Lee Wong’s Red Flags of Communism: Support for an accused traitor in Sherry Chen reveals what’s behind the mask

I only pay attention to Lee Wong because he is a liberal trustee living in my very Republican neighborhood and masks himself with the banter of conservativism to hold his office—like a lot of RINOs do around the country. So this story isn’t just regional because it literally spans the globe in conspiracy and of course Lee Wong is right in the middle of it—because he put himself there.  Sherry Chen was working for the National Weather Service in Wilmington when she flew to communist China to visit some family and friends.  When she returned Chen was arrested for sharing some data with a Chinese associate which was downloaded from her National Weather Service job server.  She claimed a supervisor gave her permission, but the government charged her with four felonies.  Eventually they were dropped probably because the political climate was just too intense and nobody wanted to pay the legal fees.  Never-the-less, she lost her job at the National Weather Service.

Now, if I had been Sherry Chen—thinking the way a Republican thinks—I would have had another job in about five minutes. I wouldn’t want to go back to an employer who treated me badly, especially if I was innocent. In the case of Sherry Chen—who knows.  If she has access to security information, there would have been no reason to share it with people in China for obvious reasons, so she showed bad judgment and as an employer even if she had permission from a supervisor, they all have a right to terminate employees who don’t follow the rules of their business model.  That’s the end of that story.  But what makes this fascinating is that Sherry wants her job back—as if she’s entitled to it, and Lee Wong, the RINO from my West Chester district protested at the federal building last week with about ten other losers from around the country to demand her job back also.  What were those idiots thinking?

“She’s a top scientist, a hard-working scientist,” West Chester Township Trustee Lee Wong said Tuesday to the Cincinnati Enquirer shown at the link below. “It is wrong to make this kind of accusation, unsupported, wrongfully accuse her, and then drop all the cases before the trial with no apologies or explanation. She had done nothing wrong. She is innocent. She’s an American citizen.” Really, Lee? How do you know she was innocent? How do you know she’s a top scientist, relative to what? And how do you know she did nothing wrong? Because she’s a friend of yours? Lee has a history of making bad decisions, and emotional ones at that, but I was surprised that he stuck himself on the front page of this really nothing story. If Sherry Chen is really a top scientist, then she’ll have plenty of other options to pick from—she wouldn’t need the National Weather Service. Instead she and Lee are fighting for a job that terminated her which shows the obvious liberal/communist roots of their thinking—that jobs are entitlements, and not opportunities that must be nurtured.

Several times just this year Lee Wong has talked about his record in the military and his American citizenship as if to explain away any indications regarding his obvious liberalism. The fact that he served 20 years in the military is supposed to supersede any doubt we might have about his patriotic temperament. He played that card during a trustee meeting in West Chester recently when he stirred up labor union protests against the board several months ago—and got caught doing it. He did the same in a protest for Sherry Chen. He stated comments in her defense then as if to shut down any opposition touted his military record as if that were a trump card to debate. Hey, Stanley Manning, or whatever that guy who turned himself into a girl was an active military member too, but he committed espionage quite spectacularly just the same. That doesn’t give one a free pass to be a hippie liberal or even an advocate of espionage just because they served in the military. China is a communist country and contacts they have within the United States are subject to suspicion—its guilt by association. In this age of terrorism and intellectual property theft, we must always be cautious. If Lee were such a patriot, he’d understand that. Instead, he advocates for a way of life that isn’t rooted in American Republicanism, but in communist fairness and equality much more reminiscent to a liberal. Then to proclaim it in such a way is really a ridiculous expense of political capital that shows a really poor grasp of the modern political temperament. Lee’s approach might have gone unnoticed in the last decade, but today it just sounds ignorant.


Lee Wong, Sherry Chen, and all the other protesters down at the federal building rallying to Chen’s case all used racism and altruistic service as the defense against the accusations of espionage leveled against Sherry and that is when you know that the liberals have a weak case. Additionally, their assumption that Sherry’s job at the National Weather Service is an entitlement, not an earned asset further demonstrates the incredible naiveté of their liberal inclinations.  I understand that they are Chinese “Americans” trying to make their way in the world—but as I always say, they need to assimilate to American culture.

They are welcome of course, but they can’t be sharing sensitive data with family members in communist China because in spite of what the politics of the world wants us to think, China and the United States are not on the same page.  One is a capitalist country the other is a communist one—and they don’t get along.  If Sherry liked her job at the National Weather Service, she should have not shared data with anybody in a foreign country—even with supervisor approval.  Both of those idiots should have read the fine print in their employment contracts and not assumed that they could get away with such a thing just because Chen was from China and could use her race as a cover for espionage, even innocently conducted.  But for Lee Wong to even attach himself when he’s trying to fight for his trustee seat is a very reckless decision that defies the mask of Republican Party affiliation that he tries to wear just so he can get elected in a very conservative region.

If Lee lived just a few miles to the south in Hamilton, County, he’d be running as a Democrat. Just because he served for twenty years in the military and is a Chinese American that doesn’t give him a right to call himself whatever he wants.  He is to be judged by his actions—and everything Lee does as a trustee indicates that he is a liberal Democrat most elaborately exhibited by his support of such a controversial character as Sherry Chen.  People might say that supporting his friends while under fire is an act of valor, but in reality, its arrogant—because if she were so innocent and not up to some liberal activism, she would have picked up a job at some university or big commercial firm.  Instead, she is fighting for her government job back and that provides a real window into the antics of these radicals.  Democrats are all about government expansion and safety nets whereas Republicans are about self-reliance and smaller government.  If Lee were a Republican, he wouldn’t put himself out on the front line for Sherry Chen.  He might offer her words of encouragement, or even help her get another job—but he wouldn’t be fighting to add one more government employee to the tax payer payroll after being arrested for treason—and using his military service and accusations of racism to advance his argument.  That is how you can know what a person is really about—not by what they say, but by what they do.  And according to what Lee Wong does—he is such a Democrat that the red flags of communism are literally hanging from his metaphorical forehead.  And that is something that voters in West Chester have a chance to correct very soon—and should.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Lee Wong’s Red Flags of Communism: Support for an accused traitor in Sherry Chen reveals what’s behind the mask

  1. Once again a center mass shot, son your on a roll. Two great commentary’s back to back. Keep it coming.

    On Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 8:00 PM, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom wrote:

    > overmanwarrior posted: ” I only pay attention to Lee Wong because he is a > liberal trustee living in my very Republican neighborhood and masks himself > with the banter of conservativism to hold his office—like a lot of RINOs do > around the country. So this story isn’t just regiona” >


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