James Comey, “You’re Fired”: The Democrats are out of bullets

I said it before and I’ll say it again about James Comey the now former director of the FBI, I think he got caught up in the politics of a presidential election and blew it. He knew he had a president who wanted him to view the law with different lenses depending on who was involved and he had an attorney general who was personal friends with the Democratic nominee for the presidency during an election year and he was expected to cover up anything related to impropriety regarding her.  But, he also had a bunch of law enforcement people working under him who expected rule of law to be applied so under the pressure of all these elements he stepped out of his normal role and had all these press conferences which were unprecedented and had very loose lips in public which ultimately led to his firing.  Part of me feels sorry for him, but his first act which led directly to this firing was when he blew the Clinton case just after the Fourth of July of 2016 by not prosecuting her.  If he really wanted to protect the rule of law, he should have recommended charges against Clinton and let Loretta Lynch be the one to play politics.  At least at that point, he could have legitimately said he did everything he could.

If you really want to see what liars the Democrats are watch Chuck Schumer’s comments about the Comey firing—because it shows the gross hypocrisy of their political party. Democrats wanted to blame Comey for Hillary Clinton losing the election even though they failed to admit to themselves that it was she and her unruly behavior which put their whole party in jeopardy during her presidential run.  But Democrats needed a cover story for why they were so bad and they wanted this Russian story to somehow stick to Trump hoping to slow down his presidency with conspiracy—attempting to link him to the failed Nixon administration by behavior—and it just doesn’t fly.  Trump is far smarter than Nixon and he doesn’t need to break the law to get elected into office.  Trump certainly didn’t need the Russians.  When Trump fired Comey it put the Democrats out front speaking both ways about it which really made them look stupid—as a party.  Even though the original failure was at their pick for president—they couldn’t take responsibility for it and have been using a mythical Russian hacking story to attempt to explain away all their other failures.

Hillary Clinton lost because she sucked as a person and even worse as a political candidate. All the celebrities in the world couldn’t help her because she was a terrible person that was fundamentally unlikable.  Even with the media eating out of her hand she couldn’t pull it off and that’s why the Democrats have to believe there was some kind of Russian tampering—but in reality the answer was staring at them in the face.  Everything they believe that worked in elections proved to be false and Trump exposed it for all future campaigns to take note of.  They can’t adapt to it because they have over 100 years of static behavior which prevents them from change fast enough to be relevant again.  That means that they will lose more seats in 2018 and even more in 2020—so all they have is the hope that people will believe this Russian story and that Comey was fired because he was investigating it.

Comey was fired because he did a bad job at the highest level and that’s what’s supposed to happen. I know it’s a new concept to Washington D.C. to see anybody fired over anything—but this is what should happen when an employee of any kind does a bad job.  After watching the Obama administration use the Black Panthers to utilize voter intimidation, then lie to cover up the Fast and Furious scandal through “executive privilege,” push through nominees during congressional recess, lie about the Benghazi terrorist attack, and then use of the IRS to target conservative groups—along with countless other small abuses of government over the last eight years—we’ve seen it all and Democrats were to blame.  That is why they lost power and Trump’s Republicans now have it.  And after all that, nobody believes that the Russians hacked the election due to a deal with Trump to acquire power.  That just didn’t happen.  Even if it did, James Comey wouldn’t be the one to conduct the investigation.  In a city that rewarded bad behavior, most epically with the testimony of Lois Lerner and how the IRS abused its power when she took the fifth in front of congress, Washington D.C. isn’t used to seeing justice enacted.  However, under this new day under the Trump administration, they better get used to it.  What did they expect from a guy who gained celebrity status on television by saying, “you’re fired.”  That’s one of the reasons we voted for Trump—was to clean out people like Comey who were obviously wrong for the job so to restore to working order the institutions of our government into the condition they were intended.

James Comey personified what was wrong with Washington D.C, on the surface he appeared to be very competent and helpful—almost Boy Scout like, but in his actions he proved to be a political activist who processed the law not with blindfolds, but with eyes wide open as to how it might play out in political theater, and over time he developed quite a love for the cameras and he used his position to step around the process and get in front of them often. Trump was right about Comey, he was the best thing that could have happened to Hillary Clinton because if he had done his job in the first place—way back in July of 2016, Hillary would have been arrested before the DNC convention and a new candidate could have been nominated by the Democrats who could have then ran against Trump.  Because he didn’t the situation lingered into the election which of course it did hurt Hillary Clinton.  But she was a flawed candidate from the start and the Democrats were so weak that they invested in a flawed person anyway—knowing the risks.  Now that they’ve all been caught they’ve created a phony story about Russians and scandals—none of which hold any water, hoping to stay in the game just a little longer.  But their time has passed.

Liberalism is dying around the world and a new fashion of thought is emerging that is much more traditional. The evidence is everywhere, from millennial women seeking to date as a demographic, older men double their age—because of the maturity problem with younger men—to the financial collapse of virtually every city in the world that has adopted Agenda 21 strategies.  Now that all the costs are due and the intentions of the implementation absolute failures, liberalism is being blamed and that is the biggest problem the Democratic Party has in America.  It’s not James Comey’s fault.  James Comey just did a bad job by putting his priorities in the wrong place and got caught playing the game of politics when he should have been blind to it.  The first time I noticed it was when the FBI was investigating San Bernardino’s radical Islamic terrorist situation where he was slow to call it a terrorist act—out of a direct favor to President Obama.  Comey was fired for weakening the FBI—and that’s all there is to it.  We should just be happy that finally there is a president in Washington D.C. who can make a clear decision on such matters.  Because that will go a long way to solving the real problems.

Rich Hoffman


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