Syrians Thank President Trump: Little birds, cockroaches and knives

Obviously now, in the days after the Syrian air bombing by the Trump administration, does everyone understand what the real game plan of the political left has been—which was actually articulated within the secret Skull and Bones Society for which both Bush presidents were a part of. War for many decades now has not been used as an objective by globalists to win territory or even gain cultural expansion—it has been used to displace people and force them like cattle into a slaughter-house of the global orthodoxy’s choosing.   The way that Trump conducted the bombing exposed the progressive trend to use displaced people from destabilized regions to change the cultures of their destinations—such as the United States where it would be assumed that those people would become Democrats holding their hand out to the government to care for under our welfare system. When Syrians came out in favor of Trump’s actions against Assad in Syria—the liberal press and politicians like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren had very little to say in defense other than to utter the playbook of their open border campaign contributors.

Syrians if given a choice don’t want to flee into the United States—they want to stay in their homeland which completely dismantles the leftist open border position. Now more people than the typical reader here can see that all along the wars in these third world locations from the Middle East down into Africa—South America and over into Indo-China—India and Indonesia were created to force tribes of people into other zones of population to drive the open border mentality and manipulate the gene pool toward nefarious leftist Utopian dreams of a one world culture all mixed together in a stew they control to serve to unknown dinner guests.

Trump’s bombing campaign took away everyone’s excuses which was the genius of it—from just about every side of the argument. But most effective of all were the thanks that came from the Syrian people toward America for aiding their existence.  I have spoken a lot lately about this Trump move and the strategic importance of it—but additionally I have gone so far to examine the nature of being that nosy neighbor who helps defeat evil when it’s obvious that they can’t help themselves.  The “law” isn’t very good at defining such things—but let me illustrate it this way.  When I see some little bug stuck in a situation I stop and help it out of my pool, or free it from being stuck between the glass of a house window if I can. Life is life and I try to do what I can to help the little things live just a few hours longer if possible.  Just over the weekend, I was mowing my grass and a little bird had got its feet wrapped around some string somewhere and had managed to get all that wrapped up into a little tree where the thing was beating itself into oblivion in a panic to get away.  It didn’t help that the bird was stuck low to the ground and was within my eye line, so the mower was terrifying the bird.  It was shitting itself dry just scared nearly to death.

Now……………I had several decisions to make. I could just leave the bird and let some cat or coyote come along and eat the creature.  After all, life lives off life and the coyote and cat need to eat too. However, as a human being I have a mind that allows me to think beyond animal necessities and as a result I am the top of the food chain.  So it is truly in my power to decide the fate of the little bird.  Under that consideration I took out my knife and cut the string wrapped around the bird about two feet back from its foot and freed it so that it could at least limp away and chew away the rest of the string back in the safety of its nest—if it’s leg wasn’t broken.  And that appears to be what happened when the bird fell to the ground disoriented and with a new lease on life.  Once it realized that escape was a possibility the bird took off for some hidden away security that only birds know about.  I went back to mowing my grass.

The Rand Paul philosophy would have left the bird and not intervened. I run into the same problem with spider webs.  If I see some bug not yet completely stuck, I help it out.  But, the spider did go to a lot of trouble to spin a web so that things would fly into it—so the spider could eat.  If you let the bugs fly free, you are denying the spider needed food so something is always bad for something else.  And if spiders didn’t eat so many insects the world would be overcome with them.  So the non-interventionalist stays out of it things and for good reason.  But I’m also a free market guy and I think that by helping littler birds and bugs out from time to time that I improve the hunters who must drive themselves just a bit further to eat.  Sure they might be pissed off at me for taking away their easy meal, but in the end they’ll make themselves better for it—or they’ll die trying.  However, liberals are the types of people along with their progressive counterparts in all global political parties who deliberately set traps for birds so that they can evoke in my empathy action that they caused.  For instance, they might put that decision gate in front of me to drive an answer from my actions that are favorable to them—such as getting the bird stuck to the tree with some string and when I drive by doing nothing they might photograph it and use the experience to move me in some position of guilt.  Or when I stop to help the bird they might hope that I accidentally kill it so that they can call me a murderer even though they were the ones responsible for the bird’s situation—hypothetically speaking of course.  But the political left probably isn’t prepared for me to be carrying a nice, big, sharp knife that easily cut away the bird so that I could resume my grass mowing and listening to the Reds baseball game on the radio over my headphones.  What Trump did was pull out a knife in the form of missiles to help out the “bird” (Syria) and free it from what was trapping it.

Whatever fox or cat that might have been counting on that easy meal had to work harder that day. I decided that—and I stand by my decision as head of the food chain.  I can be ruthless to the fox and compassionate toward the bird if I want to—and the same goes for spiders.  And that is the role of America in the world—as a capitalist country it is our decision to be compassionate or ruthless depending on the point of view of who we are dealing with.  And when it comes to children—100% of the time, we must help them when they are caught—because they don’t deserve to be someone’s easy meal.  More than anything when we do such things we can see who the real villains are by those angry that the sweet little birds of our lives fly free.  Likely that sweet little bird will give me many nice songs this summer and will bring joy to the world in many ways that a cat or a fox doesn’t.  So I’ll take the side of the bird.

But I must say that a few hours later I saw a cockroach in my house sitting on the ceiling. I have a rule for cockroaches—because they are dirty characters that multiply rapidly and once they get out of control, you could end up with a massive population of them where you sleep.  So I caught the thing and flushed it down the toilet.  I didn’t smash it quickly to put it out of its misery because I wanted it to scream as it drowned in ways that only cockroaches can hear because I want all his friends to learn an important lesson.   (They can live underwater for quite a while)  I did not act out of compassion with the cockroach because of its nasty nature that is not compatible with my existence and as head of the food chain—it’s my right to decide if it lives or dies.  So, I killed it.  And most Democrats that I know—they are just like cockroaches and the same fate is the only one for them (metaphorically).  You do it without thinking about it because the role they play in our society is a negative one—and little birds deserve to live a good life not caught in the strings of traps placed by global elites for an objective no honest person wants.

That’s why what Trump did was a good, moral thing. And it’s nice to see the world realizing what a blessing it is to be cut loose from those progressive traps out there which is all that Assad really is.  Nobody expected Trump to pull out the knife and free them—which is why he is the master of manipulation for the good of the human race—and that is a very good thing for all life—even the cockroaches.

Rich Hoffman


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