How Trump is the New Normal: The media can’t really make or break people

I heard something truly fascinating the other day from the liberal political left when they said that they were afraid of interviews like the one done with Lester Holt, because it might “normalize” the Trump presidency—as if they had some hope of stopping that now. I mean the guy is President of the United States.  From the Executive Office he is setting up the kind of culture that we will have in the United States likely for the next several decades.  I mean being a bunch of loser lefties, I can understand that they don’t like him as president, but hey, I’ve had to put up with presidents I didn’t like for the last 24 years—so shut the hell up.  It’s our turn—“Trump supporters” to enjoy the Executive Branch for a change.  I had to watch years of embarrassments from the lefties and it’s only fair that now they have to endure what I’ve had to for once. But worrying about “normalizing” Trump—if that’s what they’re worried about, they have some big problems on the horizon because the way the Executive Branch works in America it sets the discourse for our nation from a leadership position.  What is “normal” is what Trump does—not what the lefties desire—otherwise they would be winning more elections.

It reminded me of something that happened to me once, I had been in the newspapers, on the radio, and on television all the time and my political enemies just didn’t understand how I was doing it. They lobbied the radio stations and the publishers decrying them for given me “legitimacy.”  Well, I had news for them, I am a perfectly “legitimate” person.  In many cases I was smarter, faster, had loads of more stamina, worked much harder than any of them and here they were preaching to these media types that I shouldn’t be given coverage for my political issues because in doing so they were legitimizing me.  Eventually they became frustrated and they organized a hit against me much like they did recently with Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly, only I didn’t cave in which of course infuriated everyone.  They couldn’t understand why such a thing didn’t ruin my life—and of course I still did television, gave interviews, and did radio.  I stopped answering the phone from those who had betrayed me, but by no means did I stop getting coverage because I had discovered that I could give myself everything I needed.  I didn’t need them—which is largely why I write on this blog everyday.  It’s my own newspaper and people read it, and visitors can pull up stories that are very old and read them again—which you can’t seem to do anymore with the major newspapers.  And of course in the world of today, the ability to hold information for retrieval is the key to news exchange because so much comes at people so quickly that customers want the ability to revisit stories later.

The point of the matter was that I understood my own “legitimacy.” When I did a now famous photograph on the cover of the Cincinnati Enquirer it wasn’t they who made me into anything, it was me who they wanted on their cover to sell newspapers—and putting an anti-tax person on the cover with a cowboy hat and a bullwhip was a sure way to get people reading.  They didn’t create the story at the Enquirer, I did. But those lefties at Gannett Publications want to believe that they make or break people—that they give rise to governors, senators and presidents—but in reality, they don’t and Donald Trump is the evidence.

Anybody who wanted could go back to the business section of any bookstore and see the three to seven books that Trump has written over the years and understand that Donald Trump is the self-contained essence of “the power of positive thinking.” He is a person not at all interested in what people think of him and when he constantly highlights his consistently high ratings it’s his reminder that he is the one in control, not the media.  They didn’t make him, but he does them. So the media, and everyone else for that matter, have no ability to make or break Donald Trump because the billionaire businessman has never given that power over to anybody.  He developed power within himself and he does not give it away to anybody.  Media outlets may seek to ride in the wake of the stories he creates—but they don’t make him.  That is the important distinction that virtually everyone fails to understand when it comes to Trump or even the Republican Party.

I tried to explain all this to the Republicans who run the county I lived in, but they weren’t used to thinking in these ways and what ended up happening was a fractured, divided party—which was purely their fault. I was happy that they did invite me to many events where only VIPs were allowed to attend because of my contributions, but after the hit job on me, they put some distance between me and themselves.  Well, my life went on just fine.  All that changed was that I had a few less social engagements to turn down because I don’t have time for that stuff anyway, but as for the things I do I still do what I want to because my life was not contingent on the actions of other people.  If it was, there is something wrong—and even though 99% of everyone lives in a way that requires “people” It is not “people” who make or break something.  It is individual behavior.

In grade school probably the biggest thing we learn, which I think is an incredible negative, is how to conform to peer pressure. It is in grade school where we learn our social clicks which are supposed to guide us though life under the lefty’s Brave New World vision.  We learn how to take orders from our peers and from what peers that we are best matched—group associations.  It is there that we die to our individual selves, the little creature that was coddled by our parents and given all kids of special treatment as infants.  We are born again as collectivists who require other people’s approval in order to function.  We want peer approval of our cloths, of our musical choices, of our speech patterns—and thus we become something much less than we were before—by default.  The media happens to care very much about the same types of things because of their continuous drive for ratings, so they immediately fall into this default mode.   But they fail to understand the kid in the public school hallway who dresses the way they want, does what they want—and doesn’t give a rat’s ass if anybody wants to be their friend.  And when one of those people end up in the White House, the press are truly terrified because it runs counter to everything they understand.

So thus the great misunderstanding has occurred, the collective masses do not determine reality—individuals do, and no collective agreement can erase a fact. And the fact is, Donald Trump is President of the United States and he cannot be “de-legitimized.”  The media cannot “un-make” him.  And as far as being normalized, it was always the popular kids in school who decided what “normal” behavior was.  I have noticed over time that those “normal” people ended up in life absolute messes who are boring, and very unhappy as adults.  They are not the type of people who should be in charge of walking a dog let alone running a country.  So for a change the exceptional person is now in the White House and that’s the way we wanted it.  What the lefties are really worried about is now that he is, Trump will make the new normal “exceptional.”  Which is exactly what I expect from him—and so far he has delivered.

Rich Hoffman


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