The Dying Democratic Donkey: Russians were not a factor in the 2016 Election

As if we didn’t already know, Evelyn Farkas, the former DOD Obama deputy told us everything we needed to know about the Trump case involving Russia.  Let’s review shall we, what we know about the case of Russian tampering of the Election of 2016—at a press conference shortly after Donald Trump wrapped up the Republican nomination for president he revealed that he hoped that the Russians had information about Hillary Clinton’s lost emails because Wikileaks had revealed very damaging information about the DNC and John Podesta himself on how they conducted their business.  The cause of all the commotion was Hillary Clinton herself who had obviously destroyed evidence and broken the law.  Yet to stay in the race, the Democrats needed some kind of diversion so they made a big deal about Trump’s obvious tongue in cheek statement about the Russians hoping something might stick.  Trump continued to feed that line of dialogue saying often that he could see himself meeting with Vladimir Putin before his inauguration just to stir up the pot in the final days ahead of the 2016 Election and the Russian president publicly stated that he supported Trump over Hillary. That’s it.  All this noise about Trump and Russia having some kind of relationship is complete nonsense.  Trump would never make a deal with Putin to win an election because the leverage game would have been too great in Putin’s favor and that’s where the proof of the case will take us.  And as Jessie Watters illustrated in the below clip, all Democrats are getting really desperate since the story isn’t sticking and now that Evelyn Farkas screwed up big time and ran her mouth on television about how the Obama White House spied on Trump—they all have big trouble and things are going to get worse for them.

Because the progressives in the swamp of Washington D.C. have built a giant coalition of global suck asses, talking to members foreign countries is a part of the job, and in the closing days of the election when it looked like Trump might actually win—according to Evelyn Farkas, the Obama White House advocated spying so they could get something on Trump since literally nothing else had worked even though they had thrown the kitchen sink and the soap at him.  They hoped since he was wealthy that somewhere someplace he was up to no good and that in his joking around Trump had revealed some secret into the release of all the Podesta Wiklileaks reports.

They couldn’t take responsibility for the situation themselves, so they had to somehow pin it on Trump—which of course he never allowed.  So only by abusing the rights of Trump’s transition team did the Obama Democrats think they had some chance at staying viable as a party after a crushing defeat.  After all, Obama would soon be out of office and he’d lose the ability to spy on enemies which his White House and Justice Department had continuously done all through his presidency. Remember Bill Ayers the domestic terrorist who launched Obama’s political life from his living room in Chicago?  This is what you get when you give such people power—they cheat, steal, and do whatever they must to advance their ideological causes. From the viewpoint of red state Republicans—which is most of the North American continent, Barack Obama was a domestic terrorist who simply used a different method of attack than Ayers did toward the American way of life. And now Obama has been caught.

Because Trump had stated that he thought he might get along with Russia, Trump’s people probed those potentials shortly after the election and that involved General Flynn but as it will turn out—it was nothing more than courtesy calls, no different from other discussions with other countries.  Trump had won the election on his own by capitalizing on Democratic mistakes.  Hillary Clinton made it easy because she had so much to hide and had made so many errors.  Additionally, Russia does not have nearly as much power as the Democrats are trying to advocate they do leaving them in a very bad place.  Now that Trump has been president for a measly 10 weeks, the direction of the country is going somewhere they can’t handle and they are literally freaking out.  Evelyn Farkas just happened to be someone from their team who revealed the playbook on an MSNBC show that nobody watched—so it took a month for the information to come out.

At this point it should be remembered that I predicted the end of the Democratic Party right before the election on the Matt Clark radio show, and all this noise about Russia by those same dying Democrats is the realization that the end is near for them.  They are a wounded animal that is bleeding out and they are surrounded by the hunters that will soon skin them down to the bone—and they are aware of it.  Now for them it’s tough because they have so many tentacles into so much of our modern world, especially through all the various media platforms that Democrats literally dominate.  But the Election of 2016 is as close as they will come to power again as Obama’s White House will always be known as the most corrupt America had ever known.  The abuses of power that have taken place will have come at a terrible cost for them and since they didn’t get their person in the White House—they are now out of power and dying of a bleeding they can’t stop.  This talk about Russia is the last cries of a dying animal who can feel the end closing around them.

Typically Republicans can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and much to the exasperation of the Democrats, who control the media, Trump is defending himself very well and the Russian distraction story isn’t stopping his White House.  This is precisely why I voted for Trump in the first place, because he was battle hardened and I always knew that the only way to get these vile insurgents out of our American politics was to fight and beat them out of it.  There is no coexistence with modern Democrats and that was their own choosing.  We are in a modern fight for our very lives and they are the ones bleeding out, soon to die as a party.  Trump is unusually passionate about winning everything he does which works out well for right-sided Republicans because after another year of this 2017 kind of White House, people won’t want to go back.  Trump does more in one week than Obama did during his entire terms of presidency and its all adding up very quick.

The swamp isn’t happy about any of this so they are colluding with that desperate media to do anything to sink Trump—but their efforts are pointless. Donald Trump has them on the ropes and he knows it.  And the facts are on his side and he knows that too.  He knows the Democratic Party is bleeding dry and he’s not going to lose that advantage.  It’s kind of like a champion team has the lead with just a quarter to play and its obvious the other team can’t do anything even with a miracle to come back.  Trump’s administration has the game won and they are beating everyone over the head with it—Republicans and Democrats.

I also predicted in that same radio show that the new two-party system would split between the current Republicans.  When Trump came out against the Freedom Caucus the battle lines were clear between the former “Never Trumpers” like Glenn Beck’s people, and the more moderate Ryan types.  Trump truly is not ideological—he just likes to win, so whoever gives him a repeal on Obamacare will be within his alliance—but doing right for Trump is only defined by winning.  That is the only way we’d even get a consideration of Obamacare repeal, because the swamp grows even under banners of indecision.  Holding a position of pure ideology doesn’t work when you get so many people in a room.  If that were the case we never would have had a Constitution to begin with.  Jefferson had to make lots of concessions to his ideology to get the votes needed to even have the Constitution that we do have today which I think is way too “Federalist.”  I much prefer the Anti-Federalist viewpoints so no matter how constitutionally pure the “Never Trumpers” pat themselves on the back for being—I’ll still be disappointed by the end result.  So I’m more inclined to support a winning strategy that walks things back over time than a stalemate that ends in a circling of the wagons and a loss by circular gunfire.  At this point Trump doesn’t care if Rand Paul gets his way or if it’s Paul Ryan.  Trump just wants results which is yet another spear in the side of Democrats and the Republicans like John McCain who desperately want the swamp to remain.  Trump was sent to Washington D.C. to drain the swamp, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

When the smoke clears the Russian story will be a complete fabrication by a desperate party and the media that supports them to continue living.  The hard facts are that the Democrats destroyed themselves by constantly trying to rig the game and they finally got caught by it and their old tactics of trying to off load their problems onto the nice Republicans who have always taken away their burdens.  Trump just kicks their problems off the wagon and laughs about it—because that’s what he has done for many years and why he’s been so successful in real estate.  It’s why we should have actual business people in political office as opposed to political hacks because they are molded through real world achievement and not scholastic theory. The media that is using this Russian story as a narrative to destroy Trump will find that all they’ve done in the end was strengthen the President and weaken their place in the future.  People do love a winner and in spite of all the controversy, people love Trump.  If he ran for office right now his margin for victory would be even greater—because people know what’s going on deep down inside. It might be hard to articulate it through the current noise, but once that Democratic Donkey dies—everything will be very clear.