Restoring Masculinity in the Trump White House: Taking on Arnold Schwarzenegger to save the world from itself

Forgetting about partisan politics and other modern definitions to ancient things I remember vividly a Joseph Campbell lecture I heard many years ago about the sad state of the destruction of male oriented institutions.  Campbell spoke to his fans, many who were bleeding heart liberals from California universities who were fully behind the feminist movement—yet the old mythology professor spoke about the sensitive subject anyway wondering what might happen to the United States, and Europe if masculinity was stripped away from our cultures and replaced with something which didn’t celebrate the sexes and their differences.  Many years later he would be proven right to bring up the topic, because at the core of most liberal protests and value systems in this modern age is a dire hatred of masculinity leaving men from those viewpoints to be desperately seeking meaning within themselves as they grow into maturity.  Most cultures around the world have built into their mythologies very specific roles for men and women to do together as the primary concerns of sex and food dominate our minute to minute thoughts throughout our waking hours—and those societies are successful.  For instance, you just don’t think of belly dancers from Morocco that are men.  And you would never have a male Geisha in Japan—at least not openly accepted.  That would kind of ruin the point of what their role is in those societies.  Men traditionally bring war and aggression to social tapestries whereas women softness and reassurance—and thus we have a dance which advances humankind both with procreation, respectful maturity, and philosophic advancement.  One of the worst things to have ever happened to the United States was the integration of women into male roles in a pursuit of equality which in the beds of married couples—neither really wanted.

Thankfully, masculinity is back in style with Donald Trump in the White House and what he’s doing to restore these traditional roles between the sexes may have far more impact on American culture than any enforced rule or legislation proposed.  And I am pretty sure Trump is aware of what he’s doing and why.  For instance, he picked a fight with Arnold Schwarzenegger during an annual prayer breakfast this week which book ended several contentious calls with world leaders over the phone that was being leaked to the media.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is of course an internationally recognized actor who represents the baseline activity for the world as to what “maleness” is.  So Trump being the ultimate alpha male wanted to make sure that everyone knew that the new definition of maleness is in the White House, not on the silver screen—so Trump is challenging the basic assumption of masculinity by picking on Arnold Schwarzenegger for the world to see.

In a legal setback for the Trump Administration, a federal judge in Washington State issued a temporary restraining order against President Trump’s immigration order, putting the entire program on hold, as the legal fight intensified against the President’s efforts to temporarily keep both refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim nations out of the United States.  As the judge proudly issued his challenge to Trump’s executive order you could see the body language of the man protect more than legal integrity—it was the hope that the masculinity which propelled Trump’s swift decision might be upheld by modern progressivism.  Which it won’t.

 “The state met its burden in demonstrating immediate and irreparable injury,” said Federal Judge James Robart, who was appointed to the bench by former President George W. Bush.

In his ruling, Judge Robart said states are being harmed by the immigration restrictions.

“In addition, the States themselves are harmed by virtue of the damage that implementation of the Executive Order has inflicted upon the operations and missions of their public universities and other institutions of higher learning, as well as injury to the States’ operations, tax bases and public funds,” Judge Robart wrote.

The Judge also spelled out a series of orders to insure that federal immigration officials observe his ruling, which many expect to be appealed.  Although, those observations won’t hold a glass of water, and the immigration ban will resume—as it should.

As that story was breaking Friday February 3rd another one was emerging from the Hollywood Reporter about how Donald Trump has encouraged his staffers to “dress like a girl.”  As word spread many thousands of women put images of themselves on Twitter dressed in various important jobs mocking Trump’s old fashioned sense of femininity.  Sadly, the many angry remarks from women toward Trump’s implied dress code stem from the same anger that drove the lunatics in the recent Women’s March around the world to their activism.  While the women were protesting at that march the image of what a woman should be as defined by modern politics, many men were at home happy to be rid of such pains in their ass as many were unhappy to have such loud mouths in their lives bitching about every little thing.  Thus, this is what the liberal left has done to womanhood—turned them into perpetual chatterboxes that want to look like ugly men and complain about everything—instead of being graceful gateways into the better parts of human hood—as they have traditionally been in countless goddess motifs. Publications like The Hollywood Reporter and The Huffington Post are feeding this frenzy of image which runs counter to our biological instincts—yet Trump doesn’t back down from any of it in the least.

As the world attempted to gather itself to stand up to Donald Trump and the image of raw maleness that he represents boldly and without apology—the President met with his wife for the first time since the inauguration on the tarmac at the Palm Springs airport where Air Force One delivered him to Melania as she was dressed in a hot red dress with a skirt over the knees looking very elegant.  No human being male or female could deny that the First Lady wasn’t a stunning beauty defined by every human attribute which has decided such things for many millennia and Trump understood that just by walking with her for a weekend retreat smacked back all his critics of that particular day with his mere existence and the exasperation of his enemies followed.  Trump wasn’t just enforcing laws that needed to restore America back to its rightful place as a leader of the of the world—he was restoring masculinity to the grateful sighs of many women who have been hiding in the shadows with their 50 Shades of Grey novels bought at Wal-Mart hoping for their own version of a prince to rescue them from the feminazies of progressivism.  For them just watching Melania walk with her husband with Air Force One in the background was enough to inspire hope in a return to masculinity—where men don’t cry like babies over every little bit of spilled milk, where men defend their women as recognition that the birth of entire families comes from the beautiful gifts of our American women, and that men actually grow up with something to fight for because they want to retain the unique sentiments that only come from the approval of a woman they respect and want to sleep with in a bed.  Behind The Hollywood Reporter ranting on the topic and the feminized Washington judge are hopes that Trump’s work toward restoring masculinity to American society will fail.  But as Trump knows, as his enemies run to put on one fire burning away the liberal influence on our most basic human relationships—he starts another far away spreading their efforts far and wide until the can do nothing in response due to their sheer exhaustion but break windows in the streets and dress in black to hide their identities as they scream for communism.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger had a baby with his maid his career was over.  People, mostly males, understood immediately what that meant—the woman was a very average person and if Schwarzeneggar truly was an essence of masculinity his mistress would have been someone much more beautiful.  That’s not to say the lady didn’t have value, but to have a child with such an average women when Arnold was supposed to be the essence of masculinity—then it was clear that someone was lying about their public image.  After all Maria Shriver who used to be married to Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t too bad, she was attractive, a member of the Kennedy family and a television host—so she had a lot going for her.  It was an honor for her to marry someone she felt was the best pick of the male litter—Arnold Schwarzenegger—a muscleman from across the pond with great charisma, a lot of money, and a potential governor of California.  But Arnold couldn’t translate all that image into reality and his wife left him as he had sex with someone of his own personal value system and they had a child.  Schwarzenegger’s proclamation to the world was that he was just an actor and that he really suffered from many insecurities and sought the arms of his maid to reassure him of his values—which was a big letdown for many men around the world.

So Donald Trump’s calculated attack on Schwarzenegger went further than a little revenge for the movie actor not supporting him during the presidential campaign where Arnold supported the liberal John Kasich instead.  It was to attack the grip that Schwarzenegger had on the institution of maleness—and to take it back so that Hollywood didn’t define that image any more, but that it came from the Executive Branch.  And by doing that, Trump performed a brilliant move as he came out against Israeli settlements paving the way for negotiates with Palestine, and slapped sanctions on Iran for launching a missile in defiance of United Nations proclamations, or chastised Russia for incursions into Ukraine—Trump was reclaiming manhood which is a universal understanding that extends well beyond political definitions.  And from there he has plans to restore masculinity to the human race in ways that were not even possible a month ago.  Because what’s been missing from all these negotiations with world leaders has been the threat of masculinity supported by a goddess from heaven and performing as such.  Men and women at the bargaining table knows that when a woman like Melania walks with a man like Trump on an airport runway that there is power in the matchup that defies what is taught in schools.  And when Trump sits down with them to negotiate nuclear arms, or state boundaries, or even the distribution of refugees from around the world—it is masculinity which gives the edge toward victory in almost every case.  Trump took that honor away from Hollywood’s last symbol of masculinity and put it on his mantel proudly as a declaration to the world—masculinity had returned to the United States and it was coming for them.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Restoring Masculinity in the Trump White House: Taking on Arnold Schwarzenegger to save the world from itself

  1. I note that Drudge had a report on the feminization of men. The picture of the new male model was hideous to any truly masculine guy – lipstick, hair removal, facials, etc. You really couldn’t tell what “it” was until you read the headline.


    1. This feminization of men has been one of the great extinctions of our time. Liberals worry about stupid little turtles and their mating habits but they are hell bent in destroying the male tendencies of the human race. They are of course insane.


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