What Draining the Swamp Looks Like: How stupid people created it to begin with

Speaking from experience—a lot of experience—the reality of why former FBI director James Comey was even playing with the idea of investigating a mythical Russian—U.S. Presidential election tampering story in 2016 was simply to keep his job. Everyone knows that the Russians were not in a position to have any impact on the election process which put Donald Trump in the White House leaving Democrats to make up some story that might trick financial contributions to continue to come in to their party—because after all, nobody is going to give money to a bunch of idiots which the Democrats certainly are.  And James Comey making many mistakes in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email problems needed to find some way to stay in power during a political shift in the White House, so he went along with this made up Russian story as a way to box in President Trump from firing him.  In government where they never fire anybody for anything they don’t think normal people can see through these schemes.  But in the private sector, we see it all the time and the best of us are trained to root it out.  I just happen to be one of those people.  James Comey was using the Democratic cover story to attempt to keep his job because he figured Trump would never make the move for fear of the optics.  Unfortunately for Comey, Trump is also one of those guys, and he rooted out the hypocrisy and fired the director of the FBI anyway—as he should have all along.

When James Comey asked for “resources” to investigate the Russian story among senators last week, he was planting the seeds deeper to prevent Trump from firing him because he saw the writing on the wall. Guilty people do this kind of thing all the time so it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.  What’s different is that Trump rooted it out in a way that people just aren’t used to in Washington D.C.  Democrats needed a straw man in Comey to blame and ride to support their Russian story, which Comey was happy to give them to keep his job.  After all Comey thought that Trump would never dare to fire a person who might be investigating him—how would that look?  Just for thinking in that way Comey deserved to be fired, and Trump did the right thing—just as any good private sector manager of any kind would have done.  When Trump fired Comey he took all that away from the Democrats and they are not happy about it.

This is what it sounds like to drain the swamp which James Comey was clearly one of the plugs holding back the metaphorical water. The swamp level in that K-Street culture allowed for many crazy creatures to remain hidden behind the mess, but with the water drained, there is no place for them to hide which is why they are suddenly all angry—including the liberalized mainstream media that is also part of the drain holding back all the water.  But taking away the Comey blame game, the media has no place to build a story with to even support their “Russian” hacking dialog designed to carry away people’s minds from the facts at hand.  The Democrats engaged in actual illegal activity, which was supported by the former president of the United State, Barack Obama.  Many people should have gone to jail—even in the media—and Comey was their cover story.  Now that has been ripped away and they are all naturally terrified.  That’s why we voted for Trump.

I worked on the Trump campaign and I actually had a chance to meet him a few times during the primary run. I’m an excellent judge of character and can say with quite emphatically that Trump is a good person.  I’m not one to drool over celebrity or power—but I can tell a lot about people by shaking their hand and looking them in the eye, and Trump ran for president for all the right reasons.  Compared to me, Trump is not a conservative, but as a businessman, he understands better than most the basic functions of a capitalist society and that makes him alone qualified to be president of the United States.  He had the age and financial means to make that run—and the energy so he had my vote early in the game and so far he hasn’t disappointed me in the least.  Trump is doing a great job—and at the levels I would have expected from him.  And in working with the campaign and knowing the people who were involved on the ground level I can say that the Russians had nothing to do with any of Trump’s success.  It was the hard work of the people in the trenches who worked extremely hard on his behalf in the states critical to his win in the electoral college.  There was a lot of passion for him, but very little for Hillary Clinton.  After all, she was a criminal.

The big secret behind why most people seek power and influence is that they have in their minds a deep psychosis lacking self-control and they desire to alleviate that shame by ruling over others. Most of the people involved in this Comey story are those types of people, from the politicians to the media reporting these events—to the law enforcement personnel involved. In the private sector as opposed to public those most successful in the managing of people are those who understand that making products and money is more important than having the ability to mess with people’s lives as some sort of supervisor.  People bad at being a boss usually fail to fight off the temptations to use the fear of one’s job to steer employees in a desired direction.  For such people the role of “boss” then becomes a testament in validating power that is missing from their strategic life and greatly affects every aspect of their lives.  You can see them in every industry but especially in politics where chicken shit people tend to be attracted to the power they can acquire over others on a tax payer funded expedition through the halls of nameplates.   Without any merit at all by only through popularity they gain the ability by the masses to rule over others which for such insecure people is the ultimate “high.”

Trump’s entire success through the years has been the opposite of that type of insecure politician. Trump’s Apprentice show on NBC was all about success through merit instead of popularity and this is something completely foreign to James Comey who climbed the ladder at the FBI doing all the right things and saying precisely the type of chatter insecure no-nothing politicians like to hear to justify what they think is action.  The media industry and Washington D.C. politics in general is full of bad boss types, people who let co-workers sleep their way into power, or will bend over on ethical guidelines to acquire more leverage to obtain more power—and that is what makes up this swamp which needs to be drained.  What Trump is bringing to Washington is the type of leadership he possessed in the private sector for which he was so good at it that he became a television celebrity.  But none of the other people involved from Comey, the senators and the media have any merit in their lives that allow them to provide natural leadership in what they do.  They are addicted to power and know of no other definitions for which to live.

So Comey played the game the way he thought would keep his nice government job intact—but he made the wrong moves when it came to Trump. Trump saw through it where others didn’t and the FBI director lost his job because he screwed up. Comey did a bad job and he tried to hold on to power the way people who earn their jobs without merit all do—through passive-aggressive extortion.  Comey hoped that by announcing he was investigating the Russian story which would appease the weak-kneed senators and media power climbers with language they understood that Trump would never dare risk the optics of firing him. But he was wrong.  Trump did what Trump has done for years, he acted based on merit and Comey didn’t fit the profile of a Trump type of employee.  Comey gave immunity when he didn’t need to in regard of the Clinton case, he destroyed evidence (lap tops, etc) and he tried to play both sides against the middle during an election year essentially to save his job with dirty laundry he hoped to hang over anybody’s head who won the presidency.  So for all that and more, we was fired by a guy who made his living best by firing people over a forty year career in one of the hardest industries there is to be successful at.  And Comey and the Democrats outraged by all this can only blame themselves.

Rich Hoffman


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