Trump’s 100 Days Speech: The media is completely lost as to where they are

It simply never has happened in my lifetime.  Usually presidents of the United States do everything they can to get the approval of the media and they end up giving the people of that profession the illusion that they are running the country. But not Donald Trump, as a man who doesn’t need to raise money constantly for his next campaign, he can afford to blow them off due to the way they conduct their business.  Instead of attending the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington D.C. like everyone else has—Trump celebrated his first 100 days as president in Pennsylvania talking the same way he did during the campaign baffling everyone in the media who were forced to cover his event.  And guess what, Trump’s event was more popular, and much more interesting than a bunch of political insiders toasting the success of each other by using the president like a piñata.  At their event in Washington D.C. the media took their shots at Trump as expected even though nobody cared but themselves.  But this time Trump also took his shots at the media—and everyone noticed.  This was truly a different kind of president and business as usual is not on the menu.

I understand and support Donald Trump’s behavior toward the press completely.  Functioning just in Cincinnati, Ohio I have over thirty personal media contacts on my phone and have given many interviews over the years on television, radio and in the newspapers.  When I’m working on something that requires those relationships, I do a lot of media.  Over the last few years, the things I have been doing did not require media—but other skills.  And that’s good because in 2012 I had a pretty good blow up with one particular reporter from The Cincinnati Enquirer who took things I said in many different places and plucked them out of context for a hit article designed to help my political opponents purely for partisan reasons.  That guy was Michael Clark who was the education reporter for the Enquirer and what he did was flat-out manipulate the facts to support a liberal position—must like we have been seeing with Trump on a much higher platform.  I have firsthand experience and dealt my situation much the way Trump does now—only when I did it nobody had seen it before.  Even Trump was able to get good press back then because he was doing The Apprentice on NBC and the media needed Trump as much as Trump needed the media.  But when the time came to tear Trump down and keep him out of the White House, that’s when things got ugly as they usually do.

I was always nice to Michael Clark, when he needed a quote I always gave him one professionally no matter where I was in the world—to keep the ink flowing when he most needed it.  I gave him scoops and very articulate answers which helped him enormously because I gave him access to other stories just through association.  But when he played his part in one of those “mad mother” attack pieces—just like what happened to Trump on many occasions during the campaign, and recently happened to Bill O’Reilly, I cut him off after that.  He and I haven’t spoken since and we see each other sometimes around town—but in my book he’s done.  I won’t work with someone like that who is intellectually dishonest and he knows what he’s done. He thought what he did to me would finish me for life and he went for my jugular quite openly and nobody does that to me and gets away with it.  That’s a policy that I live by and it works and Clark apparently didn’t understand it.

Even back in 2012 people still read newspapers, but now many of the reporters I knew at that period are either out of business in 2017 or they are headed in that direction.  I used to read the Enquirer everyday early in the morning like a lot of people I know—but I can’t name a single reader now.  It’s not because of my incident—it’s just that the paper sucks and new media is taking over where the old media used to dominate.  Just covering my education issues back in 2012 there was a thing called the West Chester Buzz, and there was the Pulse Journal that was set up in the plaza owned by one of my old friends from No Lakota Levy at the Liberty Township Kroger Marketplace.  It’s an empty building now—because nobody reads that liberal crap in a conservative region any more.  I’m quite confident that more people read my blog site than those who read Michael Clark’s Enquirer articles because mine are a lot more interesting even if people don’t always agree.  And they can read my stuff anywhere, at home, on their phone, at work—anywhere.  But the Enquirer charges all kinds of fees and you can’t go back and archive information because they run out of server space—they are really pathetic and behind the times.

Donald Trump has experienced much more indignation than I have so his anger and means to strike back are on a much larger scale—so I can imagine what’s in his head and what he did in Pennsylvania will leave an impression.  I purposely went out of my way to let my reporter friends know I can write better than they can more often and with more varied content—just to drive the point home that they aren’t needed in the world.  And when they come after you, they are fair game.  Trump certainly drove that point home from his rally in Pennsylvania.  He addressed his political rivals who are largely in the media by overshadowing their little Washington D.C. event and it made them look pretty pathetic.  Trump knows what’s coming—in just a few years many of those Hollywood actors at that dinner will be out of a job, or just barely hanging on because the entertainment industry is changing just as newspapers were during my little 2012 incident.  ESPN just laid off over 100 personalities there and cable news is drying up.  Movies are largely losing propositions top-heavy with union labor costs meaning the talent they utilize makes more than they can produce in revenue.  Trump knows their business in entertainment and new reporting, but they don’t understand him.  In a few years, most of them will be out of work while Trump is ramping up for his second term and things will be much different then. So why eat out of their hands when he doesn’t need to?

If anybody doubted the effectiveness of Donald Trump those concerns should have been alleviated upon hearing that Pennsylvania speech.  Presidents of the United States just don’t do things like that—especially only 100 days in and given all the negative coverage Trump has had.  He was able to pack the house with an enthusiastic crowd who is turning away from the press.  From the perspective of the media who held a big elaborate annual event in our nation’s capital that should have had the world watching like the Academy Awards Trump sucked up all their hype denying them even that much.  But they deserved it, and I completely understand.  The media doesn’t run the country.  We elect people who do.  They like to think of themselves as protectors of the public from the corruption of the powerful—but all they really are is progressive insurgents trying to alter America’s capitalist system and most of us like our country—we don’t want to change.  I’ve seen it up close from personal experience and I understand why Trump needs to do what he’s doing.  And his strategy will be effective in advancing his needs leaving the current media scrambling to remain relevant.  For those who wonder if Trump will be a good president—that speech on his first 100 days says it all—and points to a time that will be even better which is all any of us can ask for.

Rich Hoffman


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