Don’t Worry about World War III with North Korea: Its about economics, not firepower and that stupid fat kid doesn’t have any money

It didn’t surprise me at all that the North Korean missile test blew up just off the launch pad.  There is technology that allows for that kind of thing. Kim Jong-un’s military show that was on display during the 105th birthday celebration looked like just that, a 30-year-old grandson who didn’t know what century he was in.  As a country North Korea is about as far behind as anyone on earth.  The people of North Korea are essentially victims of the movie, The Village where through their educations and state-run television have no idea what’s going on in the outside world they or what the abilities other countries around the world might posses.  They are taught to worship the ruling family of North Korea with a cult-like effort which looks incredibly pathetic when it is shown on full display.  Strategically speaking, North Korea has already lost this new war with the world—particularly the United States, and I said so yesterday which provoked a comment from a person who had some thoughtful things to say.  This commentator shown below holds a belief that many people around the world continue to entertain—that the United States is on the precipice of war and that World War III could break out at any moment.  So Instead of answering that guy directly, I’ll do it below to share with the class.

Attacking North Korea would potentially start WW3 and that would not be good for anybody let alone the USA. Not all dope smoking Americans are progressive liberals looking to destroy America from the inside out but instead hardworking, free thinking individuals that want to see America thrive and prosper all the while not always meddling in things that do not concern us. Just an outsiders opinion


Here’s the big secret that nobody wants you to know dear reader—including China and Russia who are the supposed super powers in today’s world.  Socialism and communism have destroyed most of the world’s economies—particularly in North Korea which is completely dependent on foreign resources.  China has used North Korea as kind of a barking dog to keep tensions high for a throwback war so that they would have negotiating leverage with other countries who didn’t know any better.  North Korea in such circumstances is like having that sign in your window that says “beware of dog.”   But really, the dog is a toothless, lazy concoction of flesh when you get to know it—and in North Korea’s case, this isn’t the same country that America fought during the early 50s.  The only thing that will happen is that Korea will try to bolster its world profile and America will keep embarrassing them to the point where the people on the inside of the country will begin to lose faith and North Korea will collapse from the inside out.  There won’t be a World War III—so don’t worry about it.

Like most things in life the entire issue comes down to capitalism and socialism.  America is a rich country not out of luck—but because it has an economic philosophy that is conducive to wealth creation.  But nobody else on the world stage has anything close—so they can’t fight a war.  Wars are expensive and the most terrifying aspect of the MOAB which was dropped into Afghanistan last week is not its raw power to create a blast radius that was a mile wide—it was its cost to manufacture.  It was circulated by Glenn Beck and many other anti-Trump pundits that the MOAB cost $314 million each—which of course the Trump White House allowed to circulate.  The actual cost is $170,000 but Kim Jong-un doesn’t need to know that because his country or any other around the world wouldn’t be able to produce one—so by the time he could buy one, it would end up costing him almost the entire GDP of North Korea.  So let them think it cost that much because the psychological warfare is much more potent than the actual blast. Even if they wanted to, North Korea doesn’t have enough GDP to fight a war with one American state—let along the entire country.  So there won’t be any fighting, because nobody can afford it—but the United States.

The world wants to still think they are all relevant at the United Nations and on the stage of world affairs—but they aren’t because they have artificially limited their economies over the last five decades to the point where they have nothing to fight with.  It was part of a global strategy of disarmament that all countries participated in to some extent, but the end result has been extreme limits on financial excess and that is what Trump’s White House is able to exploit now.  We promised to defend Japan from North Korean aggressions, so Trump moved in a naval fleet between the two countries which allows for countermeasures in case of another North Korean missile launch.  But honestly, it is possible now to win such a war without even firing a shot—because science thrives in rich countries—and the USA has a lot of science.  We could make it so that North Korea might never fire another shot outside their country with science.

Kim Jong-un never had to face such an embarrassment and his country really can’t endure a public relations challenge from the United States.  The old tricks simply won’t work.  Nobody is afraid of the toothless dog, or the sign in the window.  Everyone knows that North Korea could easily be wiped off the map just by cutting off their resources from China.  Trump played the right cards and will force China to cut off North Korea—so there will never be a World War III.  All North Korea has is some missiles and ground troops that are totally irrelevant in today’s fighting.  They have no money.  North Korea’s total GDP for 2015 when Kim Jong-un was in his hey-day of 28 years old was a measly $25 billion dollars.  Donald Trump himself has a personal worth of half that—and there are many other billionaires in the United States worth more than that.  North Korea is that little distraction that would-be hostile nations like to hide behind.

They have given North Korea resources so that they could use them as a shield to their own aggressions—so long as North Korea was out there rattling sabers, countries like Russia, China and Iran could slide under the radar of attention.  But before Trump’s 100th day in office the threat of North Korea has already been diffused—no country that only produces $25 billion of GDP is going to be in a war with the United States.  There is more value in United States assets sitting in the South China Sea right now than the entire economy of North Korea and in the United States we don’t even notice it. The average person has no idea where North Korea even is—and they certainly haven’t a care in the world about battleships and aircraft carriers stationed there ready to protect Japan from aggressions.  They might if there were steel rations like there were in World War II, but the American economy is so much stronger now than it was back then.  We could have a war with the world and people in America wouldn’t even know it, because the abundance of our production means would keep personal sacrifices off their minds and that’s what’s different now than say 50 to 60 years ago.

Kim Jong-un is fighting his grandfather’s war and back then such displays of military might would have terrified military generals.  But not any more.  “Left of launch” strategies can keep North Korean missiles from ever leaving their launch pads and now that the United States is off the coast, that 30-year-old fat kid who is running North Korea is caught in precarious situation.  Trump will make a fool of the kid and what happens in the wake of that is that the world won’t have any use for Kim Jong-un anymore forcing them out in the open—and the North Korean people will realize that their leader isn’t the “god on earth” that they learned about in their public educations.   He’s just a stupid fat kid who inherited his grandfather’s tiny little communist plot of land on the Korean peninsula—that is bankrupt.  And once North Korea is stripped away, it forces all the countries that have been hiding behind it out into the open.  So there won’t be any World War III.  There is nothing to fear from the American vantage point.  Because this war isn’t about missiles, troops and airplanes—it’s about economics—and North Korea simply doesn’t have the resources to even think about fighting.  And those are the facts.

Rich Hoffman


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