kind of people who take collective stances against Trump marching around like idiots hoping that the squeaky wheel that is loudest will get the grease of politics—because it’s always worked before and it’s the only play they have in their liberal playbook.  The same liberal pile-on occurred when Bruce Jones—who is typically a man’s man—not that he hates women or anything—but he’s certainly a man of testosterone and masculinity who reacts with objection when he sees something obviously wrong.  So none of this is new.

My advice is the same as it’s always been, but now we have more evidence to confirm the validity. There is no reasoning with liberals.  There is no co-existence with them because their philosophy in life is just so wrong for the American way of living that has established the rules of our country.  When the peacocks fluff out their feathers and hiss at us, we just have to reach in and break their metaphorical necks—and just put an end to them.  We can’t let them run our government with chants of hate and disinformation built around emotional fears and a hatred of masculinity—even from those who think of themselves as men.  Chuck Schumer is a fine example of this—what man stands in front of a bunch of people and cries over immigration?  Nobody—at least who think of themselves as men.  Women are allowed to cry over such things socially—men aren’t and those are rules our society has designated for centuries regarding the conduct of the sexes with each other.  But we can no longer allow liberals to define the insanity of other definitions built purely on emotional fragility.  And liberals have to learn the hard lesson—that they are the defeated party and that they either have to adapt, or they will be overcome.  It isn’t our task as conservatives to make them feel good, or to give them a seat at the table.  And if they come up and bite us with their feathers fluffed out—it is our responsibility (metaphorically) to break their necks and put an end to their diatribes for the sake of humanity.  Nothing liberals have to say is worth the vibrations of wind that carry the noise that projects from those throats.  Save the world by putting an end to it—forever.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Breaking the Neck of Liberal Peacocks: Saving the world from the Democratic Party and the insanity of their philosophy

  1. I enjoyed this article Rich, but have you considered these people have an INFECTION similar to Rabies? This may fall under jurisdiction of the CDC and be labeled as a national epidemic.


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