The Deep State is in Deep Trouble: How Wikileaks is actually saving lives in America

Yes, the “Deep State” is in deep trouble, and now you know why dear reader that I was so proud to stand beneath the Wikileaks headquarters at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to have my picture taken. I don’t normally pose for pictures like that but for Wikileaks I was happy to make an exception.  As Wikileaks provided a platform for someone within the United Sates intelligence apparatus to leak thousands of pages of very damaging reports as to what the CIA and FBI can do with our smart televisions, gaming consoles, and smart phones.  Many thought that revealing such information was traitorous—and that Wikileaks was acting in a hostile way toward the American government.  Well, let me tell you what’s hostile—a rogue government working behind the scenes of our election process trying to destroy a duly elected representative of the American people and attempting to start World War III with Russia as a scape goat to preserve their own power as a shadow government.  Yeah, that’s much worse of a crime against the constitutional republic that we have in America than the treachery committed by the leakers. I was proud to know that just above my head behind those windows in those small little rooms was Wikileaks doing real good in a very dangerous world by showing those Deep State insurgents that technology can work both ways.  Sure they can spy on us—know everything we do and build a profile on each of us to destroy everything that we hope to become with the push of a button at their discretion—but we can also spy on them and know where they are and what they are up to as well.  If they want to play that game—which they have been willing to do—then the tables can turn on them and Wikileaks has provided a platform to those who dare use them to undo these shadow governments around the world—and in this case one that is actively working against Donald Trump—who is sincerely trying to reform the way business is done in Washington D.C. for the better.  If John McCain is against Wikileaks you know you are on the right side of justice.  Better yet, if Facebook is against it—you really understand the magnitude of this new information which not only pulls away the cloak of deception that has hidden this Deep State in America—but it tears it away to reveal grotesque nudity.

I personally don’t worry about the spying because I know how to throw off their Deep State profile.   I’m still a guy who reads real books, not online downloads, so if I want to go dark on their profile building, or if I want to contaminate their mechanical data collection with rogue information to corrupt their data—I know how to do that—and I actually do put forth a considerable effort to corrupt their information gathering on me.  I came to that crises when I realized over 15 years ago that everything my wife and I did together—and everywhere we went—we were followed.  It took some getting used to in understanding that a closed door and a locked house didn’t save you from that “deep state.”  And that was well before everything we owned became a spy device for this shadow government.

How bad is it—well let me just elaborate that my daughter and I are probably two of the sanest and nicest people among all who claim such things on earth. We would never be terrorists or dangers to any state government that is legitimate by the standards of decency.  Yet while traveling around Europe and back to America guess who got pulled aside for “extra” security every single time when many more potential people were there to pick from—some of them obviously nefarious characters?  To some extinct I might understand security being concerned about me—but her?  Give me a break.  Yet, our names came up on their lists as people to watch and they let us know in subtle ways that they have their eyes on us.  As if I didn’t already know.  So pathetically small-minded.  But that’s who is on the other side of these listening devices, perverts, losers, people afraid of the real world—those are the types of people who find themselves in those “deep state” jobs to spy on people to preserve the shadow government that has been building itself up for many decades behind progressive policies. Donald Trump’s election for me, and it appears many others as well, was the hope that the “deep state” would finally be challenged and eventually eliminated—and that process is underway as we speak, and I am very happy about it.

It’s not a big deal to reveal to the rest of the world what our secrets are—because these were never secrets. Terrorists in the middle of Syria know that the United States has eyes in the sky that can see everything they are doing—yet they still do what they do.  It’s up to the political resolve of The United States to decide if courageous action will take place and under Obama and Bush—that seldom happened.  Under Trump—such as moving THAAD missiles into South Korea to protect it from North Korea proactive measures are back in style—thankfully.  But remember the terrorist case in San Bernardino where the FBI refused to call the act one of terrorism—until the leaks became too great—and when that same FBI let the media into the crime scene to destroy the evidence—and claimed that they needed Apple’s permission to gain access to one of the terrorist’s iPhones—which they already had—American intelligence has a failing grade at protecting us from terrorists.  With all the spying that is going on with all of us—does anybody believe that the intelligence community didn’t know that terrorist attempts were going to happen as the terrorists bought weapons and discussed the attempt in their house around the crib of their baby in San Bernardino?  I’m sure the Deep State knew.  And what about that loser in Orlando who shot up The Pulse nightclub with an obvious terrorist act?  The terrorist movements would have been witnessed from his phone position as he scouted out the location and discussed it with his wife—who tried to talk him out of it.   Yet the terrorist act wasn’t stopped—why?

All this intelligence gathering isn’t to keep us safe from terrorists—it is to keep the “deep state” safe from possible insurgents so that they can harass them before they become a real danger. It’s not to protect America—it’s to protect their shadow government.  So what Wikileaks did with the submission of an intelligence insider—likely a rogue Trump supporter is an act of patriotism.  That day outside of the Wikileaks headquarters, I thought seriously about bringing some food to Julian Assange who was trapped behind those curtains.  Without question, I’m sure they were inside there looking down on my head wondering what I was up to.  It was strange to be so close, yet so far away from a man at the center of modern history—but I wanted to respect his privacy as much as possible.  I just wanted to see the spot that was so important in shaping our modern world and really the only place standing up against these deep state insurgents around the world.  I am sure as hard as Donald Trump worked to become president, that without Wikileaks, the deep state would have won the election and we’d presently have Hillary Clinton as POTUS and likely there would be steps toward an armed civil war in America this early into 2017.  But because of Trump he’s fighting back from the Executive Branch and Wikileaks is providing the evidence that would otherwise be destroyed before it ever reached the public eye—and for that—we should all be extremely grateful.  Wikileaks has prevented open civil war in America—and that is an act of heroism.  Liberals who are now protesting Trump and his supporters have no idea how close they came to real violence—and perhaps might yet still see.  They better hope that Trump is successful.  The Deep State that watches me in the quiet hours of the morning understand why.  And there are millions just like me out in the plains of American sovereignty.  And the Deep State is afraid—as they should be.

Rich Hoffman


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