“Snitches get Stitches”: Why black on black crimes go unsolved

I think we need to talk about something seriously, because as Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks reminded me with his stupid Tweet regarding Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey—the police in Cincinnati are chasing ghosts in regard to the Cameo Night Club shooting, which is the same kind of thing witnessed in the killings that Bennett brought up. With all the cameras at the Cameo Night Club on Saturday March 25th 2017 and the off duty cops outside, nobody seems to know who opened fire into a hip hop dance crowd shooting 17 and killing at least one.  The shooters got away and nobody is talking.  All police know as of this writing is that there were a few of them, but what’s unexplained is how the guns got into the club when people were scrutinized through security and why nobody has any real leads when it was also reported that the shooting appears to have erupted after a scuffle earlier that day between two groups of people.  Surely, we know the names of the people in those two groups?  Surely the bartenders, owner, and other people present knew somebody who knew somebody, who knew somebody.

The sad answer is that police do know who was involved, as does everyone at the club. Correctly the owner of the club surrendered his liquor license that following morning, so that Cameo Night Club is now officially out of business.  It should be remembered that as the global media pounced on the story that day before the sun even came up, they were talking about gun violence in an American night club in India for God’s sake.  CNN, FOX—everyone was covering the story in Cincinnati and to my knowledge I was the very first person in the world who told the real story early that same morning—because I’m from the area and know something about the history of Cameo.  It wasn’t guns that caused all the violence—it was the hip hop culture the club itself that did—and once that became evident—the story virtually died on the spot.   Nobody in the mainstream media wanted to talk about black on black violence for all the same reasons they don’t want to talk about it in Chicago or any other urban neighborhood where hip hop culture percolates.  When guns couldn’t easily be blamed, the media lost interest and that was that.

I stated the problem quite correctly on Sunday morning what the issue was and the police confirmed it as the investigation drug on for the entire next week. The people in the club were reluctant to rat out the shooters is basically what it came down to.  What do they say in da’ hood?  “Snitches get stitches” and so nobody said anything with any meaning pointing to an arrest.  It is utterly astonishing that police couldn’t gather up enough evidence to pull people into a series of arrests for the massive violence which did occur.  Instead what we got was a half-hearted vigil heavily promoted by the local news trying to pull on people’s heart strings in the suburbs enough to drive some sort of narrative against social gun violence.  But it didn’t work.

It’s not racist to say it—even though modern politics would seek to say otherwise—but people lost interest in the story because we have become used to violence associated with hip hop culture and normal people recognize that the thug culture that was commonly attending the Cameo Club were asking for trouble and when it happened—nobody was surprised. It’s not that everyone involved was black in skin color—it’s the behavior they exhibit which gave clear indications that violence is an expected part of the hip hop lifestyle and that for many in that culture, it’s a badge of honor.  So why would anybody rat out someone who gunned down a bunch of innocent people when that kind of behavior seems to be the goal of their movement.  Just listen to their music, the whole story is quite clear as to their social intentions.

So what is Michael Bennett referring to when he stated that Tom Brady managed to get his jersey back but there are still black on black crimes still not solved? Well, he’s assuming that when a rich white guy married to a supermodel wants something the world will bend over backwards to give it to him—which propels the myth about all this “white privilege” nonsense.  What Bennett is ignoring is that in “white” culture people generally cooperate with the law and seek to live with some sense of tolerance toward each other.  So getting Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey back from some Mexican peddler had a beginning, middle and end to that case that the FBI agents were able to focus on.  But in the case of the Cameo Night Club there was a beginning—people were shot dead innocently likely in most cases—but there was no second and third part.

There is no obvious way to identify the shooters because there were so many like-minded people present and the survivors were protecting the identity out of their urban culture code against cops.  So step two is very difficult.  But even if police do find out who the shooters were, what then?  The shooters won’t be able to obtain a lawyer so there isn’t any money for the legal system to make off the situation meaning all the costs of a trial will go to the state.  Then when they are prosecuted they’ll just go to the prison system where the cells are literally overflowing with people just like them for the same stupid stuff.  It is far less costly to keep them on the streets killing others of their kind unfortunately.  If they move out into the suburbs, then that becomes another matter.  But if the killings are in the “hood,” in our society it is an acceptable casualty statistic because the cost is great either way.  Whether the violence takes place in prison or on the streets, it is less cumbersome on our legal system to have the violence occur on the streets because there isn’t any solution in arrests.  If arrests are made the behavior won’t change and you stick tax payers with a burden they don’t want to pay for.  So the police are in sheer limbo so inaction is what happens.

To answer Michael Bennett, we don’t know who killed Tupac because the answer takes you to a bottomless pit of violent subhuman behavior that cannot be managed by our current legal system. It’s as simple as that. If you are a cop, by the time you sort through all the “baby mommas” and hostile welfare recipients who shut the door in your face all day long and get to some honest leads—you run into little street thugs who think it’s cool not to talk to police and they’d rather not rat out a member of their community—even if they are a rival.  Remember, snitches get stitches in their hip hop culture—so nobody talks.  Then when you do make an arrest some liberal loser becomes their public attorney and case-law ends up being written that screws up the legal system forever because of the case you are working on, so in a really dysfunctional way, the best thing to do is to let the villains stay free so that the responsibility for their correction doesn’t fall on state authority powerless to do anything about the situation.

Yeah, I know, what I said was really mean—but it’s the truth. Nobody wants to deal with a pain in the ass and the members of the hip hop community are just a huge pain in the ass that nobody can sympathize with.  When you try to treat them fairly they want more tax money, and they want reparations for slavery which was banned over a hundred years ago.  When you move out of their neighborhood because you don’t want to park next to a purple Cadillac with inner tubes on for tires and dressed out in all brass and gold trimmings they call you a racist.  Then when they are all together they shoot each other over baby momma rights and turf boundaries.  I can promise that the people at the Cameo Club were not NRA members, and even after we have thrown millions and millions of tax dollars at the people who were in that club its likely most of them there couldn’t have even spelled the name of the popular gun lobby group.  That is why Mr. Bennett that the black on black murders continue and nobody does anything about it.  Because when Tom Brady got back his Super Bowl jersey at least he said thank you.  When it comes to unsolved murders like Tupac or the shooting at Cameo’s—everyone just clams up and makes the job impossibly hard.  So the police lose interest because they are caught between a rock and a hard place both of which the politics of our day have put them in.  And that’s why nothing ever gets fixed and never will under this present system.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on ““Snitches get Stitches”: Why black on black crimes go unsolved

  1. Well said. One baby momma said she had three babies at home. I would bet she is on full welfare. She had no business being in that cesspool. She should have been home taking care of her babies.


    1. What a pathetic mess that whole story is. These idiots behave like this then wonder why we don’t want to associate with them. They call us racist just for having values. Just pathetic. Watch the videos of those people and you can see the cause of all their problems.


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