James Comey Makes the Case for Hillary Clinton’s Prosecution: The reason she really lost was that there just weren’t enough stupid people

I told you dear reader, and so did many other people—that F.B.I. director James Comey didn’t prosecute Hillary Clinton because of pressure from Loretta Lynch, and he revealed as much during his senate testimony on May 3rd 2017.  I thought that bit of information was jaw-dropping even though I was sure that was the case—hearing him say it was much more impactful.  And that wasn’t all, Comey went on throughout the day to reveal many blistering crimes committed at the highest level of our government that if truly grasped by our public would shatter our faith in those institutions.  I would argue that smart people already have that faith shattered—but stupid people, those who like Amy Schumer movies, those who do drugs, those on welfare, those who voted for Obama in 2012 and Hillary Clinton in 2016, those who act in Hollywood, those in the media, those who love European socialism, those waiting for slave reparations so they can stop working and drink from a bottle on a ghetto street corner bitching about “the man” holding them down for the rest of their lives—they are learning these things for the first time.  Yes, even stupid people could understand what James Comey was saying—it was that astonishing.

We have major crimes committed that were admitted to by the standing FBI director and he stated quite emphatically that his decisions not to pursue those cases were made because he feared destroying the FBI itself—because people would have lost faith in that law enforcement branch by learning the details. Hillary Clinton broke the law on several occasions and put him in a terrible position—politically.   Comey also knew that Loretta Lynch wouldn’t prosecute her friend after Bill Clinton met with her on a plane ahead of her testimony with the Attorney General over questions about her deleted emails.  There were so many laws broken over Hillary’s email situation that it’s actually a bit scary that she thought she was qualified to be commander and chief in the White House—just because she was a woman.  Amazing really—and astonishing that so many stupid people were willing to carry her to that position.

Watching those two fat assed louses sitting on that stage when Hillary announced that she had been winning the election until James Comey released his investigation intentions was insulting. If you slid those two women together and measured the radius of their thighs you’d get a couch.  How disgusting is that?  It’s not disgusting just because they are over-weight—but because they are those types of loud mouth progressives who hide their activism behind their gender and get fat living off the hard work of others—in Hillary’s case—as the ultimate second-hander.  Nothing she does is on her own—she simply robs and extorts her entire existence and to have her sit on that stage and with a straight face declare that James Comey cost her the election is just insulting to anybody with a brain.  Hillary lost the election because of her—and nobody else.  She was the idiot who set up an illegal server to destroy evidence because she intended to commit crimes as the Secretary of State and she planned to use her political clout to avoid prosecution.  That is the story—the one and only story.  My dog could have run against her and won—and I said so much over a year ago well before Trump ever was elected.  Good people—and they are still in the slight majority—in the end would never pull the lever for such a dishonest person and that’s why she lost.

In her mind she had everything worked out, the media was in her corner—unapologetically. Hollywood was eating out of her hand.  She could manipulate the law through Loretta Lynch, a personal friend of the family—so she figured all she had to do was flash the woman card and she’d be elected president.  But reality told a different story and she just wasn’t hearing it, and that was obvious over a year before we ever had the Election of 2016.  And with that arrogance she openly violated the law in many of the ways that we witnessed during the 90s when her husband was president.  Most of the time we only suspected these things were going on and talk radio was alive with the conspiracies, but in 2016 we finally had hard evidence because she got caught in two places, on her handling of the Benghazi debacle in 2012, then in her email scandal. When Comey stated that there were classified emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop from Hillary again he revealed an offense that she committed perjury in front of congress by denying that she mishandled classified emails.  She was sending them to a pervert to have printed by a third-party for god’s sake!

I know Trump doesn’t want to put a former political candidate in jail, but the law is the law. After all, that’s how James Comey got into all this trouble to begin with.  He was dealing with political forces that were breaking the law so audaciously that they painted him into a corner.  If he revealed the violations he could shatter people’s faith in law enforcement forever.  But if he turned the other way, he’d violate the principles of his office—and this is essentially how the political left has achieved everything—by painting good people into a corner and neutralizing them in the face of impossible decisions.  In Comey’s world nobody should ever be so deceitful leaving him unarmed to deal with such terrible behavior at the highest levels of our government.  And Hillary along with her friends had no concerns about what they were doing to Comey—because they do it to everyone—and that’s the only way they have ever won anything.  They are bad people and they do anything they have to in order to obtain power.  And power under their definition is the ability to suck merit off other people for their own consumption. Hillary broke the law and those involved should all do some time in jail—because that’s the only outcome that would solve all these problems.

It’s not because Hillary said she won’t run for office again. That doesn’t matter.  She violated the law in really audacious ways and she has to be prosecuted.  Not running for office in the future doesn’t make a difference.  It’s what she did that does.  To answer Comey’s statement about losing faith in the law, I lost faith in it a long time ago.  Most smart people have and the only way to restore it would be to make things right legally.  There are many who worked for the Clinton campaign who would fall under that category of potential prosecution because those are the same people who have sought to undermine the Trump administration even before it started by illegally monitoring people in his transition team, and actually trying to start World War III just to provide a cover story for their personal political crimes in order to obtain or maintain power. If we learned anything over the last year surrounding the election of 2016 it’s how power-hungry some of these people particularly from the Hillary camp were—and that they were literally willing to do anything to obtain that power—even break the law.  And that’s what should be punished so we don’t have to go through this again in the future.  Failure to act now will only lead to violence in the future and if we can’t count on the law to do that—then we have to resort to other means of justice. And that wouldn’t be good.

Rich Hoffman


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