Donald Trump and Saint Augustine: Becoming a missionary of justice to fight off the pagan insurgents

It was intensely bizarre for me personally to be standing at the grave of St. Augustine in his demolished Abby while watching the media reaction to Donald Trump’s CPAC speech on my iPhone because in a lot of ways, what Trump and Steve Bannon are doing presently reflects accurately what St. Augustine did in 597 AD under the assignment of Pope Gregory. Rome had to withdraw its troops from Britain to protect its crumbling empire and Anglo Saxons had moved into south England bringing with them their pagan religions to corrupt the countryside away from Christianity, which had been brought to England by the Romans.  Augustine set up a mission in Canterbury and formed a friendship with the pagan king Æthelberht of Kent and within a few years the Roman Catholic Church was converting pagans to Christianity serving as the first of its kind anywhere in the world. What happened in Canterbury would be done to the far corners of the world in favor of the Catholic Church following the manner for which Augustine had conducted the enterprise.  Eventually during the reformation in England King Henry VIII would destroy the Abby and loot it of its wealth which left the place in ruins at Canterbury.  But the body of St. Augustine remained for me to observe as I finished watching the speech fall out by Donald Trump who was given a similar task, this time not by a Pope, but by the people of the United States to spread the message of Americanism to a world hell-bent on anti-capitalist objectives.

Trump’s message to the media during CPAC was firm, that they were no longer relevant and that the White House would not be moved off its objective of returning Americanism to the land of the free as opposed to the pagan chaos of the parasites that had moved in and taken refuge in the shadows of the weak leaders that have emerged over the last century due to a more global focus on philosophy and economics. Stunningly the whole speech was carried live in England from the start of it to the end and endless commentary spewed forth after.  Donald Trump like St. Augustine before him was a vessel for undoing the damage caused by poor thinking and the lack of structure adhered to by an advanced culture.  For instance, the moment the Romans moved out of England, the society reverted back to the tribalism of the Germanic people following perfectly the Vico cycle—where democracy turns to anarchy, then back to theology—and thus under St Augustine, then by the influence of the Nomads, the spreading of Christianity spread again and gave birth to a new age which lasted for over a thousand years.

Trump is engaged in the same kind of effort. The emphasis of his presidency is one with a long goal in mind, to change the culture of America back toward patriotism and to vanquish those who speak against it, which has been the entire world.  And the world cannot turn away because Trump is such a great topic to cover, they can’t help but put him on television.  Even as Jodi Foster held a rally against Trump and the attendees of the Oscars were winding up for a celebration of the black, gay film Moonlight—Trump was planning his own celebrations which would divide up the media coverage of what is often a monopoly held by Hollywood on Oscar night.  For the first time ever a sitting president wasn’t licking the heels of the Hollywood community, but was standing in defiance of them during Oscar night.  Even as Hollywood and their Academy members bent over backwards to put a film like Moonlight into the limelight—to show they aren’t racist elites in Santa Monica, Trump was beating a different drum and the world was listening—a national patriotism that was intent to convert people back to what built the country.

img_3820Our politicians in America and the media culture that followed it were a lot like the Germanic people who invaded England once the Roman Empire withdrew. That is always what happens when a powerful force from a superior culture takes away its influence.  The masses collapse on themselves and chaos ushers itself in.  This was the subject of the great Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged, where the producers of society withdrew their talents and society quickly crumbled away.  What has been told to American culture was that we should embrace all these “Moonlight” values and establish our society on those foundations, which of course lead to a degradation of the human condition—as we see presently in Paris.  Even as all this news was spewing forth about the Oscars and Trump’s CPAC speech across Europe, President Hollande was complaining about how disrespectful Trump had been toward the city of Paris—and the news cycle did almost nothing but talk about it.

In the past lesser people would feel the burden of not being accepted by the actors of Hollywood, or the press, or even global socialists like Hollande, but Trump doesn’t care, because he is on a mission and his drive is not created from other people, it is generated from within. And that’s what the world doesn’t understand.  I could see it clearly watching the news while I toured the St. Augustine Abby and paid respect to the tomb of the Saint himself.  Trump was that modern voice who had to step into a pagan land of lawless behemoths and establish order among them.  Trump gets all his strength from within himself, in his faith in his ability.  Augustine put his faith in God so he was able to step into a hostile environment and establish the first Church of England.  Trump is doing something as we speak that will be talked about for thousands of years and that history is happening in the present—and it’s quite something to see.

It is during events like this which is why I love history so much, because understanding these types of things explain contemporary occurrences with context. Because once you understand the Vico cycle and the patterns of the human race, you can know the outcome of something that is happening which of course happened before.  Only instead of the topic being Christianity as it was in Augustine’s time, it is now the concept of Americanism, which to my eyes the world desperately needs.  The pagan losers in Hollywood like Jodi Foster, Casey Affleck and many others never understood the meaning of America, and are completely unable to define it.  And the kids in the media, all those entertainment writers and beat reporters who are under 30 years old and have a lifetime of lessons to learn before really being able to inform a public of a viewpoint beyond the facts of a matter—they are lost and rootless and will quickly convert to the Americanism that Trump and Steve Bannon are proposing.  Just as the skeptical Æthelberht listened to Augustine for his first years of missionary action then converted to Christianity from his pagan roots—the world too will do the same with Trump.  And Trump knows it.

The real fear that isn’t being said at the Oscars, in France, in the media and in the CNN newsrooms, the New York Times boardroom, and all the others who are finding themselves on the outside of Trump’s White House. They are aware of it too, that they are about to be extinct.  Trump is converting pagans to Americanism and his White House has more global influence than all of Hollywood and the modern press put together and it is driving them crazy to realize how irrelevant they are.   And that was the purpose of the old cathedrals, they were to impress upon the residents the power and majestic triumph of the Catholic Church which strengthened their faith into God and the Church’s role in statehood.  Trump is now doing that with the White House, using that majestic platform to spread the benefits of Americanism.  And the pagans know they are losing their grip on the American public because Trump doesn’t need anything from them leaving them completely powerless.   And that is a great thing!

Rich Hoffman


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