Finally a Good Idea Coming out of Washington D.C.: Using El Chapo to pay for the border wall

There are a lot of scum bags out there, but to me one of the worst are those who peddle mind altering substances to people too stupid to know better. Drug gangs and Mexican cartels are in my book among the worst scum on planet earth and they deserve every bit of aggression given to them by any law enforcement organization.  They are essentially the cockroaches of our society—dirty, scummy insects that can survive anywhere and thrive in places left untended by care. I would even go so far to put bar tenders into that category even though alcohol is legal—to me it’s all the same thing.  But drug lords like El Chapo from Mexico who is now in jail awaiting trial in America after many years of eluding justice is the worst of the worst.  So it made me quite happy to hear that Ted Cruz had found a creative way to pay for Donald Trump’s border wall—and to make Mexico pay for it.  The following story is what government should be doing.  For a change, I like these people in Washington and the monuments of our nation’s capital seem more—prosperous—than they once did after eight years of Obama, eight years of Bush, eight years of Clinton, and four years of the elder Bush.   You have to go back a long way to get to a period where people could actually fell pride in their government and now that feeling is returning to me.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that “there’s a justice” to his proposal that money seized from drug cartel capos be used to pay for President Trump’s promised border wall.

“These drug cartels are the ones crossing the border with impunity, smuggling drugs, smuggling narcotics, engaged in human trafficking,” the Republican told host Tucker Carlson. “They’re the ones violating our laws and it’s only fitting that their ill-gotten gains fund securing the border.”

Federal prosecutors are looking to seize $14 billion in drug profits from the Sinaloa Cartel leader, who is facing trial in the U.S. on a multitude of federal charges.

“Now, it so happens, coincidentally, that the estimated cost of the wall is between $14-20 billion,” Cruz said. “So, the legislation I filed yesterday was very simple.”

On Monday, Cruz introduced the Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order (EL CHAPO) Act.

“It said any proceeds that are forfeited from El Chapo and from other drugs lords shall be spent building the wall and securing the border,” said Cruz, who also praised the Trump administration for their willingness to enforce immigration laws.

I can’t think of any better way to prosecute El Chapo and all the terror he brought to the United States openly poisoning our youth with drugs than to crush his organization and use its vast wealth to fund the border wall between the United States and Mexico. Sure there are other drug dealers out there who have risen to the occasion in the wake of El Chapo, but why not use one drug lord to fund the destruction of all the others.  Sounds like a great plan to me!

The argument in favor of drugs by other scum bags is that the drug cartels are only fulfilling a market value—and that people will get it anywhere if they want to get stoned or otherwise mentally impaired. And to some extent that is true—you can’t legislate away stupidity.  But you don’t have to turn away from evil either.  Drug cartels operate as their own little country in Mexico and the exist largely beyond the law because so many people in the United States are seduced by the vile evil that comes from the drug trade. I have been against drugs of all kinds since I was a fetus so I have no compassion for the destruction of any industry that contributes to the destruction of the human mind—so I’m all about aggressive enforcement.  I don’t want my neighbors doing drugs next to my house.  I don’t want it in my neighborhoods and I have no problem taking action against people I know are doing such things.  Drug sellers and drug users are scum and worthless to the human race so we should as a nation take a strong position against the endless flow of drugs into our southern border.  Sure people will get “high” sniffing paint—but that’s another problem for a different article.  What we are talking about is the distribution of mind altering substances originating in an impoverished country where many abuses happen to innocent people to produce the ingredients.  And with that industry comes human trafficking and several declination behaviors toward the fulfillment of generational advancement.  The drug cartels are not about individual liberty in providing relief from the toils of life in the privacy of one’s home—they are selling poison to the stupid—weak, and evil—and it must be stopped as a practice in our country.

I can think of no better way to pay for Trump’s border wall than to take it out of the hide of the drug cartels. Put them out of business to pay for our American security against the severe mismanagement of the Mexican country as a whole, which is out of control.  Mexico needs to get their act together which they haven’t done since their socialist revolution at the turn of the last century and as a result they rely on the illegal drug trade as part of their shadow economy—as one of their major exports.  That is not a good way to make a living.  Even in the United States where there are many places to drink alcohol—which I don’t agree with—but they are there, our economy has great diversity so if you want to live outside of their influence you can.  But in Mexico they can’t.  If there is a drug cartel in the area—they become the law and ruling party—and you either do what they say, or you are killed.  If you happen to have an attractive daughter—she will be stolen as sure as you are reading this by these thugs and carted off to the sex trade.  Such girls if they are lucky end up in the sleaze palaces of sex in Cancun or Tajuana—and other resort towns.  But the worst are virtually sold into slavery to be consumed while they are young and to be destroyed by the age of 25 by vile people not fit for this earth.

So bravo to Ted Cruz for thinking correctly about how to pay for the border wall while sticking it to the Mexican drug cartels. Why not improve the life of American citizens off the looted wealth of the Mexican crime syndicate?  There isn’t a single reason not to. It’s a fabulous idea that should have been thought of and implemented long ago.  But with Donald Trump setting the stage and people like Ted Cruz putting on the show—we finally have a good idea out of Washington D.C. that encapsulates a sense of justice.   And it is long overdue!

Rich Hoffman


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