Rush Limbaugh Says We’re In A Civil War: He’s right, and what we need to do about it

I listen to Rush Limbaugh when I can, but not as often as I’d like. If I miss the show I try to catch the podcasts in my shop where I practice target shooting and doing gun repairs—which is soothing.  A long time ago when I worked at the “Mill” (Cincinnati Milacron in Oakley) Rush Limbaugh was on every day in every building on the shop floor.  You couldn’t go to the restroom without hearing Rush from 12 to 3 PM during the Clinton Years—so I have a point of reference to go on here.  But during yesterday’s broadcast Rush said something that I didn’t think he’d ever say.  I had said it about five years ago, but Rush finally said it and he was right.  Rush in my mind is mainstream.  Even though the radical loons from the left think Rush represents the “hard right” Limbaugh is in fact a moderate in my mind so for him to say that America was in another “civil war” was quite a statement.  Listen to the broadcast above specifically the second hour.  I consider that admission to be a turning point in this long war—because before you can fix something, you have to identify it.  Admitting that America is split into a civil war condition is the first step in solving the current national problem.  However, the next is in determining who wins—because obviously both sides are too far apart to ever come to agreements.   The philosophic positions are just too great and the political left isn’t interested—as they have demonstrated during the opening days of the Trump administration—at living peacefully together.

Rush asked a very hard question—how do you know who wins a civil war? Well, it comes down to one side recognizing the authority of the other and presently the political left is unwilling to do that—as Republicans have been so gracious in the past.  So there is no shame in pushing Democrats out of the political process because we gave them the table under the Obama presidency and they showed us what they were made of.  They abused their power and that caused Trump to be elected—to correct all those mistakes.  But Republicans can at least say they played by the rules.  Democrats have no such intention—and Limbaugh did a good job of pointing out the case as it stands.

That means that we have to not only beat Democrats in elections, but we have to beat them at their fundamental philosophy. To win this war we cannot have a “live and let live” attitude toward them in movies, music, and culture—we must challenge them at every phase of life and we must have a focus on “winning.”  Not just compromising, but beating those idiots into a pulp to the point where they must capitulate—or be utterly destroyed.  There is no reasoning with those people on the political left so we must beat them into submission intellectually until they either adopt our positions, or they are put to an end.  It’s as simple as that.

I’m not saying that we must impose physical violence on the political left, but when they start the fight, we must finish it. Otherwise, intellect is the weapon of today.  They cannot fight smart people, so it must be the smartest of the conservative base who must be the knights on this battlefield because it’s not cannons and arrows that will win—its superior strategic positioning and philosophic concept.  “The pen is truly mightier than the sword” as I’ve demonstrated repeatedly.  But that is only one weapon of war.  The use of the Second Amendment is one of the most powerful aspects of our position—because not even Hollywood can use the guilt game against conservatives—because without the gun, Hollywood would go bankrupt, which ironically is already happening.  Guns aren’t just for shooting, they are symbols of self-reliance and the political left hates that concept.  So just having a gun does a lot to undo the political left.  Using a gun as part of your recreational life does a lot more.  So one of the best ways to destroy the political left is to destroy their soft, snowflake sensibilities with “in your face” audacity.  They have certainly used that tactic on the abortion issue and many other leftist topics. Now is the time to turn that tide against them with conservative vantage points for a change—and the gun is the most effective weapon in that battle—not for shooting and killing—but for the self-reliance that they represent.

The political left does not represent America. They represent the stagnate old remains of Europe.  Recently while I was in Europe I saw clearly why progressives in America love Europe’s centralized control so much.  You could see it everywhere—Europeans are heavily encumbered by ridiculous rules intent to govern every part of their lives.  For instance, if you go to Burger King in London and you get a large drink with your meal—it’s like the size of a kids drink in America—because in England—and the rest of Europe there are many rules on serving sizes and ingredients designed to take the strain off their socialist health care systems.   Everything is small and served in reduced amounts—as opposed to America.  No wonder Michael Bloomberg thought he could limited the size of soft drinks in New York with similar rules that they have in the United Kingdom.  From his point of view Europe was already doing it and it really is all progressives want to do—is control other people’s lives.

From my little shop at my house I could make endless amounts of ammunition and maintain many firearms without the outside world having anything to do with any of it. I don’t need a store or a gun manufacturer to make guns.  A simple machine shop can make everything needed—and that is nice to know.  As I work out there I think about the political left and their stupidity in thinking that they can destroy the firearms market by taxing ammunition and putting tight restrictions on firearms manufacturers hoping to put them out of business—because that’s their intention.  That mentality doesn’t come from Americans it comes from European sympathizers who happen to have moved to America and been trained to think in a progressive fashion.  The best way to challenge them is to put it in their face and make them realize that there is nothing they can do to stop firearms in America—because the need for them arises from a philosophy that is specific to our culture.  It is not part of European culture, or even eastern culture—it is specific to America.

Just keep in mind that to win this war that you must do something. Letting the other side off the hook with silence won’t win the day. You must engage them with a shameless position toward your American philosophy and let them perish under its light like the devil might melt under Holy Water.  Whatever you do, don’t hide anymore.  Don’t give them the illusion that they are the only ones brave enough to be on the battlefield.  Join them there and outshine them.  Force them to retreat to their little liberal campus groups and pull out their hair in frustration.  Because Republicans—“conservatives” must now focus on winning this war.  It’s not enough to have Trump in the White House.  Now is the time to run liberals off the field of battle and force them into hiding for a change—and to bend to our will if we hope to save humanity.  That’s what’s at stake and what must be done.

Rich Hoffman


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