The Berkeley Protests: Dealing with the failures of public education and college

I told you, I told you……..I told you dear reader—for many years now. What we witnessed during a protest at UC Berkeley over a scheduled appearance by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos turned fiery and violent Wednesday night, prompting police to cancel the event and hustle the Breitbart News editor off campus.  Many of the kids in that protest were freshmen and even still in grade school when I was doing radio interviews indicating that the educations they were getting in public school were communist leaning and radical.  After all, what is a teacher’s union but a radical organization constructed around the philosophy of socialism and communism—straight off the pages of The Communist Manifesto?  When I said these things publicly in 2010 angry public education supporters would write the newspapers and radio stations angrily protesting that “they” (the media outlets) were “normalizing” people like me for providing coverage hoping they would stop.  Meanwhile, this is what those same radical lunatics were up to—programing all these delicate youth into radicalized anti-capitalists who would act aggressively against any proposed economic theory but Marxism—or some derivative of it.

It didn’t matter, I had my own publication and didn’t need the mainstream press, so I continued doing my thing warning people of what was happening in our education institutions—public schools and colleges, as I saw fit—and the effect has been a positive one. Publications like my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom have done their jobs—similar as Breitbart which has exploded in readership over the last half decade—even to the point where the latest leader is now next to the President of the United States in the White House.  So the protests and threats of violence from the political left has done nothing to stop people like me and those at Breitbart, and other places from speaking the truth of these very important matters.

Much in the way that Betsy DeVos is barely able to clear confirmation in the Senate, people like Milo Yiannopoulos have been decried as “anti-education” when the fact of the matter is quite the opposite. The communist lovers have controlled public education for a long time and they still have sympathies in that direction which run deep which is why Betsy DeVos is a tremendous threat to the natural order of things.  Her confirmation into Trump’s administration is a death-blow to the type of education that created the radicals running around Berkeley—because they want to keep things the way they are now—producing the kind of idiots that protested at Berkley over Milo Yiannopoulos.  Our education system needs to be much better than it is now, and I consider it an insult, and a theft to take my tax money and spend it on these idiots—because the system obviously doesn’t work.  You might say I’m not anti-education, and that would certainly be true of Betsy DeVos—but that education reformers are anti-stupidity.

I wish terribly that we lived in an American culture where three syllable words were normal conversation attributes—that belching, farting, and bad personal conduct were not celebrated within our public schools as acts of animal barbarism and teachers inspired students to actually reach for the stars and be better people in all aspects of their life. I wish people liked to read more, and built their lives around acts of intelligence instead of the lowest animal actions that we have now as human beings. Plato’s Republic is one of my favorite books and I yearn for a society that has the kind of debates on all sides of a problem that were exhibited in that great classic piece of literature—even though I’m more of an Aristotle person myself.

To me Plato was kind of a hippie, but he did good, intelligent work and I love it.  But what is going on now in education is nothing like what I expect it to be and I started being let down by it as early as kindergarten.  I personally never liked public school because it fell short of my expectations for it.  I always viewed it as a place that parents who didn’t “really” love their children dropped them off to be rid of them for the day time hours—and I feel that way now more than I did as a kid because now I have four decades of evidence that supports it.  Our public education system is a disgrace and the sum of our endeavor was grotesquely obvious when a skinny pants little brat hippie kid stood yelling in the streets of Berkeley waving a communist red flag that he probably learned about while watching the film Les Misérables. These kids have no idea what our history is or what they should think about anything because what they were taught were not facts—but liberal ideology—and they were also taught to shut down differing opinions so that their reality couldn’t be challenged—which is why those idiots were protesting at Berkeley. They didn’t want to hear from Milo, they wanted to threaten him and those who did want to hear some other point of view—which has been the theme of everything that has come from the political left in the wake of the Trump presidency.  They only want to shut down voices of opposition—they don’t want to reconsider their opinions and they threaten violence if pushed.

Trump is 100% right to threaten to pull federal funds from Berkeley because our tax money should never go to educating people into any form of Marxism—because it is counterproductive to the American way of life. And Betsy DeVos is the only hope we have of changing the public education monstrosity that we have now.  It is my hope that she will soon be allowed to do the job of undoing this whole public education mess and to replace it with something much better than we have now. A pile of shit would be better than we have now, so the bar for her achievement is pretty low in my eyes.  But it needs to happen now, not later because these stupid kids are growing up believing all the wrong things, and the next generation behind them is even worse off.  The time for action is certainly now—because there isn’t much time to fix it before those idiots dominate the voting blocs.  They want communism because they were taught in their public educations to think so.  And I warned you people for decades—and only now do you see it.  So don’t wait any longer.  Save them while we still can.  They might cry about it now, but they’ll thank you later.

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “The Berkeley Protests: Dealing with the failures of public education and college

  1. From what i am reading, a federal civil rights suit will be filed against a variety of defendants including the City of Berkeley, UCBerkeley, and many others. It is about time that legal actions be taken against those who perpetuate rioting for political purposes. I would suggest the suit venue be out of Berkeley to say somewhere in the new state of Jefferson.


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