TAMONTEN (多聞天): Protecting Betsy DeVos from the demons of public education

I was very embarrassed for the radical lunatics at the Washington D.C. public school that Betsy DeVos tried to visit on this date of February 10, 2017—because what they showed the world was that they could not be reasoned with.  Without any provocation on Betsy’s part, the radicals incited an incident proving that the only way to reform America’s schools was to destroy the grip the political left has on them.  There is no compromise, there is only war with those insurgents and their desire to corrupt the minds of our youth with their collectivist yearnings—much to the detriment of the United States and all things positive that flow from it.

The only image that comes to my mind when seeing the scenes of Betsy returning to her car with sign holding losers protecting the teachers unions within the public education system was of the Buddhist deity TAMONTEN 多聞天, the one who is all knowing, one who hears everything in the kingdom, one who is always listening, completely versed in Buddha’s teachings. Tamonten is said to be the most powerful of the four Shitennō, with the other three serving as his vassals. He was also said to be the richest of the Shitennō, for Tamonten was rewarded with great wealth after practicing austerities for 1,000 years.228

I met Tamonten formally on Mount Shosha in Japan.  Sure I had read many books about the formally Hindu deity who over time was incorporated into Japanese Buddhism.  But I did come face to face with him in the great wooden temple hall of Maniden far removed from the world.  You see, to reach Maniden you must go up a tremendous skylift from Himeji City many thousands of feet below.  Once atop Mount Shosha you have to either walk a reasonably great distance, or be bused to the foot of the temple entrance.  Even then, you must go up a great number of steps to even enter the vast temple. Once inside, you must go through the great hall and the many temple gifts hazed in color due to the many incense sticks burning there at all times to step into the prayer room where you come face to face with the four Shitennō who protect the Buddha from evil spirits.  Many of those Shitennō statues show them standing on the heads of the evil spirits who are attempting to corrupt the people of Japan and it was there that I felt like I was looking into a mirror when I saw the image of Tamonten.  Even though I was warned not to take pictures of the deities for fear that I might anger them—seriously—I took my iPhone 6 out and captured the image seen on this page.  I use that image as my wallpaper on my phone presently so that I can remember that day every day.  I liked Tamonten.  I understood Tamonten.  And it was obvious to me that we needed our own version of Tamonten in America.218

In a lot of ways Mount Shosha reminded me of the Great Smoky Mountains.  Geographically they were very similar.  The mountains were the same rounded type seen in America’s Appalachian Mountain chain, and of about the same height with the same deciduous trees only spread halfway around the world from each other.  If you changed out Tamonten for Jesus Christ and the typical hillbilly redneck with a shotgun in the back window of a pick-up truck for a 5’ 5” brownish looking person of about 120 pounds who rides a bicycle everywhere I’d say the two cultures were identical.  Their religions and remote temples saved them from the corruption of the city dweller that often possesses a neurosis that drives them toward statism to cure their intellectual depravity.  Tamonten’s job was to conquer those demons who possess those poor people who do lose their minds and surrender themselves to chaos.  The temples on top of Mount Shosha are there to allow visitors to leave the world of demons behind and to enter a world where heroes of thought and everlasting enlightenment reside perpetually—without fail.  And thus, you do not see idiots like those protesting Betsy DeVos in Japan thriving in the light of the day attached to our American institutions like leeches from an Amazonian rainforest—sucking up our tax money and draining the lifeblood of education from our children for their own enrichment. Figures like Tamonten exist in our mythologies because as humans we have a need to fight evil in all the forms it presents itself.  And that is why I like Tamonten and like to visit his image many times a day.  I can relate to such figures of majestic reputation. 249

I’m telling you dear reader that we are at war with the broken people from the political left and that the only way to end that war is to crush them out of existence.  There is no coexistence with them.  There will never be peace—because they chose not to live that way.  They must be crushed and we must celebrate that victory the way that Tamonten does in Japan—with our feet upon the crushed skulls of the demons who threaten our society joyously pronouncing our victory—without apology. 223

The violence and antagonism will get worse as Betsy DeVos implements her plans to expand school choice and free children from the chains of the tax supported teacher unions who have destroyed our public education system.  And when that violence happens we must think of Tamonten—and joyfully destroy the demons that control our public education system—because it’s the responsible thing to do.  A society that allows demons to possess their country cannot be righteous.  And a society to be whole must at least agree on the basic foundations of righteousness.  You can’t share breath with idiots like the DeVos protestors and expect a sane society just as Tomonten would never invite demons over to his home for cards and coffee.  He would only want to invite them over to their destruction—and nothing else.  And that is how we must look at these villains of public education who stand against Betsy DeVos. 229

The statue of Tomonten on Mount Shosha was just a symbol, but I did watch many people visit that shrine and pay tribute to the godly protectors of Buddha.  And you know what; they were nice people, everyone I met to and from Mount Shosha even down in the valley of Himeji City.  You know why?  Because the people of that Japanese city at least agreed on the basic premise of good and evil—and they had mechanisms of mythology to enrich their minds to be conditioned to recognizing those aspects in their living life.  And America needs its own versions of that.  Betsy DeVos needs to at least have her own Tomonten to aid her in fighting evil and I’m happy to oblige.  It’s fun fighting evil, and it’s my hope dear reader that you will join the crusade.  Because there is no getting along with demons—and the teachers unions of our public education system is filled with them.  We saw several of them today in Washington D.C.  And before the job is done, we’ll see a lot more.  That’s when we must put their heads beneath our feet and crush them, and to do so with big smiles on our faces for freeing the world of such a tyranny as those who currently possess our public education system.252

Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war…………………………because we are at war with the demons of public education.

Rich Hoffman


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