Enemies at the Gate: CNN and SNL help terrorists by attack Trump women

You know when you are a target when Saturday Night Live goes from providing respectable satire to an outright hit piece lockstep with CNN on their weekly comedy show targeted for pop culture reflection.  People have been talking about it since Saturday, but SNL did one of the ugliest satires on Kellyanne Conway that I’ve ever seen—it was just despicable—not even close to reality as it portrayed her as a psycho.  Kellyanne has went on all the television shows defending Donald Trump for well over a year now and she has stood through the heat—maybe to the point where she needs a bit of vacation time.  When I heard her Bowling Green comments that’s what I thought—she needed a break—maybe a week or two.  Because the media she is dealing with is just hostile.  When Trump declared war with CNN calling them “fake news” which they are, he hit them where it hurt the worst, and that left Kellyanne Conway to stand in a fire that was just impossible to hold back.  Her interviews over the past week with Jake Trapper and other CNN members was rough, as shown below—and Saturday Night Live pounced—because they smelled blood and went for her jugular.  So much for women’s rights, and celebrating a strong female with great access to the president of the United States—from the progressive party platform they want Kellyanne destroyed hoping that by getting to her, they can put a dent in Trump.  And this SNL skit is just how things are done from those villains of the media.  Here is the hit piece on Kellyanne.

The anger was extreme when after all that happened Kellyanne refused to back down and like Trump dug deeper to the extent that she defended the issue of Ivanka Trump’s castigation from Nordstroms cutting off her clothing and jewelry line due to political intolerance.  So Kellyanne defended Ivanka which provoked an ethics investigation from the Utah do nothing Republican Jason Chaffetz who spent four years investigating Hillary Clinton with all the power and evidence sitting right in front of him—yet he failed to do anything to her.  But he promptly cracked down on the personal advisor to the President for an ethics violation when Kellyanne promoted Ivanka Trump’s fashion line because these are women close to Trump and they have been targeted—and Republicans and Democrats both want to destroy Donald Trump and all those attached to him.

Even knowing all that Kellyanne still went on all the shows and performed defiantly even under the hostilities CNN exhibited toward her.  Nicely, Stephen Miller pitch hit for Kellyanne so she could rest her pipes a bit.  But the game they are playing is clear, and it’s for blood.  The Trump administration had hit CNN and SNL where it hurt worst.  Most of the Saturday Night Live broadcast on Saturday February 11th was slanted anti Trump in the extreme including the Sean Spicer skit done by Melissa McCarthy—which was funny, but not even rooted in reality.  What was interesting was that it likely is how the political left does see the Trump administration and reveals just how soft those people really are.

You can learn a lot about your enemy by how they perform under stress.  CNN showed their fangs at Kellyanne Conway—who has given them hundreds of hours of coverage over the last year to discuss Donald Trump.  Without her, CNN wouldn’t be nearly as relevant as they think of themselves now.  If Kellyanne isn’t on their shows, they hurt more than she does.  She can go everywhere else—she doesn’t need them, but they need her.  There is a real fear in them and Saturday Night Live that if they don’t get right with the Trump administration then they have a real possibility of extinction.  I watched SNL very carefully for the first time in over a month, and moments were funny, but mostly they looked and acted scared that the world was leaving the station and they weren’t on the train.  The world was literally changing under their feet and they didn’t know how to deal with it but to lash out like a scared child.

By attacking the Trump women, Ivanka and Kellyanne, they are hoping to disarm Trump’s claims that they are “fake news” because ratings aren’t that great at SNL and CNN needs access to Trump in order to stay relevant for the next several years.  But Trump knows better.  When he talks about “fake news” he’s not just talking about the skimpy coverage that the mainstream provided to the Orlando terrorist attacks as well as many others—it is in the deliberate decision to cover the violence—but avoid identifying the cause—which was radical Islamic terrorism.  The mainstream desire to avoid any reference to Islamic terrorism and apply the actions to “gun violence” or immigrant discrimination is the source of the “fake news” designation, and CNN has certainly been guilty—even if Kellyanne Conway and the Trump administration hurt their feelings by saying it.  The news outlets did cover terrorist events, as Jake Trapper suggested, but they failed to identify the source of the terrorist problem, and attempted to soften the blow of the true reality, which has always been Trump’s point.

The media is guilty of attempting to let villains into our country by way of a Trojan Horse of terrorism hiding among the immigrant communities, and SNL, CNN and many others have been caught red handed.  Their attempt to paint terror with the colors of compassion is their crime for which justice is demanded and to prevent that fate, they are attacking the women close to Trump viciously hoping to barter a truce of some kind.  But that’s not how this story will end.  Kellyanne should take her vacation and rest a bit, because there is plenty to do for her in the coming months.  But in the short run, CNN, SNL, and essentially the entire NBC, ABC, and CBS networks bound together through the New York Times is on the ropes, and Trump knows what to do—and it won’t involve a sissy slap of warning.  They came after his women, so now it’s time to go for their jugular, and they won’t like that.  They need him.  Trump doesn’t need the media.  “They” think that a president like Trump can’t fight on all these fronts, but that’s only because they haven’t seen it before.  Yet Trump can and the way to understand what is happening is to read the ancient book of war written by Sun Tzu.  There we can all see what’s coming—and all SNL can do is hide behind their attack of women who are in Trump’s circle.

Rich Hoffman


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