Killing Bill O’Reilly: When attacked you always have to fight back–any way possible

He’s a little too New York liberal for me, but I like Bill O’Reilly quite a lot.  I watched him on Fox News for many years like a lot of other people and have enjoyed his books.  He’s a very smart guy and I think he’s the best that there is in the news business.  But sometimes he’s dead wrong and one of those times was when he advised Donald Trump to settle out of court to make the parade of women seeking an apology for sexually inappropriate behavior to go away so he could focus on winning the presidency. That is always the wrong move.  When these people come after you in every case you have to fight them.  It doesn’t matter if they are men or women—if they attack your reputation, you have to fight them.  In that regard Bill O’Reilly should have never settled the cases against him because the media used that as an admission of guilt and Fox News simply didn’t have the backbone to defend O’Reilly in public.   O’Reilly may have wanted to protect his family from long court cases where he’d eventually be proven “not guilty,” but having the money sitting in a bank account to make the problem go away, Bill did what he thought Trump should have done and that’s just pay the extortion to shut everyone up so he could do his work.  And that was the wrong move which was now obvious as Bill went on Glenn Beck’s radio show for the first time after being fired at Fox News to talk about the situation.

Bill O’Reilly being a nice old-fashioned guy is exactly the type of person that Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals was designed to freeze and pummel in the court of public opinion.   Not that O’Reilly is a conservative, but compared to the extreme liberals of today, Bill is a traditional guy from an older time who believed that taking the high road would eventually pay off.  And in O’Reilly’s life, he was enormously successful so why would he do anything different?  But when the unthinkable happened and Fox News went soft and wouldn’t defend Bill, suddenly he was exposed.  These strategies have worked against conservative people for years because Saul Alinsky knew that decent people would always yield to evil due to the Christian premise of always turning the other cheek.  Alinsky didn’t believe in God, so that gave him and his followers a tremendous advantage over people like Bill O’Reilly who believed that by taking the high road that they’d always come out on top.

I’ve personally seen this process up close and many people whom I know have gone through it.  But I’m part of a new generation who have decided that we’re going to take this whole Rules for Radicals strategy head on and throw it back in their smudgy liberal faces.  And the way to do that is to not turn the other cheek.  If they come after you—you go get in their face and you fight them.  You start off legally and use the tools there to the extent you can.  But if that doesn’t work, then you hang the bastards’ upside down over a bridge and you skin them alive and make a metaphorical flag out of their hide.  You have to have that attitude to beat people who follow Saul Alinsky’s teachings which at this point are most of the people on the political left—most popularly Hillary Clinton herself.  You can’t beat those people being nice to them and you certainly can’t beat them with an intellectual argument because they aren’t interested in facts, charts or honor.  You have to take it out of their hide and when Bill O’Reilly settled, he admitted guilt and gave them everything they wanted—true or not.

The gains that the big government types have made over the years in both parties is with their forceful instance on admitting guilt from innocent people.  Even if innocence was the truth teller those gains have incorrectly advanced liberal thought and destroyed many aspects of American culture.  Once they have from you a confession, even if they beat it out of you by using your family and friends as hostages, then they own you forever and that’s why they throw in the case of Republicans like Trump a parade of women who would likely give a blow job on a sidewalk for the right amount of cash—to put a powerful person on the defensive and make them admit something against their will under duress.  That clearly was happening to Donald Trump during the election.  Nobody but maybe me and a few others I think thought he was right to fight back the way he did–which I had done on a much smaller scale in the Cincinnati media a few years prior.  Trump was the first to do such a thing at the level of the presidency and that was a relief.  Thankfully Donald Trump didn’t listen to Bill O’Reilly because if he had, the same thing would have happened.  When someone attacks you and you are fighting on the side of conservatism, you have to fight back.  You can’t do this turn the other cheek thing and expect to win any of these arguments.  The other side doesn’t believe in God—they are emphatically evil, and they will do anything to destroy anybody or anything that is in their way.  So you can’t play nice with them and unfortunately Bill O’Reilly has had to learn the hard way.

Right after Bill O’Reilly was taken off the air at Fox News the same lunatics turned their guns toward Sean Hannity who did the right thing and gassed up his defense.  He had the money to put some lawyers on retainer and he put them to work at attacking even small media outlets for falsehoods against his name—and that’s what you have to do.  Glenn Beck hasn’t held up too well over the years, his Blaze news outlet isn’t nearly as successful as it needs to be.  I’ve done my little things to help Beck and so have many others but Beck shifted toward the political center under great pressure and this fight wore him out—and that’s what the political left does. They beat on you until you either give up or you just are destroyed beyond hope—and in a lot of ways they managed to Kill Bill.  Bill O’Reilly played respectable with them and that gave the political left a way into his fortress to destroy everything he built over his many years of broadcasting.  And the political left needed the victory because time is running out for them with the successes of the Donald Trump Executive Branch—so they had to make their move now rather than later.  O’Reilly additionally made the mistake of telegraphing his response to the sex allegations when he advised Trump on the air to settle.  Insurgents at the George Soros funded outlets knew exactly how to get at Bill, all they needed were some washed up, do anything for money types to say publicly that they felt threatened and that was the end of Bill O’Reilly.

I do hope that O’Reilly takes Beck up on his job offer.  I’m not the biggest Beck fan these days—but he does have a media company that could use someone like Bill O’Reilly.  And if things took off it would stick the more centrist Fox News in the eye and contribute greatly to their downfall, which at this point obviously needs to happen.  There needs to be consequences for actions and the people running Fox News, the Murdoch boys, need to learn a lesson starting with their pocket-book.  That’s how you have to think about war, and this is war.  Don’t make any mistake about it.  In war, you have to be willing to take a life for a threat, an arm for a finger, and a tongue for a whisper. While I admire people who take the high road and try hard to live by Christian honor—I say if someone attacks you in any way you utterly destroy them.  Trump gets it, and listening to Bill O’Reilly on his radio interview with Glenn Beck I wish he would have not been so naive, because this experience has obviously hurt him.  He’s too good of a guy to suffer through that.  I’d like to see him get back on the horse and charge into battle once again.  But this time—don’t pay off the bitches.  Because that’s all they were—they put themselves out there for fame, fortune, but more than anything—the fantasies of insurrection.  Don’t settle court cases ever again.  Fight them until there is nothing else and make sure they are utterly destroyed—because that’s really the only way you can make them stop and do justice to our nation.  These people are villains and nothing else—and they deserve complete conquest without an ounce of sympathy.  That’s how you beat them which we must do if we want to keep America–America.

Rich Hoffman

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One thought on “Killing Bill O’Reilly: When attacked you always have to fight back–any way possible

  1. I was out on the left coast last week and caught Glenn’s show with Bill. That was a good interview. Glad you caught it and did this post.
    He folded and he knows it but hind-sight is 20/20. I think he’s devastated.

    By the way, I know you’re well traveled, but we live in a bubble here. The hate for Trump Denver west, is on full display. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. These are the same people that went after Bill.
    They eat, sleep and breathe to hate on him and all that don’t bend to their views. It’s a powder keg. Wouldn’t take much to send these loons over to a very dark side. The worst of it is.. there isn’t any regard for human life with them. They just want you gone.


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