Plugging up America’s Intelligence Leaks with Julian Assange: What Donald Trump could do to help “really” drain the swamp

While my wife was shopping at Harrod’s in London I couldn’t resist but to walk just a few feet to the east and take a glance at the Ecuadorian Embassy where what I think is the most honest journalistic organization presently in the world is hiding the notorious Julian Assange behind the dainty curtains of the balcony I have watched so many historic press conferences. Assange cannot leave the embassy and due to a current Ecuadorian presidential race that may jeopardize his continued asylum there, I couldn’t help but think of ways where he could be more useful to a Trump administration being attacked from every corner—including its own intelligence community.  So I had my daughter take a rare tourist picture of me standing next to the window of the famous spot as I pondered ruthlessly the many ways that strategically this situation could be rectified better for the world at large.  Even with all the controversy surrounding Julian Assange—to me he is a similar character to American appeal that Wernher Von Braun was who converted as a Nazi rocket builder into one of the heads of NASA. Was America still the same country that could pull off something similar here—perhaps.  But it wouldn’t be easy.   As I listened to the world’s reaction to the Trump rally in Florida which went on just a few hours later that I watched live on my iPhone while my family continued to shop at Harrod’s—I couldn’t help but think Trump’s solution was just a few feet away from me hidden behind the windows of that Ecuadorian Embassy.assange

The media had already been aghast by Donald Trump’s fourth week in office before he had a rally in Melbourne. Florida where Melania Trump really stuck her thumb in the eye of the secular world by starting off a speech with the “Lord’s Prayer.” In the great classic book on military strategy The Art of War, it is important to unite people behind flags of commonality toward the great strategic objective of the enterprise, and clearly that was the purpose of Trump’s rally.   The media didn’t know what to do with it because their goal had been to chip away at him until there was nothing left causing a fissure between Trump supporters and the new president.  You see, the media sees itself as a fourth branch of government and they had decided long before Trump that they were going to carry America off a precipice of destruction for progressive goals.  After all, most of the media were somewhere between the ages of 40 for the really old people to about age 27, still just kids learning about how the world worked.  In their universities, they learned about progressive values and they were now expressing those values in their media occupations, and presently that meant they needed to destroy Donald Trump to preserve their century long task at maintaining their fourth branch of power.  Those checks and balances of course would be fine if their end goal was to preserve free speech and root out tyranny.  But that’s not what the American press was up to.  They were hell bent on shaping the world into a progressive philosophy formed many years ago toward globalism desires.  For instance, in England as I contemplated these things, a prime example of how a government looks to “nudge” people into the direction of their intentions is to alter behavior through inconvenience.  Such as—at Harrod’s, one of the most popular shopping areas in the world, it is very difficult to find a garbage can to throw away trash.  There is a reason for that—because the government wants its people to make decisions not to overly consume disposables so they make it hard to get rid of things.  Not to the point where people just throw things down in the street—but just enough to stave off careless purchases.  Also, when you go to an English restaurant of any kind, they don’t do refills like they do in America.  Obviously, that is to also stave off excess consumption.  Rather than create a rule like Michael Bloomberg attempted a few years ago in New York City with a soda tax to regulate consumption, progressives utilize inconvenience in their government processes to control human behavior and market conditions as they see the need.  The media, particularly in America, but also around the world is a bridge between government’s desires to control people and the people who change their behavior to accommodate the desired change.  People watch the news to hear the latest about Beyoncé’s pregnancy, or who won the latest award’s show of their favorite media artist, but then they stick around to hear news stories from a media trained by liberal institutions to sell progressivism in the byline stories.  It is that force which is presently attacking Donald Trump viciously—and why he had his Florida rally to step around a media quickly trying to box him in at the White House—ground they have up until this point controlled.assange-2

Trump has learned to spend his weekends at Mar-a-Lago in Florida to a property he has controlled for years, as opposed to the media haven at the White House where the press firmly has roots planted to over analyze everything Trump does. John McCain the so-called Republican senator has spent much of his recent life fighting everything Donald Trump does and the intelligence community has been doing much the same to preserve the swamp Trump wants to drain.  So with all these enemies, many which come from within the Republican Party, something needs to be done to reveal the ways that the intelligence community is hacking the White House to listen in on everything that is said—which then gets leaked to the press to use against Trump.  That whole process has to be stopped—which Trump has stated he intends to do.

Of course people like John McCain and the political left look at Julian Assange and see a villain, because Wikileaks threatens their very existence. The entire media empires of the world rely on this “nudging” that they do to shape people’s opinions in subtle ways, and they can’t compete with a news organization which seeks to put a blind eye toward reporting—the way things are actually supposed to be done.  Yes, I don’t like the secrets that were revealed by that Manning character—whatever “it” is, man or woman.  But I am more concerned about the behavior of my government revealed through the Wikileaks.  And to watch this latest election in America and the audacity that the media has attempted to put all the blame on the “Russians” even if it causes World War III says a lot about how much the media is terrified of Julian Assange.  So what I’d do if I were Trump is I’d find a way to legally grant Assange asylum and put him to work in solving the many leaks coming out of the intelligence community to root out the real villains operating under the cloak of media activism.  After watching the behavior of the media toward Michael Flynn who was forced to step down and the persistence to attack any member of the Trump team, from the little 10-year-old Barron Trump to Kellyanne Conway, something has to be done to strike back and if I were Trump, that alliance of aggression would be the Wikileaks founder.

If I were Trump I’d get Assange out of his situation and use his natural skills to “nudge” the media back to honest reporting which would favor Trump’s “sentimental honesty.” That type of honesty was what people showed up in Melbourne to hear and was the driving force behind the Trump White House, and was the target of the current media.  So Trump needs to attack that aggression directly, and Assange would make a wonderful ally.  For me, standing in front of that window of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, the solution was as clear as it could be.  Give Wikileaks a real voice and free it from the confines it finds itself in, and use that ability to help root out the villains working against this current White House from within the NSA and other government organizations who are doing what we all feared years ago would be happening—that they’d use private information about us to “nudge” us all into a desired political behavior—just as you can’t get refills on drinks or have easy access to trash cans in England—US intelligence gathering does not favor freedom, it is to control our population toward the desires of liberalized senators like John McCain and many others who think they are smarter and better than all of us in a free market economy.

Clearly the markets are hoping that Trump is for real as the stock market is currently pushing new highs each and every week so far since he was elected. That money, that value is a pent-up desire to be free because the wealth created in a free market society requires a free press to keep everything honest, and right now Wikileaks is the only organization in the world that I know of which is attempting to provide that freedom to intellectual honesty.  Literally trillions of dollars which had been hidden away during the Obama years have suddenly flooded the marketplace and we are starting to see those effects around the world quite fast.  But before we can have the full effect and use that new-found wealth to pay down our national debt and infuse real economic growth into the American way of life—which the entire world depends on—the media has to be “nudged” back into honestly and for Trump, Assange is sitting right there poised to help in ways that are currently unimaginable.harrods

Yes there would be blowback, John McCain would be screaming about treason and every liberal in the world would be looking to get Donald Trump impeached by such a move toward Assange. But, they will do that anyway.  What Trump needs is a real offensive weapon against a corrupt media and the politicians that count on it to sustain their life in the swamp.  The leaks at the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA have to be plugged up and the media outlets themselves need to be exposed for their back-door tactics of progressive salesmanship.  And if not for Julian Assange and his Wikileaks organization, we wouldn’t know about CNN giving questions to Hillary Clinton for the debates, and we wouldn’t know about the Podesta “spirt cooking,” or even know how the heads of the major media companies gave money to the DNC and how bad things really were beyond our suspicions.  Without all that, we probably wouldn’t have a Donald Trump at all in the White House.  So why not go all the way and get Assange out of that Ecuadorian Embassy and let him do his thing honestly and openly—and apply his skills to really solving the problem of the many leaks coming out of the American government toward Trump?  What would we have to lose, really?

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “Plugging up America’s Intelligence Leaks with Julian Assange: What Donald Trump could do to help “really” drain the swamp

  1. So glad to see you using the “nudge” term. This is the term I read about years ago to explain the methodology of slowly effecting change of thoughts, beliefs, values and attitudes of our people. Of course this was implemented in our schools of education and followed into the curriculum of all government schools. This effectively nudged the leftist agenda of unquestioned power over the people. Yes, we do need more people exposing what is happening to further the demise of our Republic. You, for one, do a great job of exposing truth. I enjoyed viewing your photo in front of the Equadorian embassy.


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