The Moon Rise of South Korea: Holding back socialists in Asia and the Democratic budget battle

It is a shame we don’t live in a more literate society.  It’s a shame so many school levies passed during the May elections where voter turnout was noticeably lower due to all the nice weather, and it’s a shame that more people don’t understand the strategy regarding the recent budget compromise on Capitol Hill.  Things that are complex in nature require a long view understanding and that is best achieved through literacy—because the process of reading develops in the mind the ability to comprehend layered strategies that exist beyond the immediate gratification most people are accustomed to dealing with.  And this was never more obvious than the situation with North and South Korea and the role that China is playing in a giant international chess game—for which Donald Trump is properly engaged.  Our shallow American media was shocked recently when Trump stated that he wanted South Korea to pick up the 1.2-billion-dollar price tag for the THAAD missile system placed there to protect them from a North Korean attack.  They didn’t report the rest of the story, so here it is.

Shortly South Korea is about to hold an election to replace their disgraced president recently outed over corruption charges and the leader of the pack is a socialist Democrat by the name of Moon Jae-in.  Moon wants to have good open relations with North Korea and China and in his campaign rhetoric is claiming that the “west” is interfering in the peace process of the Korean peninsula.  Of course Americans have forgotten why we fought the Korean War a half century ago, so they really don’t understand the politics.  Heck, most of them probably couldn’t find Korea on a map.  So they certainly can’t understand why America is interested in keeping South Korea protected from communist incursions to the north and to the west with China encouraging all the aggressions.

That is the role that North Korea plays in the region, they are there as communist antagonists to play the “bad cop” in the great negotiations game—while China plays the “good cop.”  Everyone understands that game reading this I hope.  South Korea is the only open market capitalist zone in that region except for Japan just to the east.  Losing Korea to a socialist in the upcoming election who is a global communist supporter would be bad for America as it would solidify the spread of communism. Most American’s think that communism died back in the 90s, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. China, North Korea and Vietnam to the south are all communist zones and are a serious burden on the freedoms enjoyed by capitalist nations like the United States.  Immigrants from those communist countries pour into the United States looking for opportunity while slowly changing the voting patterns from Republican to Democrat.  China understands all this and are currently in a waiting game hoping to crush capitalism in the west while using American markets to bolster their own economy.

When Xi Jinping visited Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort of course it was a nice meeting, Xi was playing the “good cop” and so was President Trump.  It was all strategy to set the stage for what was happening in the east Asian theater.  China wants South Korea under their flag, America wants to have a capitalist footprint in Asia essentially to protect Japan from further aggressions from their communist rivals across the Sea of Japan.  China supported North Korean aggressions, the United States sent in the THAAD system and several naval aircraft carriers.  Kim Jong-un to push back the Americans threatened nuclear war and resumed missile tests and each time they have done so recently the United States has blasted them out of the sky from space.  As the world beats the drums of war hoping to see hostilities escalate in the region—the media of course supported the communists, while capitalist nations hope America prevails—a silent stand-off has evolved.  North Korea has realized that they can’t launch any missiles anywhere due to American positions and therefore can’t threaten anybody on China’s behalf—which has exposed the communists in favor of Trump.

Now the hope of the entire region is that Moon Jae-in will win in South Korea in a few weeks and that will end the support of American involvement there and return the power of fear back to China while indirectly unifying all of Asia under communism.  They envision such a thing as when China took back Hong Kong from England at the turn of the 20th century and have used it as an “economic zone” under a communist flag.  They plan to do the same thing with South Korea and this Moon guy is receptive to that kind of thinking.

Trump knowing all this has offered to take the edge off by speaking well of China, and offering to talk to Kim Jung-un all the while charging South Korea for the THAAD system throwing bait in the water for Moon to stumble on during his last weeks of campaigning.  It’s really not that hard to understand—but due to the short attention spans of most Americans in the media, they just don’t understand how the pieces connect.  That’s why sites like this one exist, because I do understand and am happy to explain it to you dear reader.  That’s also why I’m not down on the way Trump handled the recent budget compromise with Democrats.  Like the situation in Korea, Trump has to expose the other side with “good cop” dialogue so that they will be the aggressors justifying action.  In the case of South Korea, the hostile action will be a trade war with the new liberal president Moon so that he can’t solidify people behind him toward socialist objectives, but to cut out the feet from under him before he can take roots—which is precisely what the global political left has been trying to do to Trump.  Only in the case of South Korea the leverage is completely in Trump’s hands.  He needed to bolster the military to take care of all the foreign policy issues immediately and without question he hoped to recruit some Democrats to get 60 votes in the senate to go against Schumer for upcoming legislation.  The most pressing issue of course was the military money so that Trump could hold back the villains in Asia, the Middle East and in regard to Russia—which then forced Putin to talk to Trump on the phone about peace plans yesterday.  Without that budget deal, Putin doesn’t participate because the military budget was the leverage he had been holding out for hoping Trump wouldn’t get it.

This is all very easy to understand if you understand The Art of War, the great literary classic on Asian warfare.  The American media certainly doesn’t get it, but some individuals who matter here and there do, and that’s all we really care about. Trump knows what he’s doing.  Results will take care of everything else.  I haven’t seen anything in his behavior that alarms me so long as the long view is taken into consideration.  This Moon guy in South Korea is a Obama type of liberal, so Trump would do well if he could cause the guy to stumble at the finish line of their elections. If not, then Samsung televisions and KIA cars will be facing some very hefty tariffs because the fight is still over the spread of communism and the Marxist ideologues of Asia need those fresh markets of Hong Kong and South Korea to justify themselves as second-handers.  Which is the only reason that Kim Jung-un has been allowed to exist.  But if Trump beats the South Korean socialist to the peace process in unifying the Korean Peninsula against the wishes of China—then all of them lose their leverage cards in future negotiations. But to do all this, Trump couldn’t have a budget battle with Democrats now—he needed the military money and the ability to show that he was willing to work with the Democrats.  He knew they’d reject him—but he had to try so that he’d have the high ground later.  And that is the difference between a good strategist and an idiot.  The media doesn’t know the difference but readers here do.

Rich Hoffman


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