The Master Negotiator: What’s really going on at the Korean Peninsula

I completely support what Donald Trump is doing on the Korean Peninsula.  During an interview with Reuters Trump showed exactly why he is the most unusual American president in history by exhibiting excellent concepts of strategy as his reputation points to him being a master negotiator.  He certainly showed those skills this week in regard to North and South Korea.  First he politely dismissed North Korean tyrant Kim Jung-un stating that the kid inherited a regime and that he was only 27-years-old and that it was a difficult thing to be thrown in to.  And at the same time Trump stated that he intended to renegotiate the South Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and that he wanted South Korea to pay for the billion dollar THAAD missile system that was put in place to protect them from North Korean aggressions.   All this came out as North Korea launched a missile that flew a few miles then fizzled out before it reached the Sea of Japan and Trump acknowledged that aggressive action with the communist country was appearing more likely.

No, we are not at war with South Korea, but as Trump said during the campaign, countries that use the United States for protection should pay for those services and he’s simply bringing South Korea to the table during a time of crises.  As a very smart engineer said to me this week when we were discussing these matters—“chaos is cash.” Trump is looking to do well for the United States and why shouldn’t he?  South Korea needs protection from its crazy northern neighbor who is a reckless kid who might cause some trouble, so they needed to renegotiate the deal between them—and pay a billion dollars for that THAAD system.  We have it–they don’t—so why not cover the costs?  All of that makes sense to me.  Trump is in the driver’s seat on all issues and nobody seems to understand how he got there—but that’s only because we’ve had political hacks in the past as presidents—not a guy who is actually good at this stuff.  Trump is doing an excessively good job.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—North Korea isn’t going to be going to war with anybody.  That little communist country has been used by the many tyrants of the world as a cover story to hide their misdeeds behind the lunatics of the Korean Peninsula for a long time.  North Korea won’t be allowed to fire any more missiles into the waters off its borders beyond International waters.  They won’t be blowing up any American warships or sending any threats into South Korea—not while the United States is in the area.  While the world wants a fight like school kids egging on an after school brawl, North Korea is the skinny zit faced punk who picks on people and would get their ass kicked with one punch by the opponent who shows up and shuts everyone up in just a few seconds of engagement from someone who really knows how to fight.  Kim Jung-un and his deceased father were used by the world to harass others into making bad trade deals to begin with—and now their bluff has been called—in China, in Russia, in Iran and many other places.  Trump has them all stunned to silence with essentially one punch.

The news outlets who count on such fights for their ratings really don’t know what to do with all this information.  How can a president do two things at once?  Well, for the kids who are in the media who were trained at socialists training centers called “colleges” this is how things are done in the world—especially in business.  Those mysterious people on Wall Street do this kind of thing all the time and Trump is a master of that world—so what did they expect to see from his handling of the very volatile region of the orient?   American has demonstrated to both North and South Korea that they can stop acts of aggression.  Now the North has to come to the table and think about disarmament of their nuclear capabilities and the South has to pay for the protection—and the United States wins both ways.  That’s how it’s supposed to be.

In the old days with stupid presidents the United States would have been forced to protect everyone, eat the cost then end up spread out all over the world for endless decades of indecision because the problem was never dealt with—which is how we end up on the bad side of all these trade deals with economically inferior countries.  Their socialist natures figure that the United States was a rich nation that could afford to be the policemen of the world, so they should take care of that obligation because they had the means. Thus, American tax payers ended up taking care of all these messes when the creation of the mess was all part of a negotiation strategy to weaken the United States to begin with—just another wealth redistribution scheme by globalists like Obama, Clinton and the Bush boys to bring equality to the world.  Not anymore.

I’ll put myself on the record though, in spite of the rest of the world conducting their saber-rattling for that after school fight they hope happens for their ratings spikes on news broadcasts—there won’t be war with North Korea.  Trump gave the North Korean dictator a way out and showed a little compassion so that he didn’t have to knock his head off.  And the missile that was launched yesterday wasn’t going anywhere anyway.  North Korea is dealing with forces it can’t comprehend and Trump is standing over them smiling with a fist on top of the head of Kim Jung-un and another hand out to South Korea to pay up.   And China has suddenly had its covers ripped off in the middle of the night and now they are naked and afraid.  This is a new game for all of them and the United States is in a good position for a change—for the good of our capitalist country’s sovereignty.  I know that’s hard for a lot of people to see, but it’s quite clear if you know what you’re looking at. The American media in a lot of ways are like Kim Jung-un—they are all about the same age (27) and have a very limited view of the world.  It’s not always their fault that they just lack experience in the way things work.  They are about five minutes out of their parent’s womb and they think they know everything—and they are all learning painfully that they don’t.  But Trump is a seasoned veteran battle hardened by some of the smartest negotiators this world has to offer and now he’s in charge of things.  Yeah, North Korea isn’t going to war with anybody.  In the end, they’ll soon be eating out of our hand and there will be jaws that drop—and when they do, remember you read it here first.

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “The Master Negotiator: What’s really going on at the Korean Peninsula

  1. You may have touched on it a tiny bit in the last paragraph, but make no mistake….DJT isn’t deciding or negotiating anything! You gjve him far too much credit. I give him credit where it’s due and that it’s only deserved that he’s choosing the right people. Some of the greatest generals of our time that barry fired, are being called up by this president. They’ve been waiting in the wings as their duty and honor to this country wasn’t going to be quelled by some temporariry asshole in OUR house. Hell no. Those men and the ones at hand KNOW how to negotiate and KNOW how to win a war.
    I’ve watched Mad Dog talk about how serious this is but I can only imagine behind closed doors, those guys are smoking huge fat Cubans and laughing at this little fucker. We’d wipe him off the map in one crushing blow. Or in your words, one punch.
    My father, who is still with me thank the Lord, was sp. ops. He’s more worried they’ll be out of Lobster bisque for lunch than NK. Nor is he the least bit concerned with Red China or Russia.via NK, Dad is a YUGE trump supporter. I mean YUGE!!
    The sooner DJT scrapes that shit off our shoes, the better as Lil’ Kim will never, ever stop.
    Time to take out crazy!!! And yes, that IS our responsibility.


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