The Trump Press Conference of February 16th: A world watching and learning what a tough American looks like

How big was the noon day press conference with President Trump announcing his new labor secretary and answering questions about Michael Flynn, the Russians, Iran, Fake News and the state of his White House? Well, I am writing this from the United Kingdom and I can report that it was carried live for the entire duration and the faces of Europe melted off in horror.  It was just wonderful.  In fact, it was another game changing press conference that altered the way presidents act toward the media in the future. It was a new standard of unprecedented aggressiveness and confidence that pushed back against a global media that had been ankle biting Trump constantly over the last couple of weeks fully expecting the president to do nothing but take it. The media, as a whole had been caught poking the dog too many times and now it had finally turned around and bit them in ways they never expected.

The honestly was refreshing. Obama administration left overs from the intelligence community had been spying on Donald Trump and his people then leaked news about Michael Flynn to the press in a highly illegal endeavor in order to utterly destroy the new administration.  The action was vicious, so they had what has been coming.  Trump had every right to do what he did and hold such an unusual press conference.  He had every right to stick it to the media.  Who did they think they were to lash out at him and not get it back?  That’s not what we elected Trump for.  Trump was elected to prevent a civil war, not to create one.  Trump is our offering to prevent armed conflict—or did the media already forget that?  The old way was never acceptable.

And in the wake of the press conference the media was aghast. In England it was all the talk of the day, it was on the front cover of every newspaper and served as wall to wall coverage on every channel.  In Europe, they had simply never seen anything like what the American Donald Trump had done to its media.  When Trump lacerated the BBC you would have thought that all of England was insulted—at least those progressive holdovers who didn’t understand that France was about to be overtaken by a conservative party—just as what was happening in the UK.  They were oblivious as to the lack of protocol Trump exhibited and it obviously scared the world who had learned to take it for granted that American presidents were paper tigers—and never followed up with anything.   When Trump indicated that he wasn’t going to tell the media what he was going to do to Iran, and North Korea for their recent hostile actions—the press seemed shocked that Trump had actually been thinking about it—and wasn’t waiting for some advisor to tell him what to do.  The thought that Trump wasn’t clamped to some advisors of the old world was more terrifying to them than what was actually said.

I was on a train to London watching the people reading the papers on the Friday after the press conference. It was my wife’s birthday and I had something really special planned for her and we were on our way.  The conversation on the train was curious disdain.  Many of the people riding were obviously people who supported staying with the European Union.  Some who sat quietly reading the newspapers with Trump’s image blasted on the covers digested the information quietly, perhaps they were supporters of Brexit.  But to the un-American minds of the world, they simply were shocked by Trump’s audacity which brought a smile to my face.  The impact wasn’t just in America, it was clearly a press conference that changed the world.  Normally presidents of the United States don’t command live coverage on foreign networks, but Trump had and the results had shocked everyone.

Everywhere I have gone in Europe Trump’s name has come up. People would ask me what I thought of the Yank and when they learned that I was a supporter they would shortly respond—“well, you can keep him then,” then change the subject to something more friendly.  But Trump was on their minds and he was making news in ways that most people just weren’t used to.  This was exactly why I voted for him—because honestly, I wanted to save people from the potential of armed conflict by putting someone like us in the White House who would never back down, would never yield to the media or the political machine and had a mind to utterly destroy the established order if it stood in his way.  In England the people have never had such personalities in their life, and if they ever did, they killed them during the many rebellions that had previously been crushed by the kings and the churches.  The English people who had survived were nice compliant people who didn’t like to disturb established orders.  They just simply overlooked the power-hungry and put up with them as a nuisance, so what was happening in America was simply unfathomable to them.  As a country, they have chosen a more passive aggressive course through life—so they aren’t used to people saying what they mean then acting on it.

Yet it made me proud to see President Trump fighting back the way I hoped he would all those months that I picked him to win and supported his candidacy, even when it was unpopular. Nothing against Ted Cruz and some of the other Republicans running—but it should be clear to them by now that they didn’t stand a chance in hell at standing up to these forces.  Only someone like Trump can do it—when you have your own spy agency eavesdropping on you working hand in hand with the mainstream media while hostile countries around the world tested the new president with pressure that would destroy any normal man—I always knew the game that had to be played to win, and Trump was my pick from the outset—and it’s nice to see everything coming together in my mind.   It was even better to see the reaction on foreign soil to really get a sense of the changes happening across the world as a result of Donald Trump.  Trump is pushing all these negative forces to their own collapse and that is better than any armed conflict.  What Trump is doing is the most humane way to preserve that beacon that the world looks to in America.  Even though they secretly resent America because they aren’t in the United States, most people around the world are better off because of America.  Even as foreigners in Europe snarl at American life as too fast paced and loose—they enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken which is everywhere and the golden arches of McDonald’s.  Without American capitalism, most of the people in Europe wouldn’t have much to do but wait for some king to give them some land or a court appointment to raise their station in life.   Even on the trip to London, the people critical of Trump secretly rooted for him because he was the great underdog they dared not to be themselves, but hoped would stick his thumb in the eye of the world that suppressed them—yet they dared not admit such a thing publicly.   For their ancestors swung by the gallows for such thoughts—or were burned at the stake.  Not in America.  And especially not this American president.  Trump was something special, and I am so glad we have him—and it won’t take the world long to join me in that sentiment.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “The Trump Press Conference of February 16th: A world watching and learning what a tough American looks like

  1. Hope you are having a great time. I was so proud of President Trump at this press conference. What a surprise all of those ego inflated liars had. They were simply stunned and showed it. Of course on the evening news the story was different. Tonight’s news was the same bashing of our president, but they are barking at the wrong people. As the president so aptly said, “they have a lower rating than congress.” More and more people are joining us on the “Trump Train.” There is a revolution going on in this country. Praise God!

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