Being Fearless: What the Democrats are truly terrified of–people who don’t need them

I’ve already provided all the reasons that the Democrats are losing ground and how they are making themselves into an extinct political party. I have also covered how the Trump administration is innocent as to charges of collusion with Russia and how it is actually the Democrats who are guilty of that action as they were the party that was in power and had the relationships with Russia.  But at this point all of that is irrelevant because something much deeper is going on for which everyone is missing.  The great desperation of the Democratic Party that they are revealing presently—that last gasp of the dying donkey as I’ve described it, is the realization that their methods of incursion have forever been vanquished and as I look back on it—I’m very proud of the role I played in it.

I was a very “rambunctious” little boy in grade school. Don’t ask me how or where I got it from but I had a rebellious streak that was extremely mature, even at a very young age.  I’ve told some of these stories before, but I’ll put them together for context—in kindergarten I went toe to toe with my teacher in a way that was sometimes excessive.  I hated her and she set a pace for my entire public school experience—right out of the gate.  She threatened my mom to fail me from kindergarten after just a few months of attending Liberty Elementary School on Princeton Road way back in 1973 and all that started because I dressed up a bear for a class assignment in jeans when the pants were supposed to be corduroys.  She literally went insane over the issue and was institutionalized shortly after I moved on through her class.  In first grade I poked the class bully in the eye with my scissors because he threatened me.  He was a lot bigger than me and much stronger—so I did whatever I had to do to win that fight.  It was in class in front of everyone, including the teacher.  For the next four years I was constantly in trouble and getting “swats” from the principal’s office—but my behavior and love for fighting never changed.  In fourth grade a pack of kids tried to shove the drug “speed” down my mouth on the school bus and I spit it out of the window causing a massive fight on the bus.  I have always had a policy of no drugs in my life which holds to this day.  There were many fights after that as I had a reputation with the druggies and they wanted to conform me.  At this point I was good with the jocks because I was the fastest kid in school and I won the pull-up category in the winter Olympics in my fifth-grade year.  But in sixth grade I had many more problems with several more teachers and was in constant fights with 7th and 8th graders. One eighth grade kid who was a lot bigger than me by almost half jumped me at my locker and I literally shoved the kid through the principal’s office door and the fight ended up in his office.  Since the kid was again bigger than me and a lot stronger I had to find some leverage point, so I took the fight into the principal’s office literally with blood everywhere which was really the only way to win that one.  I gained a reputation for being crazy which suited me just fine.  My nickname back then was “Animal” from the Muppet’s character—because that’s how my peers saw me.  In high school is where I started to pull out ahead of my classmates in every category.  No longer were kids bigger and meaner than me and I had learned martial arts so I could block anything anybody threw.  I started winning everything I did and some people on the other side ended up dying through these actions and I went into my senior year pretty much invincible.  Nobody at Lakota challenged me to anything so the fights went over into other school systems at drive-ins, arcades, and just about anywhere I went.  My reputation was such that I was hired several times as a body-guard and a bouncer in places where I wasn’t even old enough to attend.  I was employed by the Chinese mob from Chicago and my next job after that was at a car dealership where I sometimes did repo work for the bank—and they sent me to all the ugly jobs—because I was the only one crazy enough to do them.  Luckily, I met my wife about this time and she gave me a reason to evolve into a different direction.  Most of the people I know from that time are dead or are in jail—so meeting my wife was a very positive experience for me.  Anyway, the sum of that little story is that I was never afraid of anything—and I’d fight anybody anywhere on any terms—and I’m still like that. Schools are places where they pound you into conformity.  The places were never about learning—they were about learning your place in society and I was one of those rare people who came out of it unbroken. If you add to all these experiences my expert use of bullwhips and a love of guns I really don’t worry about any threats to my person, or my loved ones.  I have a long history of keeping the bad guys at bay and looking back on it I’m a little shocked that I managed through it all from my earliest years completely pure as to my resistance to bullies.  I never liked them or bent over backwards to yield to them no matter where they were in our society—adults, mean kids, druggies—thugs, killers, dead beats—anybody.  And at almost 50 years old, I’m pretty proud of that—and I’m certainly not going to change now.

So when it has come time to make a stand for something I’ve always done it and in politics I knew what I was doing. Like for instance with the teacher’s union at Lakota when I put myself on the front pages of the Cincinnati newspapers over that issue way back in 2010.  My dad was very concerned when I went on WLW radio and called out the teacher’s union at Lakota for driving up the costs of running the school forcing property tax increases.  Like I told him—“what are they going to do to me?”  He knew what I was talking about but he thought I went overboard—because he had trouble with unions in the past even over unimportant things.  Unions like most liberal concepts always use the threat of force to sell their “altruistic” ideas.  My strategy on the Lakota issue from the very beginning was to take that threat away from my opposition—like I do in most things.  I mean I’m not a maniac who runs around threatening people all the time.  Generally, I’m pretty nice and can use many forms of communication to convey a thought.  I don’t have to threaten to kill people all the time to get my point across.  But I do have a reputation, and that gets around when people start checking you out.  And I knew that the union wouldn’t be able to do anything to me that I couldn’t easily swat away—so I got involved and my presence changed things.

I only tell that story because it takes a certain kind of person to break through the ice of fear that usually governors people in their daily lives because unfortunately they learn in their public schools to keep their mouths shut and not to stand for much of anything. You are taught what to think and when to think it and the peer groups form to be the enforcers—and those categories usually last a lifetime.   I’d say that Donald Trump likely could tell a similar story as I just did.  I’m not saying I should get an Eagle Scout award or be put on a pedestal of Christian orthodoxy—but if you want someone who will stand up to bullies solving problems, then a background like mine is probably the kind of person you want for the job.  As I did things I wrote down the why and how and other people started utilizing the same strategies.  Other people started sticking up for themselves and the liberal advocates out there were seeing for the first time that their Rules for Radicals book wasn’t working anymore on conservatives.  Really, for the first time since Al Capon’s mobsters in Chicago, Democrats were being challenged in ways they weren’t used to and panic began to set in.  All this opened the door to Donald Trump’s run for president in 2016.  I may have started the snowball rolling along with other people.  The net gains from the conservative movement that was no longer afraid that union leaders would show up to their houses and string up their family in the dead of night was beginning to embolden politicians to throw John Boehner out of the Speakership and to put a wide field of Republicans into the race for the White House starting in 2015.  Since conservatives were no longer afraid of the Democratic bully, they put their support behind Donald Trump as a way to finally strike back.

And that’s where we are. As people observed some of us early pioneers challenging the establishment and standing up to the threat of physical violence—it emboldened more people to fight back as well.  At Lakota when the union tried to impose fear against me—the results were not favorable.  It was laughable really.  Nobody is going to attack me to my face and get away with it.  And once people saw that on a mass level, more people realized that they too could fight back—and that the liberals weren’t so scary. Now, today, Trump is in the White House and he doesn’t put up with anything and Democrats literally don’t know what to do because their only playbook is the Rules from Radicals approach by Saul Alinsky.   The way to beat liberals is to take away their threat to violence.  Once you do that, they are lost.

I don’t go out of my way to be tough. I don’t work out obsessively or watch my diet to the point where I need to maintain a certain image.  I just do my thing and enjoy my life and I seldom think about fighting other people.  However, I internally know how to deal with anything that someone imposes on me and I have a long history of not taking any crap—and I’ve had it all my life.  I never remember a time when I didn’t behave this way so the best I know is that I was born this way.  That made me into an adult who was completely free of ever yielding to another human being under any condition.  I can honestly say that I’ve never been coerced to do something against my will at any point in my life and I’m sure Donald Trump is the same kind of person.  And now that those kinds of people are now involved in politics, it completely defangs the Democrats because they have nothing else in their arsenal but the use of fear to recruit members to their political philosophy.  When they don’t have the tool of fear, they are lost.  And that is what they really fear now that Trump is taking the White House—and America, to places they can’t follow.  That is the air behind their screams as their party dies, and to me, it is music to my ears.

Being free is not something any government can give you dear reader. You can only give it to yourself.  There is no law that can make you safe.   Only you can learn how to be essentially invincible protecting yourself from the intentions of others.  If you are the smartest person in the room, nobody can beat you.  You don’t have to be the biggest, the smartest by IQ, or even the best—you just have to have the skills to keep anybody else from getting at you—strategically.  And once you master that you can promise yourself success 100% of the time.  You can’t promise that you can win over others 100% of the time, but you can keep them from beating you 100% of the time.  For a liberal to be successful they must get at you and if you deny them of that—they are utterly powerless, which is exactly where the Democrats find themselves in 2017.  The best way to make yourself free is to make it so that in your life nobody can attack you—and once you’ve done that you can begin to taste a life without fear—and adversely, a life without Democrats.  With Trump, his polling numbers won’t drop below 35% and when all this first started—say back in 2010—it was much lower as to those who were willing to stand tall and live fearlessly in the voting booth.  And four years from now that 35% will be even higher and that is the indication which is terrifying those who live off the fear of good people everywhere.

Rich Hoffman


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  1. Well said. One baby momma said she had three babies at home. I would bet she is on full welfare. She had no business being in that cesspool. She should have been home taking care of her babies.


    1. What a pathetic mess that whole story is. These idiots behave like this then wonder why we don’t want to associate with them. They call us racist just for having values. Just pathetic. Watch the videos of those people and you can see the cause of all their problems.


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