The Mistress Abu Dhabi: Unleashing the wealth of the world when temptations urge change

img_2471My wife was sentimental toward Harrod’s in London because of the long history that luxury department store had with the city that was respectable—so she wanted to do some shopping there which was quite an experience.  It was a very luxurious multilevel department store right on the edge of Hyde Park and was the anchor of all activity in that part of the city.

It was what Tiffany & Co. of New York or Sak’s Fifth Avenue were to the United States but Harrod’s had a little extra flair that I thought was quite glorious in its audacious embrace of capitalism in essentially a country that had embarked too long down the spiral of doom with socialism.  Harrod’s was all about luxury and excess declaring proudly that mankind had stepped beyond the limits of a hunting and gathering culture into the full light of an advanced society that produced more than it needed.  Harrod’s was a celebration of that and offered no apologies which surprised me in a good way.img_2451

As usual however I looked under the covers at the real situation.  I had noticed around London each time that I had been there over a two-week period that Muslim immigrants were in many service jobs at all levels of society and that for them it was a reversal of the Crusades period. Instead of the Christian world this time going into the Middle East to conquer the Muslims into conversion and acceptance of a Christian God—now it was the Muslim’s turn to handicap that originating country of the Crusades with social justice legislation through the EU then slowly convert the Christians which have been convinced to give up on the church into Islamic faithful—and they planned to do it peacefully without firing a shot.

This time there would be no attacking fortresses held by kings only to be slaughtered with superior technology.  There would be no Treaty of Versailles or the Sikes Pikot Treaty—this time the missionaries were coming from the Middle East under a banner of peace to integrate with English society then to convert their children into tolerant-open minded pacifists while the target of the next generation would be full acceptance of Sharia Law.  But that’s still about thirty years away by the attack plan well-known throughout the Muslim insurgents—for now they were peaceful and working in London—and they were shopping and working at Harrod’s.img_2459

You could see the power moves made particularly by Qatar Airlines and Turkish Airways in London to establish themselves as the new superior airline of the world marketing themselves as the next best thing.  And subtly, it was obvious at Harrod’s that they were no longer owned by the Charles Henry Harrod family but by Qatar Holdings.  This was particularly obvious when one of the many floors of that shopping complex was dedicating to promoting travel to Abu Dhabi as the next great metropolis city on earth.  And by the plans presented and so far implemented in that city which is as of now about the size of Cincinnati, Ohio by population density—it has all the benefits of a new city completely built on new wealth by the oil industry as  recently as 1971.  The Sharia Law country of Qatar is only 200 miles to the west of Abu Dhabi as Iran is right across the Persian Gulf 100 miles to 40 miles depending on where you measure from—the number one sponsor of terrorism.  Abu Dhabi is being set up as a fountainhead of capitalism thriving off the oil industry and convincing the West to turn its aggressions away out of a love for what they see there and using that wealth to bolster the terrorist countries which surround the region for their aims as a global caliphate.img_2453

Abu Dhabi is like a mistress to the civilized world—she doesn’t have the baggage of knowing her for 30 years and all the mistakes it takes to make a relationship—and showing that on her face as scars, sagging skin and menopausal hot flashes the way that Paris, London and New York are experiencing now.  Abu Dhabi is the fresh 18-year-old who loves the flash of gold and Rolex watches who would gladly trade sex with one gross looking middle-aged man to save herself from sex with many middle-aged men as an official prostitute in an economically deprived communist country such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia or even India.  She is clean and eager to please so long as she has access to the great wealth that the oil industry showers her with and this is what was on display at Harrod’s in London under the new ownership of Qatar Holdings.

Abu Dhabi was planning big things by the full-scale models of the city revealed at Harrod’s and they planned to be a big part of the international economy—which was a cover story for Islamic expansion to the far reaches of the world.  For instance, it’s not New York or Los Angeles who are looking to be the first to implement the new Hyperloop technology, it’s Abu Dhabi and India because that’s where the money is, and the freedom to build such a thing with loose regulation to allow for proper development of an emerging technology.  Within four years of this writing there will be a Hyperloop between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and an economic center of serious influence will challenge all the greatest cities of the world with new money influence.img_2460

While San Francisco, New York, London, Paris and Tokyo struggle under their welfare states built by old economic rules, the new money of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Qatar won’t have those burdens and it will force the world literally to eat out their hand.  However, things don’t have to be this way.  Sometimes all a woman needs is love and the new mistress isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  I think it’s too late for Paris and London, but America is sitting on vast amounts of wealth—particularly oil of its own and could easily rival the wealth of Abu Dhabi  by unleashing it.  Commercial space travel is being developed in the United States as well as great work by the Apple Company—and of course the Hyperloop is American in its origin as well as countless medical breakthroughs which are seeing the light of day under the new Trump administration.  Between those things and a resurgence of old means of economics capped off by an activist EPA—America could produce extraordinary wealth that would stop this global incursion, which was on full display at Harrod’s in London.  And that’s exactly what is causing all the trouble between the Trump administration and the world powers that have set up this whole chess board.

Trump understands what I’ve said here and his election was a decision by the American people not to surrender tomorrow to the insurgents of today.  We could still have all that Abu Dhabi is offering in the United States if we could climb out from under our debts and embrace being the only country in the world that is truly free, and fiscally independent.  Because the 18-year-old mistress that likes gold and Rolex watches gets old too and within a few years will just be another has-been.  The best investment is to keep what you have nice, and fresh by treating her nice all along and loving her even when middle age provides a second wind.  For London to be saved from these mistakes America has to be there as an ally and for that to happen, we need our own versions of Abu Dhabi.

Rich Hoffman


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