The Decline of Fox News: Why not standing behind Bill O’Reilly makes them a bunch of pussies on their way out

It’s not Bill O’Reilly or Roger Ailes at Fox News who changed, it was the world run by these modern and very confused feminists. It’s those same people pleasuring themselves with a copy of Fifty Shades of Gray in one hand while gazing at their iPads and reading the headline to the New York Post this morning, “The No Job Zone,” enjoying the fact that Fox News cut ties with Bill O’Reilly over sexual harassment allegations.  The extreme progressives who made this new generation of neurotic feminist activists think that by taking down Fox News that they can stop the direction of the world when in fact they couldn’t be further from the truth.  Even though I’ve watched The O’Reilly Factor for roughly 20 years, I’ve often felt the show was entirely too moderate and that a dramatic shift to the traditional political right was badly in need.  Even though the O’Reilly Factor had great numbers in cable news, it was still only 4 million viewers a night.  And while it’s true that Bill O’Reilly has been a bestselling author at the top of the New York Times list for over a decade—his footprint of influence is limited to a relatively small national audience.  Getting rid of Bill O’Reilly won’t bring back the days of Obama simply because people like Alex Jones and Mark Levine seen below in a marvelous discussion on socialism in America have been rapidly gaining in popularity.  Bill O’Reilly wasn’t willing to go that far to the right and the world was starting to pass him up—and at 68 or 69—whatever he is, retirement or a complete job change was already in order just to stay relevant.  So losing The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News won’t change anything.  It won’t make Donald Trump lose his presidency, and it certainly won’t stop the slide that Democrats are finding in their political party.  It is simply chasing a ghost that when you grab for it suddenly isn’t there anymore.  When it comes to Rupert Murdoch, his kids aren’t as smart as he was, and he is an old man now—turning things over to idiots who are too much a part of New York progressive society—and still give The New York Times relevancy.

If you ever watch daytime television geared toward women, you can see clearly the problem. Several generations of women have been hard-boiled into European socialism, and feminism, yet their biological instincts are telling them something else and they are all over the map.  Not that long ago I was at a television studio with a couple of very attractive twenty something on-air personalities and when they were in the presence of an alpha male—the responded like school girls waiting to be asked to the prom, which was a purely biological response to the mating customs of human beings.  The more refined parts of our nature—the fact that I’m married, and that they were young professionals kept everything on the up and up—but clearly if we didn’t maintain a certain layer of civility our conversations would have quickly spiraled into something that Bill O’Reilly was accused of—such as calling one of his guests “hot chocolate.”  Such things might be appropriate if the subtext of the interaction had some power climbing flirting going on—but later depending on how things went—the definitions could be changed to garner a different approach to the desired outcome—which is usually the acquisition of power by using feminine charms.

Ugly women hate that attractive women have an advantage over them in this category. It drives them crazy that a perky little former model might get someone like Bill O’Reilly to slap her on the ass so she can get a top job somewhere within the organization—because it’s unlikely they will get the same opportunity.  So as feminists they desire to level the playing field so that they can have a top job in entertainment too.  But what they forget is that people don’t like to see ugly people on television, and whatever show they get on will likely tank.  It wouldn’t be Roger Ailes fault—it’s the fault of their ugliness.  Not that anybody can do anything about being ugly—but it is a factor in television.  As it is always in entertainment when you put attractive young people in a room with powerful producers—men or women—mating customs and business practices get crossed—just as it did with the Access Hollywood tape that was meant to bring down Trump.

The proper thing for Bill O’Reilly to have done in the case of Fox News was to just blow it off—maybe even say that he “wanted to tag that ass,” or something to that effect and move on. And Fox News should have stood by him understanding that if they caved on this issue, they’d be expected to cave on every issue henceforth.  The Fox News formula obviously has been to put attractive women into anchor spots, show a little cleavage, flirt with the camera while attractive alpha males in most cases did the hard news.  Of course, progressive stations like MSNBC and CNN were upset by it because they couldn’t compete.  Who wants to look at Racheal Maddow?  The hope they all have is that now Fox News will be forced to live by the same rules as the other progressive networks now that O’Reilly is gone—but that is not what’s going to happen.

This trend of hating everything that “white males” are a part of is getting old and is already swinging back the other way politically. So attacking traditional male roles in society by extreme feminists who really don’t know what they want to be in life won’t deliver our society to some wonderful Utopia.  Biologically, women love to be around powerful, strong men, and strong alpha men know how to read the signs of flirtation when it’s tossed in their face.  And you can bet that it can be very hard to tell the difference if you are one of those “powerful white males.”

Honestly, I take it as a personal assault when I see attacks against people like Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump because I too am a white male with an inclination toward alpha maleness. I don’t go around rubbing it in, but I am most happy in a room where I’m the leader and everyone else does what I tell them too—as an aspect of my nature.  Women typically do what they’ve done for millions of years—they recognize that and they find a way to navigate.   If they challenge me directly they’ll get the same treatment that other males get—and often women are better at using other skills to avoid direct conflict with me.  And that’s how these things happen to the old timers like Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump, and Roger Ailes.  A young hot woman might plop herself into their laps and make sexual advances through flirtation but turn off the advances at a strategic time hoping to use modern progressive definitions to keep them from getting dirty—but still using their bodies to advance their careers. (cough………Megan Kelly)  That likely happened on the set of the O’Reilly Factor all the time—young women looking for a break flirting with old man O’Reilly so they could get their book mentioned, or maybe even get a job at Fox News on a permanent biases.  Then to make matters worse, modern progressives—especially the drooling feminists—hope to erase the whole event by pushing “white men” out of “the business” hoping to hide what they did to get themselves into professional positions.  But they can’t hide it—because everyone knows and these modern progressives can’t hide the nature of biology.  There will always be alpha, “white” males, and there will always be “betas” who are willing to do anything to advance their careers—and those betas come in all sexes and colors.  They do not discriminate because flattery works at any level.

My life won’t change because Bill O’Reilly isn’t on the air anymore and likely I’ll watch Fox News a lot less. That is their problem.  But I’m not going to switch to CNN or NBC.  Likely, it will be more Alex Jones and Mark Levine—those types of people because they better represent my personality type.  Progressives had their eye on O’Reilly as a target but little did they know that he kept people from getting their news from harder political right sources—so Bill O’Reilly helped them—he didn’t hurt them.  O’Reilly’s audience won’t change to the left—they’ll drift more to the right and that’s not what these idiots had in mind when they went after Fox News with sexual harassment claims to sink the careers of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly.  When they tried it with Trump—he was the only one who behaved properly.  “Yeah, I said what I said….so what.”  And as “white males” who are powerful because that’s what we’re inclined to do, we should learn a lesson from this Bill O’Reilly situation.  Next time don’t apologize—or change your behavior to appease the progressive mixed up modern feminists.  Because they don’t know what they are doing and are acting against their biological natures.  That is a truth no law in the land can avoid acknowledging.  Women still like to be told they are pretty and its often right to tell them so out of politeness.  If they come at you with a sexual harassment lawsuit, then in the future don’t hold the elevator open for them when they come asking for your autograph.  But never apologize for being true to your nature.  And if they fire you from your job, then move on and be successful elsewhere and let them choke on their bad decision—which is what will eventually happen to Fox News on the dying platform of cable programming.  It’s just a matter of time, and I won’t lose one moment of sleep over it.

Rich Hoffman


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