When Snowflakes Become a Blizzard: Looking for #FindMike, the New York Teacher and child molester

For seven years and under great public scrutiny for even saying it, I’ve pointed out the extreme travesty of our public education system and the unions that control our tax payer funded teachers. For many years prior to my public exhibition—for over twenty years—I had a very loose tongue about the state of our schools for their inadequacies.  Many people didn’t want to hear it and they were angry at me for even pointing it out—for which I haven’t cared even a little bit—because I do not want to live in a world where the snowflakes so evident today—these soft-minded tacos of ideological indecision born in our public education institutions for over two generations are the ones running everything—because they won’t be able to handle it.  They are not equipped, not because they are stupid, or bad people, but because they have had their minds stolen by the thieves of public education—corrupt teachers living under the protection of teacher unions, who are functioning from the most selfish desires imaginable.  Of course, not all teachers are of this kind, but way too many are and every school has their share—and the kids know who they are.  Yet they stay employed because the unions protect them, and if you ever had any doubt dear reader as to what I’ve been telling you for such a long time—watch the following video from Project Veritas seen below.

In the video we see Mitchell Rubinstein—the New York State United Teacher’s Counselor trying to seduce the interviewer by dazzling her with showers of forbidden information—which of course works to our advantage as education reformers. As enlightened as we are supposed to be as a society—and Project Veritas understands this for their important work at uncovering hidden escapades—hot women will get you a lot more information than a wiretap.  Guys and girls will say anything to a pretty face, and that’s what Rubinstein did—he let the goods loose on some teacher in New York named Mike who abused some of his male middle-school students with oral sex and obvious physical abuse.  The only way we know about it is because of Mitchell Rubinstein’s loose lips trying to pick up on the Project Veritas reporter.  The legal system did nothing for the kids and this bastard certainly didn’t do anything to bring justice to the teacher.  The abuse among teachers in public schools is a major problem and nobody has done anything about it for way too long.

The only real solution to the problem is to break up the monopoly that these teachers have over our children. The reason that “Mike” felt entitled to abuse his students was that he was protected by a powerful union and by a law where kids are forced into his classroom for his consumption.  If the kids don’t go to his school they’ll go to another one where someone like “Mike” is waiting.  The other teachers never say anything because many of them have their own demons—that’s why they are teaching and not doing in the world.  They spew out this crap that they want to “teach others to be better people” but in reality, they typically are timid types afraid of the world—so they hide in academia.  That’s fine for basic instruction, but we are crazy if we allow such people to command our futures without competitive involvement.  Teachers like this “Mike” child molester need competition from the free market.  When there are rumors of such “Mikes” as there always are, parents should have the ability to leave that school for another one and take their money with them.  The school, no matter where it is or what its reputation, should not have dominion over the children that attend there only to be victims to people like “Mike,” which is what has been happening.

The reason that nobody ever does anything about such rumors of child molesting teachers who abuse their students is because it’s so hard to fire or discipline a corrupt teacher. And by watching Mitchell Rubinstein who is pretty high up on the social totem pole—it is obvious that the intellect of these people is not very robust.  As I reported earlier, Rubinstein was bragging about this “Mike” situation to impress “chicks” by his own admission.  What a low-quality person—yet these are the people we are supposed to value—and throw limitless funds at to support.  No wonder our kids are so stupid these days.  It’s not so much their fault—its idiots like this Rubinstein guy and his client “Child Molesting Mike.”

I know by saying this stuff that its inconvenient, and that the trends of the day say to just play along to get along. But, I’m not willing to do that.  I don’t want to deal with all these idiot kids in my old age who are such pathetic snowflakes that they don’t have basic grips on reality because their educations were so terrible, and in some cases they were the victims of abuse themselves at the hands of some teacher like “Mike” at some point in their past.

Recently while my wife and I were in London she was absolutely horrified at several advertisements for sex dance clubs in that city that are becoming quite popular. These are different dance clubs than we all went to as kids in our 20s—at these you don’t just dance close and sometimes grind on each other, you actually have sex in front of everyone—completely uninhibited. And while we were down in the Tube on a Friday night where many of these people were packed like sardines into those underground transportation devices going from club to club I saw some of them—dressed for the act.  It was horrifying to my wife and she just didn’t get it.  I had to explain to her that most of these kids in London came from homes where there were high divorce rates and there were obviously sexual experimentation going on in their lives way too early, whether it came from a trusted adult—who had let them down, or some peer they grew up with.  By the time they were 21 years of age they were not looking to have children yet as housing prices were prohibitively too high, and the prospect of a family just out of the scope of consideration.  And their educations had been teaching them that loose sex with any gender was perfectly fine for many years so here was a bunch of young people piled into a dance club together not looking for serious relationships that lead to buying a house and raising a family—they just wanted to satisfy a primal urge so that they could get back to their Playstations or new Nintendo games which is what they really wanted to do with their time.  Those poor stupid kids will be train-wrecks as adults because the shame of what they’ve done will follow them for the rest of their lives when biologically they do desire to settle down and build a good life with someone.

In a valueless society taking care of a primal urge so that a person can do other things they’d rather be doing is a default mode of conduct.  But the cause is in destroying those values to begin with, and our education systems around the world are at fault.  Letting molesters like “Mike” into our schools harms our children by exposing them to things they shouldn’t even know about until they are well in their teenage years.  But the kids molested by “Mike” didn’t have a choice.  An authority figure abused his power and had kids come to his house and he made them perform oral sex—then this teacher union representative Mitchell bragged about it so that he could get laid by the Project Veritas reporter.

What a bunch of losers, but never ever say I didn’t tell you all about it before. This just confirms what I’ve always said—and that demands action on your part.  This is something none of us can afford to turn away from.  It deserves our highest priority as a society.

Rich Hoffman


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5 thoughts on “The Virtue of Material Acquisition and Spending Money: Defying thousands of years of wrongly framed thinking”

  1. Welcome home. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I enjoyed it. And this blog is right on. I like to mention to my friends who talk about God’s will that God made us in his image and he wants us to USE our minds to advance… that usually gives those who think some pause and some appreciation for those of us who enjoy using our “God Given” talents to acquire things that we want and value. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep it up.


  2. Thanks Mike. These are difficult concepts for a lot of people and travel does help sort through things by coming out of a comfort zone to provide new observations. And there is no place like America! That’s for sure.


  3. Very Interesting.
    I definitely see your side and have always bought what we wanted but always with cash. No payments. We have a nice house, 10 cars including a vette, a farm and 18 other properties in different states. (investment)
    All payed for. My sister lives in the UK so I know what you’re experiencing.
    Since my parents came home from Florida and caring for them, I have a serious new appreciation for what it will take for retirement and that’s if you’re healthy! We were thinking 4 million. It’s always been our goal. We are WAYY off! And with this screwed up healthcare, it’s harder to gauge.
    You’re young. I have 9 years on you. As you get older (and after your 50’s) things move at lightening speed. You’ll process differently after 55. I’ve had conversations with friends and they did as well. I suppose it’s a wonderful natural progression. My husband is also a financial genius, but we curved our wants for the future a couple years back. We are completely happy and financially solid, until we’re not. That’s universal.
    Our strategy has always been to buy things that will value us later.
    As for the Iphone….I don’t want to own anything smart. I don’t have a smart meter anymore )i payed dearly for that), got rid of my Samsung smart phone, no smart car, no smart gun, refrigerator, thermostat, or anything else like that. Unlike others, my life is more interesting and better without those things.

    Keep it simple~


    1. You are still a young woman, and you’re right about retirement. I wouldn’t even think about it with less than $10 million dollars in the bank and not spoken for anywhere. Because the health care costs are just out of control. Ridiculous!


  4. I meant to mention because it’s important to my point…that I have complete POA of my parents financial and medical. We do not pay a dime as of now to care for them. But handling all of their affairs is a real eye-opener and an experience most children don’t get. He did a great job of providing for themselves, but you have to make sure those investments keep paying. Very scary and completely changed our strategy.
    Another difference is that we’ve been savers…always. As have they. Most people my age have not. Even scarier.
    Mind your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.
    True that!


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