Fire the Teachers at the Dayton Education Association: A LeapFrog tablet is a better learning tool

What are these idiots thinking at the Dayton Education Association, going on strike over wages and benefits in this day and age—when we know that public school teachers collectively make too much money for what they actually do? Here it is the end of the school year where they are going to be off work soon anyway for the whole summer and they are threatening the school board with a strike so they can feed their fat assed mouths more during a summer long vacation?  Obviously the negotiators think marijuana smoking is legal in Ohio—because only somebody on drugs could think that striking against the tax payers is the right move.  Apparently they didn’t get the memo at the DEA in Dayton, because those teaches aren’t needed for education—they are only needed as baby sitters.  If you want to teach your kid the important things, get them a LeapFrog tablet and some programs at the Target department store.  But if you need some slugs to watch your kids while you go to work all day leaving other people to raise your kids, then send them to public school.  With that criteria in mind, just about anybody could be a babysitter, so all these Dayton teachers are easy to replace.  Here’s how the situation was reported by WDTN in Dayton.

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Dayton Education Association said Thursday its members voted in favor of authorizing a strike if the status of negotiations does not improve.

According to a release by the DEA, contract negotiations with the Dayton Public Schools Board of Education have been ongoing since January.

The DEA says since that time, nearly 20 days have been spent negotiating a collective bargaining agreement and an impasse has now been reached. As a result, according to the DEA, both sides have sought federal mediation.

“Despite over 150 hours at the table, the DEA is greatly troubled by the Board’s refusal to recognize their teachers as professionals and meet their teachers, even halfway, on several key provisions,” said David Romick, DEA president. “Tonight’s vote should sound an alarm: the Dayton Public Schools are in a crisis,” Romick cautioned.

The union says many items remain unresolved including wages and benefits.

I haven’t dealt with an education topic for a while because honestly, the case is closed in my opinion.  I’m looking toward the Trump administration to expand School Choice and to break up the monopolies of union backed public education because that is the real problem.  No competition and high labor costs for poor performance are the cause of their out-of-control costs.  If you want to ruin a kid, send them to public schools without a lot of parental guidance and you’ll destroy them for life.  For some parents, deep down inside, that may be what they want to do—to handicap their children so they never outshine the parents.  Sending a kid to public school unguided by parental mentorship is essentially clipping the intellectual wings of the child for life and they’ll never recover.  They’ll die old people still crippled by their public education experience.  I thought by now everyone understood that.  Nobody should pass a school levy for a union infested education environment because you’re just throwing good money at bad methods of teaching.

I am very impressed by the LeapFrog Learning systems available at Target of all places.  They do a better job of Pre-K through grade 5 education than anything they are doing in public schools if learning is the objective.  Parents might argue that by sending their kids to school they are learning social interaction skills—but I’d claim the aim of the government schools is to break the children into progressive soldiers for tomorrow’s culture war against American tradition. So that makes them an insurgency, not a valued member of the American education system.  Teachers like these losers in Dayton aren’t worth more money—they are worth a lot less.  If the Dayton school board wants I could hire replacements for every one of their lost positions if they could hold strong on the strike and let those idiots starve.  By the looks of them they could afford to lose some weight.  I’d be happy to help them hire replacements too, just let me know Dayton.  We could replace every job lost to the strike in a month.  So don’t worry about it.  If babysitters are what we want so that parents can drop off their kids to watch while tax payers cover the daycare costs, then hiring those types of people is easy.

But we don’t need these people, who want to strike while on a cushy government job where they are off all summer, to teach our kids some “worldly” crap.  Look, I just returned from Europe where I spent time at both the British Museum in London and at The Louvre in Paris.  I was stunned by how willing to learn the kids were in both of those places where school kids were given assignments and worked in groups to solve problems at the museum exhibits under the care of very studious mentors.  I love museums and environments where learning is conducive and I have never seen kids behave in the United States like these kids did in London and Paris—from destinations all around the globe.  There isn’t a single teacher striking in Dayton that is talking about teaching kids to be equivalent to what I saw at the Louvre and British Museum recently.  And knowing that they should be giving the city of Dayton a discount, not demanding more money—give me a break.

I’m all for education but I’ve heard these loser teachers talk for years and they complain about things I’d consider easy as if they are the most difficult things to do in the world.  For instance, they say they do a lot of grading papers at home, and that it’s hard to manage 27 kids over a 6 hour period, and that they have to be personal mentors for all of them.  Well, try doing that for several hundred people, and working 14 to 15 hours a day all year-long and even catching up paperwork on weekends.  That’s my life so I really don’t want to hear how difficult their work day is.  I’m not sympathetic.  For what those Dayton teachers are making per hour for babysitting, they are living a dream job compared to the rest of the world.  So the Dayton management would be wasting money to throw one dime at these ungrateful teachers.  Cut them loose and hire some new people for the Dayton school system and don’t lose a minute’s worth of sleep over it.

Rich Hoffman


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14 thoughts on “Fire the Teachers at the Dayton Education Association: A LeapFrog tablet is a better learning tool

  1. Rich,

    I’d like to first start off by stating the fact that once again not all people that according to you pollute their mind with “dope” are incompetent or less productive human beings. That aside your grasp of publication education is poorly misguided. Yes, I will agree that there are a lot of teachers that are not deserving of the salary they earn but on the flip side of the coin there are very talented and caring teachers out there that want children to flourish. To lump all the teachers into a single group is idiotic and shows a lack of sensible conigtive reasoning. But if you must bury your head in the sand just like the lackluster ostrich and remain oblivious to the fact that no matter the profession or choice of job there will always be people worth the money and people not worth the money on every level. Oh, for future reference if you decide to continue these biased forums at least refrain from attacking someone’s person appearance (the weight reference) until you are yourself in better shape (as judging from pictures you’ve posted of yourself on here) just saying 🤣


    1. I’m good, and there is no head burying. I’m in great shape. Collective bargaining is a disaster, there is no way it should even be legal. The good teachers get lumped in with the bad ones because of collective bargaining. They can’t have it both ways. And by striking good teachers and bad ones are all doing it together. So just get rid of all of them and start over.


  2. Gawd, where to start:

    You could easily be talking about Lebanon or any other district here. It’s like the movie “They.” You put the glasses on and you can see just how many are low-hanging around you. Sheep abound. This last levy last week I got another taste of the indoctrination of the parents. Forget the kids! They’re swallowing that goo right down. Hearing them defend taxes shows just how linear these poor saps are. I can’t figure out how they put one foot in front of another every day. Mass stupidity. Of course there are good teachers but out paying the private sector is insane. I recommend you look up your teachers salaries. be sure to include the benefits and the number of days they work.

    Get that leapfrog anywhere else but Target!!!!!!!!!
    Fly your freak flag all you want but stop shoving your lifestyle down my throat (pun intended) at every turn!
    I’m a “head” from way back. Done it all and then some sorry to admit. They call it DOPE for a reason. If you need it medicinally, I’m all for that and always have been, but don’t bother to try to engage in intellectual dialog. You just look stupid. There IS no defense.

    By the way, the day you concede to sensitivities, we will beat down your door guerrilla style, full boar. You’re obviously in serious trouble as is your family!

    I’m trying to remember that post long time ago where you took down that big woman in the dress. My only comment was “Wow.”
    That would have sent Rolltide to the rubber room.

    Preach on TKR!


  3. A couple just moved down here from Dayton, where he was a teacher–the teachers here in NC are paid very poorly, and he now realizes what a goldmine he had in Dayton–but true, everyone shouldn’t be lumped together…but protesting at the start of a summer vacation? hard to take.
    and FYI, Mr Hoffman is in great shape:)


    1. Nice to see ya!
      Miss Lakota much??

      They are payed what the market can bare. When the employees are payed more than the boss in a fiscal year, the business model is unsustainable which is the case here in Lebanon. The problem here is that it was so small that everyone works for the district in some fashion. It’s a no win situation. If the tax base in your district is low, the public employees average reflects that. We also live in Adams county and our yearly taxes on a farm with 8 acres is one small trip to Krogers here. Those teachers are no less or no more but when you get a double masters doctorate and teach at your home school and expect to be payed according to your education, and are…it’s a backass situation. Lebanon is getting 21 million for 2017 and they still levy a continuation on the community. The taxpayers also have the burden of a special election since it was done in May so they can stay under the radar. 90% of the property owners are clueless how much they already pay for the school alone, not to mention the rest because it’s build into their escrow. It’s why there isn’t any outcry for our national debt. They can’t grasp the severity of that kind of spending. Unless you sit down and do a monthly budget down to the penny, and stick to it, you’re lost on local and federal fiscal situations. I attend our trustee meetings monthly. I am the only one. The only other residents are those with a beef. They hate that I sit there a take notes. It eludes them that someone cares.
      We will have to have some real pain before the hearts and minds will change.
      “It’s for the children” should be one of the communist tenants. It’s brilliant and works perfectly every time for a multitude of graft.


    2. And you’ve seen me without pictures. Teaching like all professions should be a market driven enterprise. It’s only worth what people are willing to pay for it, and what the unions are afraid of is the truth that the number won’t be $60,000 per year.


  4. But by saying that all professions should be market driven you are stagnating those of us that are worth more than what some company or corporation are willing to pay just say they can save a buck on their bottom line. Market driven businesses are very beneficial in some areas of consumerism but also can greatly undervalue those who might bring more to the table if only given the chance.
    Vicious, I don’t know if you think typing behind a keyboard makes you tougher when you say things about how my family is in trouble and I should check my mental health (from a previous post) but just understand that when you do busy down my door full boar that there will be a pitbull there waiting on the other side to chew your ass apart. Just saying I am of full confidence that me and my family will be just fine.
    Mr. Hoffman as you put it, is in no more better or worse shape than those pictured. It is one thing to make a valid point on the matter it is an entirely different thing to attack someone based on their appearance just to make one’s self sound superior while trying to make said point.


    1. Companies and corporations are the gate keepers of capitalism and are the police of value. Their existence prevent sentimental value from overcoming actual value in a market environment. They are certainly not the villains, as they are commonly refereed to by Marxist subscribers.


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