Swamp Monsters Attack Trump Before the Election: Obama caught tapping the phones at Trump Tower

As if we didn’t know it already early in the morning of March 4th 2017 Donald Trump found out that President Obama just before the November 2016 election had Trump’s phones tapped in Trump Tower using the government to spy on a political rival—obviously breaking many laws in the process.  As Democrats have attempted to do anything to put the new Trump administration on their heels to prevent proper management from the White House—the web of deceit gets more and more complicated making even the most far-reaching conspiracies light up with complete clarity.  And Donald Trump did the correct thing; he went to Twitter before any of the news outlets were even up and broke the story as he found out about it.

Imagine a sitting president using the resources of government to spy on private citizens to preserve their own dynasty of control?  If you read what I say everyday here, of course you can imagine it.  But now you have the confirmation dear reader of just how far these people were willing to go, and thank goodness we now have a president who is willing to set things right—starting with being very vocal in his criticism as he discovers these types of things.

The reason for attacking Jeff Sessions is to keep the new DOJ from prosecuting all these crimes that did occur—and to consider that Trump was willing to extend the branch of friendship to his former political rivals and be a graceful winner.  Well, not anymore.  Time to go for the jugular, and I’m sure Jeff Sessions under Trump’s direction will have a field day with this very revealing information about just what kind of monsters live in the swamp of Washington D.C.

Rich Hoffman


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4 thoughts on “Swamp Monsters Attack Trump Before the Election: Obama caught tapping the phones at Trump Tower


    The Watergate burglary brought down President Nixon even though it did not directly involve him. It was a dirty tricks operation similar to what was exposed by the Project Veritas videos of a similar and recent Democrat dirty tricks operation. What is significant and extremely troubling is that the bugging of the Trump Tower (and who knows what else) used the might of the government justice, intelligence and security agencies to spy on the Trump presidential campaign.

    Underpinning this horrendous activity was concern that Trump might actually win the presidency – which he did. It now appears that in hopes of preventing election loss, Obama’s political operatives concocted a scheme to undermine Trump.

    This scheme, now exposed by Trump himself, smacks of the way third world dictators spy on their opponents and use the information discovered to discredit, imprison and assassinate them. (Even the Russian election influence story appears to be part of this scheme, in that it was a ploy designed to give legitimacy to any potential blunders of the bugging and spying by the Obama administration.)

    Trump has referred to this Obama administration activity in the following way:

    “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

    “How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

    No matter what excuse Obama will create and the press will dutifully support and report, Trump is correct to condemn it. And, this is far worse than what happened with Nixon in the Watergate scandal. This political scheme used the apparatus of the government.

    With this in mind, Jeff Sessions, Head of the Department of Justice, has no option but to pursue a complete investigation of the facts and adjudicate accordingly. This, of course, could involve the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation as well as key players in the Obama White House.

    There is realistically very little question that this activity undermined the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States of America. To repeat, this is worse than Watergate and even a comparison with Watergate is quite inadequate to expose the danger to the American Republic form of government and individual liberty.


  2. Sedition. Plain and simple.
    Mother fucker has been subverting the constitution since before his residency.
    If DJT doesn’t pull the trigger on this pimple, if he indeed does have proof, he will be hog-tied for the remainder of his term(s). He desperately needs a powwow with Judge Napalitano.

    He will never be able to cut the head off of OFA and what is coming, if he can’t show force right now.

    We all (I am), should be hammering the news outlets (especially local), and our officials with outrage about the coverage. Calling and emailing. Constitutional protections as defenders of the people, my ass.
    We need to help him as much as we can.
    Let me just add how pathetic the local TV news is since Trump. They were awful before and are completely unwatchable today. NBC is hemorrhaging as should they all be.

    The commies would be screaming tyranny if the tables were turned.


  3. I noticed that too. The local news has absolutely lost itself, from newspapers to the broadcasts. I used to know a lot of them, but now they are so out in left field that we have nothing in common anymore. You’d think that their producers would hire people more aligned with the wave of modern political events. Instead, they have responded by rebelling against those events and hiring the opposite kind of people.


    1. I’ve always been able to tolerate a little of them but not now. Hard left turn. Glad you see it as well.
      I say WCPO is the worst even over NBC. I gave up on newsprint sites a while back, Liked Journal-News then they changed format and I suppose owners. Gave them up back in Nov. I basically watch or read zero local news because of the slant. I read enough about progs on sites like Salon etc, By choice. Anything going on here I get from Brian Thomas or Mike McConnell who needs to take back the slot “”In The Closet Lib”” Sloanie sits in. He be better received if he would just embrace his love of the left. He’s the only one left that’s in the dark about his views.


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