The Battlefield of Canterbury: Sex, Chess, and Empires

It was a good opportunity that reflected the many challenges we see facing the world. My family had the chance to have dinner in one of those European experiments where the lines between men and women were blurred and the experiment of the nations to blend all the nationalities of the world into one earthly soup was well underway and had found its footing.  It was Valentine’s Day in Canterbury, England and the many fine restaurants and pubs which lined the pedestrian area from Westgate Tower down to the famous Cathedral were surging with activity.  Many couples were walking about doing the modern simulation of a “date,” yet there was something missing—and even worse—there was a lack of interest.  Most of the restaurants were nearly empty when it should have been their best night of the year.  What was going on?  This was obviously the creation of the open border advocates because I could see couples, men and women of different races together, there were open gays, there were young and old people and there were many from east European countries bordering Russia—immigrants drawn to the charms of Canterbury treating the city like a library for which nobody ever checks out the books—but just hangs out to put their feet in a history that has little connection to them.  This is what George Soros wants America to look like and was essentially a glimpse into the world of his kind for America.  And it was obvious to me that it was an experiment going wrong by the second.canterbury

Canterbury reminded me of Gatlinburg, Tennessee in a lot of ways only instead of being a former logging village that had grown into a tourist hub, Canterbury was the religious center of the western world—and linchpin of literature—and had become a kind of Paris just across the Channel into the old battlefields of WWII—the quant town of Canterbury was now the hub of the wheel for European progressivism which would spill over into London eventually. It was obvious to me that the chess board had been laid out long ago—progressivism seeking to alter the very nature of the human race was using the sentiments of European history—namely the religious monuments of our Roman Catholic past to destroy those institutions in revenge for the first Crusades and the might of the English Empire which followed to undo that nation from within.

As I walked the streets of Canterbury the results on the people were obvious. The town itself watched patiently as the people within it destroyed themselves, like the body of a sick person awaiting a cold to be beaten by its immune system.  Canterbury had seen many battles in its lifetime from the slaying of Sir Thomas Beckett to the current European invasion through sexual revolution—it knew where all this was going as I did.  It’s crooked old buildings sagging from years of life almost laughed at the human race’s transitory appeal toward shallow water historical knowledge and it was in that sense that I found myself endeared to Canterbury.  We both knew the secret and where it was taking things and that in the United States it was our fight to prevent such nonsense in the future.  But the battle itself Canterbury was indifferent to.  From the Roman walls of its empire conquest around 400 A.D. to the many reiterations of Dukes and Bishops fortifying Canterbury over the last thousand years—or even the recent wreckage of Hitler’s attacks during World War II, this fight was designed to overtake all the walls known to mankind and attack with the most potent weapon to date—sex.

Landing at Heathrow in London the situation was very obvious—London which was only an hour away from Canterbury by train had become a sex haven for the young and the Trojan Horse of progressivism was sitting there with everything but a sign calling it that. The nightlife of London no longer is reminiscent of a Mary Poppins story—or the utterances of modern literature in Harry Potter—it is pornography that the youth want and there are plenty of sex clubs available to promise a happy ending for the cost of admission.  The obvious goal was to get people of many backgrounds to have sex and merge their biological process together in revenge for the first Crusades in the Holy Land many centuries earlier.  If the people of the Mediterranean couldn’t beat the British Empire with force through literal battle, then they’d do it with sex.  The net result was what I observed in Canterbury on a Valentine’s Day in 2017—passionless dating all headed to the same goal—dinner, sex—then complaining about your mate online while looking for another lover to fill the insatiable appetite and impatient nature of the typical millennial.  There were no great romances going on in Canterbury which was a shame, because the city is one of the most suited places in the world for that kind of thing.  What should have been a night that filled the memories of young couples forever was instead the remnants of war torn progressives who had launched themselves into a future that lacked value and ambition leaving them empty and only going through the motions.  This was what we were fighting in the United States and why most people in England had voted for Brexit.  They saw what I was seeing and they didn’t like it—and they wanted to save their nation before it was too late.canterbury-2

Human kind just can’t build a civilization on these ideas of primal devices—and sex should not be used as a weapon because it’s worse than a nuclear option. At least when a nuclear explosion occurs, you can see the damage and understand the effects.  With sex, you don’t see the damage of porn addiction and the numb hearts that come with it—from men indifferent to the work of sex because the value of it was cheapened.  On every corner is a willing mate to run the bases with any guy willing to step away from their online gaming long enough to remove their cloths.  Not even a romantic night out in a major European city was enough anymore to do the trick because the value had been so grossly cheapened.  Why go to dinner if you were going to get laid anyway?  So many couples didn’t and the restaurants were suffering obviously.

Off in the corners in the second story rooms looking down into the street were the architects of this mess, the globalists who sipped wine and thought they were winning a chess game against the world that would end Anglo Saxon imperialism once and for all, defeating two centuries of rule by first the Roman Empire, then the British Empire—and now the American one. Finally through sex the nations of the world would unite back to what it was—“they think” before the Tower of Babel separated the nations into chaos so we might all be joined as one worshiping the earth as our next goddess—and where better to do it but in the shadow of Canterbury’s famous Church of England?  But like all masterminds—this evil plot is about to explode in their faces and what’s left of sanity is fighting back as the youth find themselves caught between tradition and progressivism which has left them soiled like human waste waiting to be flushed.  Yes, it was a chess game being played by many minds who think of themselves as one—but they aren’t very smart—and it showed.canterbury-3

Yet the town of Canterbury sat poised to wait out the storm as these current human beings destroy themselves with casual sex, kids out of wedlock, and mixed cultures cheapened by religions that have lost their meaning. Literature once encouraged the mind of youth to step beyond their limits, but pornography has replaced it with the promise to dump their biological anxieties with the cheapness that one uses the bathroom to dispose of the waste they gained while eating a meal.  What was happening in Canterbury was projected to happen to the rest of the world if only things could last long enough.  But to my eyes, all I could see was a Trojan Horse being pushed in with insurgents on board, but they were falling out of a hole in the back as they moved along, revealing the contents inside.  What was happening was no surprise.  It was just disgusting and the cities of the world would survive, but the goal of them and their place in the human experiment might not.

Rich Hoffman


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