What’s Behind the Trump Protests in London: Socialists fighting for the right to be lazy

What the media is not telling you dear reader about all these “spontaneous” riots of “concerned” people protesting Donald Trump around the world, and his immigration policies, is that they are organized by dirty, rotten scum bag socialists that draw like flies on shit the stink of the most lazy and uninformed of our human species. They are not “people” as reported by the media concerned over the direction of the world led by Donald Trump trying to challenge him wherever he may show up to cast an influence—but they are insurgents of the group Socialist International still attempting to cast the world into the doom of global communism, just like they had in the Soviet Union and as they do now in China.  The media which is advancing this plot that they learned in their public institutions as silly, drunken pre-adult losers mean to destroy Donald Trump because he is not only now the leader of the free world, but an unapologetic capitalist who is rebuilding the wealth of America at a rate that is terrifying to them.  Because capitalists and communists in any form cannot work together toward a common goal.  One side must lose to the other because their fundamental philosophies are just too different and the war we are witnessing can be summed up that simply.

Of course you’ll want proof dear reader of my bombastic statements, especially in regard to these so-called “Not My President” rallies which “sprang up” across the world, particularly in the progressive cities of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. I happened to be in London for a number of reasons, and was down by Parliament to see Theresa May defend Brexit from the House of Lords attempting to waver back in the direction of Tony Blair and the avocation of a “European Union” which again is a Socialist International plot to spread global socialism then communism to every corner of the world.  It was in fact in London where Karl Marx did most of his work toward that collective based monstrosity that leads directly to economic depravity. So I happened to be right next to the “spontaneous” group that gathered in the park across from parliament in the shadow of Big Ben which was made to look so much bigger on television than it really was.  And I gathered up the pictures you need as proof to understand what I’m saying and have been now for many years.  Socialist advocates are behind all these global protests, even the Black Lives Matter endeavors.  They do not want peace with anything in a capitalist country and cannot be reasoned with.  So as a civilization we must drag them kicking and screaming to a bitter bloody ending across the finish line of prosperity and ignore their utterings—because in the scheme of things they are completely worthless.trump-protests4

You will notice from the pictures I took at the London rally all the red tents—well those were there to pass out socialist literature—and there were a lot of them. In many ways, it broke my heart to see so many red flag waving socialists and their tents of Marxism set up at the feet of Winston Churchill’s statue.  He would be literally rolling over in his grave if he knew that—because it goes against everything we fought in World War II and many other wars.  The Marxist types who formed this destructive philosophy started in the mid-19th Century and everywhere they proposed themselves destruction and war has been in their wake.  Today their influence is everywhere, from the union strike of British Airways by their cabin crew looking for a “living wage” to the nearly complete conquest of the Asian countries by communism as it flowed down out of Russia into those villages of China, Korea, and Vietnam.  In fact that whole mess in China and Vietnam started just a few miles to the south of these London protests in Paris where the future Vietnamese leader wanted a voice at the Treaty Versailles convention.  He didn’t get it, so he went to the rickety little building across the street that was spreading communism in Paris and they did listen to him—so be became philosophically aligned and the rest is history.  The protests of the Vietnam War by the press wasn’t so much about the many deaths that the United States and other countries suffered among their young people fighting communism there—it was that those armies fighting Ho Chi Minh were trying to stop communism which the political left were trying to advance in the same manner that these protests in London against Donald Trump were being presented.trump-protests5

What was even stranger about the London protests is that the people participating were not people who voted for Donald Trump. In the United States, at least they could claim to be concerned about a president they didn’t vote for.  Heck, I never accepted Barack Obama as my president—and it had nothing to do with his color.  He was an idiot advocating global socialism which was why I rejected him.  So I can understand people who didn’t vote for Donald Trump being upset—because I have been for the last 24 years in not having a good president in the White House whom I could respect.   But in London, these people were so concerned about Donald Trump that they felt they had to protest as if he were already the president of the world—which actually tells you quite a lot about the role America plays in global matters.  The socialist know that Donald Trump could destroy all the progressive gains they’ve made against capitalism for the last 100 years, and it is that which they are fighting against.trump-protests2

The people at the rally in London were not just concerned moms afraid that they wouldn’t be able to kill a baby if they engaged in reckless sex with some libitard at a late night bar covered in cologne from Harrod’s on a wild night in London, or gay rights advocates hoping to water down the sexes so that expectations of behavior would be bent to the most lazy of our society allowing unclean losers to have a shot at more potential “partners” than they do now—or complacent idiots who want to play video games all day could with a “living wage” so they would not have to worry about working a real job and paying all their bills—their rent, their cars, and their online fees. They were pawns in a giant game of chess intent to weaken the human race.  As I looked at their faces close up their stories were obvious.  Most of the men were the type who had moms who did pay all their fees for online gaming because the women felt guilty at not providing strong role models for the young lads who were now stringy haired losers barely able to function in society.  The loudest voices at that rally were the type of young men who had watched many lovers enter their mother’s lives and dirty her up leaving them without the prospect of a good clean family life into their adulthoods—so they turned to collectivist philosophies as a way to normalize their personal tragedies—and now Donald Trump was a severe threat to their choices made so far in life.  But even the conditions which made those young protestors are the result of liberal policies—the young women their mom’s used to be were taught they could have the world and everything in it if only they asked for it.  If they wanted to sleep with lots of men, they had the pill.  If they acquired AIDS through reckless sex, they’d have Hollywood stars show up at their bedside and sing songs to the media.  They were taught that lives were conducted without consequence and that big daddy government would be the new husband while Hollywood helped cultivate the image that the great men of the world would now be versions of Homer Simpson.  Now the people who bought that view of the world most were forced to deal with an alpha male Donald Trump who had a gorgeous supermodel wife who was an immigrant herself which diffuses all their arguments toward socialism, and they are genuinely terrified.  This wasn’t the world they were promised as budding young socialists.  The capitalists were coming back in style and no matter what tricks they played, people weren’t listening.trump-protests3

So these protestors of Donald Trump are not normal people, they are rejects from a failed society who haven’t yet figured out that the greatest threat to the future of our species isn’t global warming, immigration, or even racism—its stupidity.  And stupidity flourishes under communism and socialism because it takes competition out of the equation which allows the half-baked stringy haired losers to have an equal opinion to the well-read orator who has spent their life perfecting ideas and concepts.  It just doesn’t work and that was the real summation of what was behind the London Trump protests.  The leaders weren’t well-intentioned citizens of the world, they were radicals fighting to keep the bar of human achievement low so that they could stay relevant.  And the media is in the bag for those insurgents because they are looking for the same assurances—and under a Trump presidency, they won’t get it.  And that is why they protest—and the only reason why.trump-protests

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “What’s Behind the Trump Protests in London: Socialists fighting for the right to be lazy

  1. Rich You’re so damn right with this one it scares the hell out of me. These are bernie sanders rejects, the government will furnish you life, lie back and drink champagne from Gorham crystal. Lazy bastards are to stupid to know they’re drinking day old PISS from a SOLO cup. Have they hatched a plan to pay for this lifestyle and sustain it? Your article says all that needs to be said about these Moron Asswipes.


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