House Bill 330 in North Carolina: Thankfully now protestors can be hit with your car

House Bill 330 in North Carolina approved by their house 67-48 is the proper response to what happened in Charlotte in 2016 where protesters blocked traffic across their highways regarding a civil matter.  The bill protects motorists who hit protesters with their cars so long as the drivers “exercise due care,” which seems reasonable enough.  It is the proper response toward disarming the radical notions that collectivist groups have in pulling innocent people into their black holes of insurrection through mass effort and it’s good that North Carolina is taking the side of the individual in this matter—as they should. Nobody should be allowed to even contemplate that by throwing their bodies into a roadway that they can stop the economic engine of a nation because the nature of these corrosive protests is at their very core—anti-American.  Under that statement for instance my time is worth more than the collective concerns of a mob—and that is the clear distinction protected by this North Carolina House Bill 330.

Protests are not the foundations of “our democracy.” Of course opponents to this bill will say so much because they fail to understand the root of the problem.  First of all, America is a republic, not a “democracy” so by protesting, what these types of people are hoping to do is tip the scales of justice toward the “squeaky wheel.”  That is essentially unfair under the terms of a republic because the essential ingredient that is abused is “time.”  Socialist protesters tend to have more time on their hands than a productive individual who is working hard, taking care of their families and is managing each hour of their day week after week as a good lawful citizen.  These protesters tend to be communist sympathizers, dope smokers, and social anarchists who thrive in life by wasting time.  They are often jobless, or work in occupations where nobody misses them making them disposable in regard to productivity and by coming together in mass—they hope to increase their value over the good and productive members of our republic with terrifying force—and that’s just wrong.

Time is what we are protecting here. I can’t think of anything more valuable—and our automobiles are our representatives to our time.   If I want to get from my home in Charlotte to the downtown region to buy tickets to an upcoming concert, that action has more value than the protesters who might seek to block the highway over a civil matter because in the protesters case, they are electing to waste their time with a collective show of force whereas the individual seeking tickets is perpetuating our economy and culture through individual decisions rooted in wealth building exercises for which entire industries are created. In that regard, the driver of a car on a lonely highway has much more value than a mass heap of socialist losers standing in a highway to stop traffic and leverage the law in their favor through force—or the threat of it.  Such people cannot be allowed to “stop our economy.”  Civil recourse is for the courts, not a protester on our nation’s highways.

So when one finds themselves caught in a situation where a line of anti-American protesters are blocking your car, and hitting it with their hands causing damage to your private property you should have the right and ability to escape that situation because your time is more valuable than that of the protesters, and if they get run over in the process—that is their misfortune, not yours. Your time and property have a value greater than that of the protester because such acts of aggression is a threat to the fundamental necessity of time management under a capitalist society and an abuse of power by attempting to tip the scales of justice toward mob rule through threats of violence for which the individual has no protected legal recourse.

A lack of protections from individuals with either guns or cars is the reason that these communist insurgents in many municipalities across the nation are able to conduct such vile road closures even in this modern age. No human being in possession of a one ton vehicle should have to yield to a bunch of anti-capitalists threatening to damage their property or alter their time management, because personal time is every bit as important as private property.  As productive citizens, our time is more important than the collective needs of the worthless.   Even if that time is to meet somebody across town for a tryst with another human being for the intention of sheer pleasure, it is more important than the efforts of the many in tipping the scales of justice with the threat of force.  The time of a productive person is more valuable than the wasted time of the unproductive—the loser who has nowhere to go but sip coffee at Starbucks and bitch about the capitalist nature of America.

It has been proven time and again that behind most of the protestor groups across America is the communist party either in heavy degrees or lighter degrees of campus socialism. We’re not talking about American loving citizens of excellent value—we’re talking about losers. Losers defined by their dependence on government programs, on their contributions toward economic expansion, and their decisions to waste the time that God gave them on meaningless social anarchy as if they were equal to those who work hard and squeeze all they can out of life from moment to moment—from reading a book with their kids to ensuring that their spouses are “satisfied” in marital activity.  The ability to conduct a good modern life productively requires individuals to use a car effectively—and not to be stopped needlessly in their efforts.  That is why this house bill in North Carolina is such a big deal.  It legally protects the drivers of those cars from the legal overreach of the mobs who have lately sought to block roads to acquire social benefits outside the scope of the law.

How we handle and define ourselves in times of turbulence will decide whether or not we thrive as a society or prosper. To prosper we need to protect the rights of individuals to excel in life and understand that it is the few that do most of the heavy lifting in farthing society.  In the same way that a single sperm penetrates the egg of a woman for life to begin a single individual may unlock the next great invention of human evolution.  The masses do not do such things naturally, and our society is reflected on the basis of our own human life cycles—so our laws must also reflect these basic understandings.  We must protect the time of individuals because its valuable over the wasted time of collectivists who hide their fears and insecurities behind the masses.  Thankfully, the North Carolina legislature understands these basic concepts, and they have acted accordingly.  Bravo.

Rich Hoffman


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