The Great Global Warming Hoax: Everything you have learned is wrong

Like most things the political left does around the world, mass distortions and hijacked reality are among their panicle interests—and that could never be truer than it is over their issue of global warming. Our modern sciences are completely taken over and ruined by these sloppy minded idiots and when you know the facts, it’s quite disgusting.  This never hit home more powerfully than it did when I recently visited the English Channel at Dover and Brighton, England and considered that just 12,000 years ago to about 9,000 years ago—the span of time for which our modern civilization was born and nurtured to its current state—human beings not much different from us were able to walk the vast grassy plains easily between the islands of Britain and France.  In fact, there were land bridges all over the world at that time because the ocean levels were 300 feet lower as the massive amounts of ice during the Ice Age displaced those levels enormously—and there wasn’t any man-made climate change back in those days from planes, trains, and automobiles.  Rather, it is very disgusting to learn with hard evidence that the modern scientists are lying to everyone about global warming—because there never has been such a thing.  The earth goes through many cycles of warming and cooling—and eventually it will cease to exist altogether.  And without question, the sea levels will continue to rise as they always have meaning most human cities along current coastlines will be under water—but manmade carbons are not the cause.  It’s part of the geologic cycles of our planet and they will occur with or without us.

I’ve always known about the ocean levels, but when you see such vast expanses of open water and think about people walking under them, it really goes a long way to explaining how people populated the world in such mass as they did—and much earlier than previously thought.  It wasn’t just the Bering Strait that allowed people to walk from Russian into North America but also down through Indonesia into Australia and obviously from Great Britain all the way over to Russia.  Even from Northern Ireland to Greenland wasn’t difficult for a small boat to cross there meaning the journey from east to west into North America from that direction would not be out of the question as Greenland was essentially a part of the North American continent.  Florida and Texas nearly touched with one complete landmass and much of the space between Florida and the Bahamas were on land.  I’ve covered before the topic of the many supposed temples and pyramids under the ocean especially off the coast of Florida and the map below really shows what those ancient coastlines looked like and shows how human civilizations set up along those ancient oceans would have easily been under water as the Ice Age closed and the levels rose up again.   But even so, oral traditions would have remembered how to get to those distant lands once they were cut off from each other by rising oceans—so taking the journey across would not have been so scary.  From 14,000 years ago to about 5,000 the space between continents spread but the memory of them drove intercontinental trade and global diffusion.

What we call ancient is essentially a flash in the pan in geological time and that is the only way to measure global warming or cooling.  If you apply some measly human lifetime to the topic, you’ll get distorted data about what’s really going on and it is there where you see that the political left attempts to use these natural earth cycles as a way to protest capitalist endeavor so they can carry civilization back to the Vico Cycle where they are most comfortable.  And to my way of thinking 10,000 years ago—or even 20,000 isn’t that long.  The earth has gone through far more transition prior to all that—our understanding of the sciences is really infantile at this point.  We certainly are not mature enough to grasp a concept about global warming caused by human beings.  It doesn’t pass the smell test of hard science.  Rather the science offered has been corrupted by grant money given to produce a political result which lashes out against human productivity because things are moving too quickly for the power-hungry leftist who claims of themselves to be free-living and open minded—but desires more than anything to return back to aristocratic ways or even the secure religions of a theocracy.  In that world they understood their role in the world more than they do today, so they use these fears of ocean levels as a way sell their politics.  And that’s all global warming is—its politics run amok by scientists willing to compromise integrity for grant money.

I was four years old when I was so terrified of the next Ice Age that my mom had to calm me down enough to go to bed.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was starting to play at reading books and I watched a documentary on television about the Ice Age and I learned that the ice had come down from the great north distances as far south as my house in Butler County, Ohio and the understanding that it would happen again was the scariest thing I can remember from my childhood.  That was when I had to come to the understanding that all would not remain the same in the world and it bothered me for weeks.  When I did start having to ride a school bus to school I’d look out the windows at the countryside outside and think about mile high ice that had carved out and flattened everything I could see and in thousands of years it would happen again.  That meant every house and road that I could see would be gone once again and wiped clean from the earth and that was a tough concept for a little guy to understand—yet I grappled with it for a long time.

A few years later an earth sciences teacher wanted to stump our class on the nature of the Hawaiian Islands and I was the only kid who knew they were the tips of massive mountains and not just floating on the surface of the water the way that some modern Democrats believe.  (“cough”………..Hank Johnson)  I had been thinking about ocean levels rising and falling most of my life and I never visit an ocean where it doesn’t cross my mind.  But even way back into my grade school years I understood it and none of my teachers did.  And they were supposed to be the smart ones. I really think to this day many of our mythologies whether it’s the Epic of Gilgamesh, or the Noah story could be confirmed if we had a better way of performing underwater archaeology.  I’m not a big fan of taking the Bible in an historic sense because its a mixture of history and mythology filtered to use through a Roman Empire and a crazy Medieval Church but if Noah was the 10th son of Adam and all his linage lived for a thousand years or so, the timing would have been about right for the end of the Ice Age.  Noah was after all 600 years old when the flood came and he lived for 300 years after. I’m just sayin’. I think the Garden of Eden as we think of it in the biblical sense is now underwater in the Persian Gulf which like the English Channel would have been mostly large flat land easy to settle by mankind because it had once been the bottom of the ocean only recently revealed as dry land during the Ice Age.

In my own neighborhood before the glacial ice came the Ohio River ran much further north well above the 1-70 corridor.  The spot my home sits on now was a part of the Teays River system—which is why the farming was always so good in and around the Fairfield area—because the area flooded often as the river ran north through there leaving great fresh top soil.  I had a grandfather who had a farm on Seward Road and I always marveled at the soil there which was almost milky soft compared to the soil at my home a few miles away on higher ground that contained a lot of clay.  The soil at the farm was so nice because it was the bottom of an ancient riverbed—then a lake nearly the size of modern-day Lake Erie.  I tell this story to people who visit the Union Center Blvd exit these days and I show them the ridge lines of Beckett Ridge and the high ground of Muhlhauser and off to the west in Fairfield and try to paint a picture for them of the ancient river that flowed over our heads and they listen as if interested, but it’s hard for them to get their minds around.  To most people the Ohio River always flowed where it does in its present location but when the ice came it reshaped the landscape and actually reversed the flow of the river pushing it south.  As this occurred large lakes would have formed for at least centuries until the ice would have won the battle and the present day Ohio River was formed.  That was only 2 million years ago during another Ice Age—not that long.  All this happened without the influence of human beings.  They were around, but they certainly didn’t cause it.

Advocates of global warming are blissfully ignorant of these facts—instead they hope to take a snap shot of the earth as it is today and to freeze it literally in the time of their human occupation—and use that as the measure of earth’s health.  Their grasp of history geological, and archaeologically is that shallow—like Hank Johnson.  People who believe in global warming are typically stupid people who are too lazy to grapple with the facts.  When Hank Johnson expressed fear that Guam would become overly populated in the Pacific and tip over from the weight he was showing his level of understanding about the way the world worked, and people like that are the first to believe all this global warming crap.  But obviously there isn’t any relevancy to the charges—because they don’t exist.  Earth will do what it will with or without us—and if we want to live as a species, we’ll move off the earth and into space to shape our own destiny, and divorce ourselves from the sun and the moon—and the position of the stars.  And it’s only then that we will have done what humans were always supposed to do—and not limit ourselves to a jealous earth that is always changing and is unreliable over its geologic history.  For human beings, it’s time to move on and colonize space because the next Ice Age is coming—and no liberal protests will stop it.

Rich Hoffman


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