The Dope Smoking Loser, Snoop Dogg: Hey, if you want to fight bitch, call me

I don’t normally pay much attention to hip-hop culture and until yesterday couldn’t have told you one single song that the drug advocate Snoop Dogg performs. That ghetto slum crap most of the hip-hop artists yak about is not my experience—it’s too negative and submissive in spite of its surface inflections of aggression—so I don’t pay much attention to it—until it spills over into my American culture—which it has with the latest video by Snoop Dogg called “Lavender.”  In the video this dope smoking loser, “Snoop Dogg” dresses up “white suburban culture” into clown masks and climaxes the video with an obvious assassination implication of Donald Trump—dressed as the clown leader.  Snoop Dogg holds the gun to Trump’s head and when the gun goes off, out comes a little bang sign as if to say to the audience that it was all just a joke and the video goes to black.  But then it fades back in to Trump wrapped in chains surrounded by a lot of threatening characters all inspired from Suicide Squad as Snoop and some other loser pass a joint between them across Trump’s captured face.  I took the whole thing as a threat to my culture and if Snoop Dogg and his dope smoking loser friends want some kind of war, then I’ll be happy to sign up against them.

I didn’t think it was even a little bit funny. What this dope smoking loser is proposing in his video is an urban overthrow of American culture and his suggestive lyrics and actions in the video can only be taken as a subversion of our lifestyles.  I’m sure in the “hood” with all the other drug induced losers that the skinny ass of Snoop Dogg’s 6’ 4” reed thin body breathing out marijuana smoke makes him look scary and cool—but he wouldn’t last long in a fight with the people I know.  If those losers in that video came up out of the slums into my neighborhood—well, they wouldn’t be going back—let’s just make that clear since the fashion of the day is implied violence.  If it’s good for him, then it can go back at him without warrants and arrests—and I don’t give a rat’s ass about his skin color.  Dude—and I’m talking to Snoop Dogg directly here—I didn’t bring you or your people on slave ships to America, and if you want to go back—have at it.  If you want to stay, you have to assimilate to American capitalist culture.  If you don’t like that—leave.  Its really simple—Joka’.

Millions of kids watch Snoop Dogg and these kinds of videos and these are the people of our next generation. Taken on a macro scale, people in the hip-hop industry are obviously preaching subversion of American ideas and a downfall of the “white people” who founded it as a nation. That’s subversion and militarily can only be taken as a hostile enterprise.   Donald Trump was right to point out on his personal Twitter account that we are dealing with a one-sided story here.  If some white country music artists had put an image of Barack Obama being tied up in the back of a pick-up truck with a sack over his head the world media would have had an absolute meltdown at the implication—and whoever did the act would have lost their job and been ruined for life.  But Snoop Dogg puts up an image of a tortured and harassed Donald Trump—which was unmistakable—and he’s some kind of hero?  Hey, we aren’t all playing by the same rules, and further activity isn’t going to be permissible.

Snoop Dogg’s lyrics deliberately played off the forbidden “N” word—as if only one race of people—not all, can use it perpetuating discrimination just by its very use—and the rest of it is to deliberately dumb down his listeners and encourage them to intake mind altering substances like pot. This guy is one of the most corrosive elements in American society just by what he  represents—and that’s before he threatened my culture with violence with his latest video.  And yes, that’s what Snoop Dogg was doing—he was threatening me and all the people who voted for Trump.  At the end of that video when he made a move to hit Trump—I felt inclined to knock his ass right off planet earth.  I would have loved to change spots with whoever that bitch was dressed up in chains as an actor because Snoop Dogg has a nice ass kicking coming to him.  And he surely asked for it.

When some punk like Snoop Dogg threatens American culture he should expect some retaliation. He shouldn’t hide his aggressions behind the long-gone sin of slavery or his skin color to fight from behind some social shield built on social guilt.  He should stand as his own man and not some drug induced loser—and come out and debate some of these white guys on their turf.  Try bringing some of that “shit” out of the “hood” and into suburbia and see how that goes—“bitch.”  Yeah hommie, I know what makes you knuckle-dragging slobs tick.  It’s easy to hide your messages behind a youth movement that has been programmed from birth to hate American culture—but that doesn’t make your “shit” good—only food for empty minds that are willing to follow anything that stands apart from the crowd no matter how dangerous they might be.  But for the people who actually make “white culture” tick—Snoop Dogg couldn’t last a day with a real job, or debating a real issue around a board table with other smart people—so all he’s got are drugs and complaints inspiring weak people to follow his drug induced sorry ass.  Snoop Dogg’s greatest crime isn’t the obvious threats toward “white society” so elaborately projected with his Donald Trump metaphor—it’s that he sells stupidity to the weak masses hoping to topple intelligence so that he can have a place in it without having to do much work.  That’s his real issue, is that people like Snoop Dogg are too lazy and too stupid to live in that “white world” so all he’s got are veiled threats inspired by comic book movies hoping to create real riots which work in minority neighborhoods—but no place else—and the avocation of drugs to turn the mind off to any challenge that might naturally face it.  He gives the lazy and stupid a refuge to hide in behind his obvious anti-American lyrics.  His America and my America are not the same and they can’t live together in peace—as established by rap artists like this idiot.

I would normally overlook something like this, but if this skinny ass bitch wants to fight, then come out and say it. I don’t feel an ounce of guilt that my ancestors brought his ancestors here by boat to be slaves in what was then a European colony.  America freed itself from Europe and eliminated that practice on its own taking the lead around the world as the first to do so.  So Snoop Dogg should be a LOT more appreciative.  He should kiss the ground of America every day with gratitude that he has been given by default an opportunity in America that he’d get no place else in the world.  I take his taunts and threats personally.  If he wants to fight, he can have all he can handle and more.  All he has to do is make that first move—which in my mind this video clearly was—“biiiaatch.”  Snoop Dogg, I got your clown face right here…hommie.  F**cking dope smoking loser.  Just call me.

Rich Hoffman


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