The Fox News Magic Freak Show: How the Murdoch kids are screwing up and why Bill O’reilly will survive

I was doing some work so I loosely had on Tucker Carlson’s show in the old O’Reilly time slot on Fox News and it was terrible. I like Tucker, but the show just wasn’t working for me and when Bruce Jenner came on dressed in drag to show his wrinkled up old ass on my giant 4K television I turned it off and went into the garage to do some reloading of ammunition.  I have much better things to do with my life than watch that kind of crap.  If that’s what Fox News thinks is going to work now that the sons of Rupert Murdoch have pushed out Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes of Fox so that they can make their own way in the world.  I predict they will go out of business pretty fast.  The show The Five is just terrible—because Bob Beckel is like listening to a sick old man complaining about a toilet being clogged up, when he was the one who did all the clogging.  It was just an intolerable line-up and Fox News should be ashamed of themselves as an organization.  O’Reilly’s exit had nothing to do with women or sex—it was all about moving the station toward a more centrist position politically by the Murdoch kids and it was clearly not my taste.  I have a busy life and I don’t have time to waste on Bruce Jenner and a Fox News freak show.

I wasn’t planning to but I turned on O’Reilly’s podcast while I worked at my workbench pressing bullets into their casings and you know what—Bill’s little radio show was much better than anything I had seen on Fox News from 4 pm until that 8:30 pm moment where I turned it off at the site of Bruce Jenner’s wrinkled mug complete with a wig that looked like he snatched it from a Key West street whore from lower Duval. O’Reilly is after all the only connection our present society has to honest old-fashioned news the way the networks used to strive to deliver it.  Even PBS back in the day had a much better journalistic approach—I didn’t even know that Bill Moyers was a liberal until the late 90s.  O’Reilly knows how to deliver the news and that’s all I want.  I don’t want dudes dressed in drag and I don’t want to hear Bob Beckel’s anti-Trump rhetoric all the time. Honestly, I don’t care if the other political socialist loving liberal side of our society falls off the face of the earth—when I’m relaxing at home I don’t want to hear from them.  I see them enough around town and in daily business.  Roger Ailes understood that which is how Fox News became so popular to begin with.  The Murdoch kids—they haven’t got a clue.  They are typical second-handers who have no idea why their dad was successful.  They just know they are rich and that they can dump people like Bill O’Reilly and change him out with other people and everything will just work out.  Clearly, that was wrong after only one night.

I had my suspicions about the sex allegations against O’Reilly and Ailes, but when Sean Hannity’s name was tossed in the mix over this past weekend I knew the whole thing was a well-planned, and coordinated attack against the conservatives at Fox News. The Murdoch boys played along with the New York Times because they wanted to fulfil their dream of building their own legacy—but the attack was meant to destroy Fox News and indirectly the Trump administration. Hannity is about as clean of a Boy Scout as there is at a celebrity status—there is no way he was asking women to his hotel room.  I don’t think those words could ever come out of his mouth.  That’s just not in the realm of possibility and he can defend his position—so when the claim was made it was obvious what was happening.  I’ll listen to O’Reilly from my garage and won’t waste my time with Fox News.  That actually helps me with my shooting hobby so I have no complaints.  I’m just happy to see O’Reilly get back on the horse so quickly.

It has now been revealed that during the campaign of 2016 Hillary Clinton didn’t understand why she was losing to Bernie Sanders and ultimately why Donald Trump did so well. The world had changed and Hillary didn’t see it coming with all her liberal friends.  The old tricks were no longer working—suddenly she was the magician on stage pulling rabbits out of a hat only people could see all the hidden mechanisms designed to sell the illusion and people were laughing at her, not mystified by her acts of illusion.  People could see someone off stage handing her the rabbit under a table and she was exposed trying to sell the trick as majestic when it was at that point just a clown car scheme gone bad. Hillary played as much as anybody at exposing all the back-stage secrets of the magic show and now the American public was aware of everything and it wasn’t working.  Only really stupid people were willing to continue accepting the illusion.  But people with half a brain were laughing at her and moving on politically.

Getting rid of Fox News of course won’t put the skirt back around the table to hide the assistant hiding the rabbit for Hilary’s hat trick. As polling showed yesterday, if the election were held now—100 days into the Trump White House—Hillary would lose worse than she did in November.  And Elizabeth Warren will fair far worse when she is matched up against Trump in 2020.  Those people on that side of politics have no idea what country they are in or what Americans thank about things—they just have their ideology and hope that if they avoid looking too deeply at things that they can continue the illusion of the magic show to their base of stupid malcontents.  They think that Bruce Jenner dressed in drag will replace Bill O’Reilly because honestly they never really understood the simple brilliance of the Talking Points Memo and why nobody in news has been able to duplicate it’s success even after 20 years of trying.

The great American novel Atlas Shrugged dealt with this whole second-hander notion that is now destroying Fox News—a half a century ago.  It’s no mystery—just like any right-minded person knows that rabbits don’t just come out of an empty hat.  At some point you have to suspend your rationality to accept that magic tricks are actually more than just an illusion, and the political left are masters of tricking themselves into believing that everything they see is real. But the magic tricks have been exposed by the left and next generation second-handers like Murdoch’s spoiled brat children don’t understand how things really work—because they are afraid of the work involved in the process.  They are used to sitting in the audience, not working the stage—so they think they can put anything up—and people will be entertained.  But there is a huge difference between David Blaine and some street hustler just doing card tricks.  The news as it has evolved over time is all about selling the magic tricks of the political left and a lot of people—(half the country) are tired of it.  So they want a throwback to an old dinosaur that tells things with as little spin as possible—to just stand on the stage and tell us the news without the rabbit tricks and the empty hat on top of a table covered with a cloth designed to conceal the rabbit hidden underneath.  American society is more sophisticated now, and those old tricks just aren’t working.

And people want more than a freak show on Fox News.  They can get Bruce Jenner anywhere, MTV, E News, ABC, CBS, NBC—everywhere.  But people tune into Fox to step beyond the magic show.  And if they can’t get it there they’ll turn to the Bill O’Reilly podcast like I did and forget about Fox News all together. People aren’t as dumb as the Murdoch boys think and if they don’t know what they are doing—which they obviously don’t—they need to get back into the audience and let people who know what’s going on run the show again.  Because they are really screwing things up.  No skin off my back, but Fox News won’t just run itself.  If that network dies, something else will take its place.  But what their dad built will be lost forever—and I’m sure that’s not their intention.

Rich Hoffman


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8 thoughts on “The Fox News Magic Freak Show: How the Murdoch kids are screwing up and why Bill O’reilly will survive

  1. FOX news is going the way of the dodo. The second generation just doesn’t get what made FOX so popular. As you say, we don’t have to turn on FOX because there are so many alternatives to getting real news. The “Five” has always been irrelevant. We haven’t watched FOX in a long time because we refuse to be part of the cable extortion racket. If you listen to Rush and Hannity on the radio you can get a real good idea of what is going on politically. I have listened to Rush since he started and in fact went to the coliseum to see him in person in the 1980’s. Over all of these years I have never caught him fudging the information he relates on a daily basis. As far as I am concerned he is a genius.


    1. I’m listening to Rush right now. That’s part of what the Fox owners don’t get. My phone is a better radio than I could get anywhere in the past. Its small and I can hear it everywhere without an antenna. That makes these radio guys so much more powerful than cable news.


  2. Rush is appointment listening in my world as well Gatekeeper. He is a genius. Although 55 now using NBC for news pisses me off.
    TKR, thanks for the you tube podcast. i wanted to hear him live but couldn’t as I’m not a premium member. Glad someone broke some rules and copied it.
    I wanted Bill to lawyer up like Sean did but he didn’t and that spoke volumes to me. He could easily still be on Fox in his slot if he is innocent.
    I have no use for Fox News except for FBN. I’m a money chick and I can get politics from Dobbs. Tucker is OK but there is something about him that grinds on me.
    James’ Murdocks wife Kathryn HATES Trump and FOX. She will put the nail in that coffin. Not the boys. They’re weak, pussy-whipped males. Period.


    1. I knew I liked you for a reason. I love FBN and specifically Dobbs. But I think they are on their way.

      Bill should have attacked harder, but what’s the point if the owners want him out. I’m sure that’s how he rationalized it. Hannity did well to get out in front.


    1. You think they’ll take down the whole network? That’s fine. They are a monopoly anyway and I would like to have more choice like Breitbart News, OAN, along with Blaze. Getting something like that off the ground in the shadow of Fox is probably unlikely not to mention all the regulations and bull that goes along with starting a network like that. All money. Oprah can afford her failing network because well…she can afford it.
      The day will come when they really go after conservative radio, hard.


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