Losers of the Ninth Circuit of Appeals: Why we don’t have justice in America

Of course Judge Friedland, Judge Clifton and Judge Canby of the Ninth Circuit of Appeals where wrong when they ruled against Donald Trump in favor of the bow tie wearing liberal Judge Robart regarding the executive order which inspires extreme vetting from dangerous terrorist countries in the Middle East region.  I’ve explained why they are wrong on a previous article, and explained how Trump can overcome them.  Click here to learn how.

These judges are simply ideological loons and have placed themselves into an exposed position.  Their problem.  Three losers from the west coast do not get to decide for the rest of America how our policies will be.  Donald Trump was the elected representative of a majority of the states–especially in the middle of the country and these three idiots are so audacious to assume that they have the right to overrule our president.  They don’t and have seriously overstepped their authority.


Rich Hoffman


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