The DNC Murders: What The Washington Post knows about the slain WikiLeaks informant

Now we know why the media made such a story out of a totally false allegation that Trump leaked classified information to the Russians during a visit last week to the Oval Office. It wasn’t because it happened, but because a private investigator revealed that the slain DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks.  So, all the evidence as it appears now indicated that members of the DNC had Seth Rich killed for leaking documents which turned out to be the downfall of the Democratic Party.  This story was much bigger than Watergate before this bombshell information was released—now it’s in a category all its own in American history.  And the media is complacent in the cover-up.  They know it so they came up with this ridiculously stupid Trump story about leaking classified information to the Russians hoping to put the president on his heels and turn the attention of the world away from this very vile act.  This Seth Rich story isn’t a conspiracy at this point as there is hard evidence to the crime—far more evidence than anything linking the Russians to the 2016 election—so given that as a criterion, many in the media along with several members of the American media need to go on trial for their role in covering up a murder.

I don’t believe anything anybody says about Trump because many of the same kind of loony terms have been thrown in my direction in the past. These days they all hope to ignore me all together because their acts of force against me went nowhere—and believe me, they have tried.  So now they just use passive aggressive strategies hoping that nobody notices.  I see those same strategies being applied to Trump so nothing they say I believe—from personal experience. That’s important to clarify because I’m certainly no conspiracy theorist when I’ve pointed out all the people who ended up dead around Hillary and Bill Clinton over the years.  When the facts point you in a direction you have to follow them to a resolution and that would be that the Clintons run their political apparatus in the same way that mobsters do.  When someone gets in their way or threaten what they want to do, death is not off the table—and what was revealed in WikiLeaks showed that the DNC was as corrupt as the Al Capone mob in Chicago—and naturally people died when they tried to expose it for what it was.  Using the facts as evidence, we can draw no other conclusion than Seth Rich was killed for going rogue and that his murder was made to look like a break-in as a cover story and that the reason the case was closed so quickly was that the mayor of Washington D.C. likely pulled back the investigation to prevent further analysis.

Meanwhile, to take the light off themselves the DNC has come up with the Russian cover story hoping to throw people off the trail that leads to their door. They are doing this partly out of old Cold War paranoia and to be honest they probably came up with the idea after watching the Steven Spielberg movie, Bridge of Spies.  In reality Russia isn’t a threat to us any more essentially because they don’t have the money for a fight.  They might get a little raucous from time to time, but they are hardly a competitor on the field of play.  The DNC and Hillary Clinton lost the election because they are out of fashion and their mobster ways are not conducive to modern politics.  They can’t kill enough people to get elected any more out of pure fear.  They must have ideas—which they don’t and that is the heart of the whole conspiracy.  It’s not anything that Trump did, it’s all them.

When people start dying over another group of people’s lack of ideas that’s when this matter is no longer just politics, but a pursuit of justice. Obviously in this case the villains are in the media because right on the mark they came to the defense of their political party, the DNC without much provocation that we can see on the surface to make up complete falsehoods about President Trump.  Both papers citing this negative story on Trump are anti-Trump newspapers, The New York Times and The Washington Post—hardly unbiased outlets.  In fact both have been hostile toward Trump from the beginning. The Post is owned by Jeff Bezos from fame who is as anti-Trump as you can get, so there obviously isn’t any hard news reporting behind the accusations—only rumors and speculation started in the board rooms of those two lefty news publications trying desperately to hang on to the old-world controls they enjoyed.  However, their timing on this story shows they know more than they should because they released the information just hours ahead of the Seth Rich story which means the people at The New York Times and The Washington Post know more than they’ve let on over this whole case.  Apparently, many people within the DNC know what has been going on behind the scenes which resulted in the death of a young staffer providing information to WikiLeaks—for which he was obviously killed—by the facts presented so far.

Given the way that the media has treated Trump and his supporters, making accusations on evidence that under normal circumstances would require a lot more vetting before drawing conclusions, we must assume that both The New York Times and The Washington Post are complicit in the murder of Seth Rich because of their obvious support of the DNC—a criminal organization—and the timing of their latest hit piece on Donald Trump—for which they wouldn’t have had even an ounce of evidence from which to report.  Their willingness to go off the deep end at the particular time they did implies guilt which certainly deserves aggressive prosecution.  One thing is for sure in this matter—they are not without guilt to some degree because they obviously have knowledge of the crime otherwise they wouldn’t have made the decisions that they did make on May 16th 2017.

I might not think all these things except for personal experience and if you magnify that to this rather global case, these newspapers that broke the Trump/Russian story are guilty as Hell is hot. I thought it was odd that the lead headline at 6 PM everywhere yesterday was that Trump leaked information (that he is privileged to declassify as president) to the Russians as he was trying to make a deal between Ukraine and Russia by getting them to focus on a common problem.  That wasn’t a story worthy of such commotion, but then the real story broke, that a private investigator confirmed that Seth Rich was speaking to WikiLeaks and that it was highly likely that he was Killed by the DNC due to the incriminating evidence.  And that cover-up extends all the way into our mainstream media and our justice department’s at the doorstep of James Comey—which is really why he was fired.

The scheme obviously worked because talk radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh spent the first two hours of his broadcast defending Trump’s White House on The Washington Post allegations.  To his credit Rush did explore the ownership connection and rivalry of Jeff Bezos and his political motivations in using that paper to harm the Trump presidency.  But it wasn’t until hour three that Limbaugh even brought up the Seth Rich story, and I’d attribute that to him avoiding being labeled as a conspiracy theorist, which conservatives are always worried about being called, even though the lefties come up with the most bizarre theories of all—but are never called such bad names by the press.  Even more telling though is that this Seth Rich story is so terrible, like a lot of things the Clintons have been involved in were, conservatives simply can’t get their minds around it.  They have a hard time understanding the kind of mass evil that would have to take place for something like that to even happen.  Rush knew a certain part of his audience would want to hear what he thought about the DNC killing so he put it on the part of his show where most of his audience have gone back to lunch.  Hour three is towards the end of the day and most of his listeners are busy with other things by then, so that was the safe time to talk about it.  But to my experience it was the headliner and when everything is revealed we’ll discover that it was the big newspapers who are in on the killings—maybe not by act, but in complicit behavior.  They knew this story was breaking and they attempted to deflect it—and that is indicative of criminal activity.  It is for these types of reasons that we can never trust institutional government—because there are just too many people out there who desire power to conduct themselves properly when they have it.  That’s why we have freedom of speech and the right to bear arms—because things do go bad and one of our political parties is operating as a shadow government in full view of our press—and under the assistance of it.  And if someone gets in their way, we can see that lives will be taken and no form of justice will stop them—except for a loaded gun.

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