Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert Can’t Make it in the Real World: Understanding the nature of American culture and Donald Trump

This tendency of media personalities to think that by ankle biting at a president that they are protected behind some invisible barrier of orthodox is truly baffling. I didn’t think that when Obama called out people who got on his nerves like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity in the past that it was wrong, and I certainly don’t think it’s wrong for Trump to call out losers like Stephen Colbert.  What makes Trump unique is that he is a president that does not desire to function behind some veil of formality.  To him the presidency is just a job—it doesn’t make him as a person.  Yet many like Colbert and his audience and the type of people who voted for Barack Obama in the past, want the presidency to be royalty in America and that’s just not the way we intended the position to be.  I like the idea of a Thomas Jefferson who would answer the front door to the White House in his bath robe personally, or a Teddy Roosevelt who would swim nude in the Potomac.  I’m not at all enchanted by the luxury of the White House so I don’t see that the presidency is above the ankle biters out there like Stephen Colbert who nightly rip on the new administration hoping to return American back toward the direction of progressivism.   I like a president who is willing to fight anybody at any time under any circumstances—so I love that Trump takes on losers like Colbert the way he does.

Few people really know it, but some of these late-night comedians who are most against Trump, such as Bill Maher and Jon Stewart, are little guys. TV makes them look bigger but in real life walking around the great American Midwest these guys would easily get their asses kicked by average sized pick-up truck driving, tobacco chewers who make up most of the green space between America’s cities—and it scares them. Bill Maher knows that he can’t walk into a Waffle House at 4 AM in Tennessee and run his mouth without becoming a hood ornament.  I mean the guy is only like 5’8” and Jon Stewart is even shorter than that.  So these guys are truly afraid of those bulky white males who still dominate American politics.  They have kiss assed their way onto television and now take pot shots at the American way of life for laughs from behind the protection of celebrity—and many of us are sick of it.  They are partly why someone like Trump was elected—because we—the people who have lived in and made America what it has been—which we like—we are tired of these puny little punks, communists, lunatic feminists and many others of having a foothold under the banner of “fairness” only to have them ankle bite at us and not expect to be punched back.

We get tired of being called “white trash” or “rich white males of privilege” and all that crazy European talk about class structure which has been specific to life in the aristocratic age. That is not the way of life in America.  In this country, we like a guy who was born in Queens who gambled big with some loan his father gave him and worked hard as hell to become a billionaire—and along the way took no shit from anybody and is even in the WWE Hall of Fame—as well as eventually becoming president.  We like a guy or girl who can be born anywhere with any family name and become rich if they are willing to work hard enough.  We know that not everyone makes it but we like having that dream of opportunity to aspire to each day.  That is what America is and what people like that shrimp Bill Maher fail to understand.  Stephen Colbert—a satire guy from Comedy Central who made his living making fun of Bill O’Reilly isn’t what people who eat at Lee’s Chicken in Trenton, Ohio aspire to become.  But Trump is.  So we love it when someone we like slams some puny punk like Colbert on television.  Trump is right, it helps his base tremendously. What Colbert and Maher are doing is just mean-spirited propaganda which is very unlike what the conservative critics of Obama were doing.

Sean Hannity has put the screws to liberals for years and before him it was Rush Limbaugh both of which have been viciously attacked over just because they offer an intellectual argument against liberalism. Barack Obama naturally didn’t like it and as president he abused his power on many occasions to put an end to them if he could.  Obama actually used the White House to try and crush them through regulation, media pressure, and advertiser boycotts—not directly of course, but indirectly—through other people, donors, and media types.  And even if you are one of the stupid people who did vote for Obama, anybody with half a brain would have to admit the guy was very shady.  Scandal followed him everywhere and that wasn’t the fault of Republicans who were always there to point it out.  The scandals were so intense that he essentially destroyed the Democratic Party because congressman lost their seats, senators were voted out of office and Republicans replaced Democrats as governors all over the country.  And of course there was the 2016 election where Republicans retook the White House.  Trump ran a good campaign, but it was essentially that Democrats who had nobody competitive to put up as a sequel to Obama who lost the election, and they knew it.   Out of all the talent they supposedly had on the liberal side of the ball from George Clooney the actor to Warren Buffett, they only managed to put up a beat up old woman in Hillary Clinton chained to countless crimes and they lost the election because of that decision.  Their failure was complete with the rise of Trump.

They continue to lose because they got caught trying to take America away from the population that built it. There is nothing wrong with having an inclusive culture where people of all different nationalities and sexes can succeed together, but Democrats are out to destroy “white males” and that is something many take very personally.  I know I do.  When these various liberal groups come out openly for my destruction—yeah, I get a little angry about it.  So when Trump pushes back on my behalf, he certainly wins my support.  If people like Colbert and Maher had kept their mouths shut, it might not have been so bad.  But they pressed and pressed and pressed until people had enough, and Trump was the result—and they better get used to it.

The next step of course is that if we don’t have Trump as a recourse, then things might have to get nasty. They can only stand on the stage for so long hidden behind television security before people start giving it back to them worse than they have.  I think in many ways they should be thankful that they live in a nation where we have elections instead of armed insurrections because little midgets like those guys wouldn’t last long.  It’s easy to talk tough on a stage in front of a friendly audience in New York and L.A.  But it’s quite another to sit next to truck drivers, strippers, and hard luck old farmers at Waffle House at 4 AM and tell them you have big plans for their lives that were formulated by the United Nations two decades ago.  Because those people will beat the shit out of you and feed you to the dog.  That is the real America and I love it!

Rich Hoffman


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